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Luca’s voice as he replied was as hoarse as it could be.

She turned her head to the side and nodded silently. Luca rubbed his neck and let out a hot sigh. He put oil on his hands and carefully applied it to the vicinity of her hips.
Fortunately, Luca, who was oblivious, wasn’t as foolish as it seemed. The frustrated Sylvia pulled his hand to her buttocks, and he obeyed her without asking anything.

As the two were silent, all that could be heard was the sound of Luca’s hands brushing against the towel and the sound of the watery oil on her buttocks. Luca’s hand, which had slipped into the towel, was large enough to cover her small bottom at once.

Touching her cute buttocks, which he didn’t have to move around too much and was finished after a few pats, Luca closed his eyes tightly. His lower part was standing up from the moment he touched Sylvia’s body. As a result, he bent his back more and more, and now he was in such an awkward position that he couldn’t even crouch or bend his knees.

‘Wow, I’m going crazy.’

Luca gripped her bottom without realizing it, then flinched in surprise. However, she didn’t say anything, even though a large hand fiddled with her soft buttocks without hesitation. Rather, she let out a strange sigh and provoked him even more. At this point, there was no way he couldn’t have noticed it even if it was Luca, who was only foul-mouthed and had a pure body.

“Sylvia, are you okay?”

When Luca made eye contact with her with a blank expression, Sylvia smiled softly and looked at him quietly. Seeing her eyes, which seemed strangely tempting, his lower part became even firmer than before.

‘Is she seducing me?’

Not only were her eyes strange, but she also pulled his hands in to touch her bottom. Luca thought that she was allowing him to openly touch her body. As he thought about whether to progress further or to stop at this point, his head became as complicated as a tangled ball of yarn.

Then, when he crossed over to the opposite side, he exhaled a rough breath as his finger brushed against her hip bone, and Sylvia suddenly spoke.

“Did you apply it all?”
“Hm? Yeah… I think it’s all done. Haa, where should I apply more?”

Sylvia giggled inwardly as she caught Luca exhaling roughly. Now that the poison was gone and his friendship points were maximized, there was no reason to keep her distance. All that was left to do was to use her advanced skills and cook Luca deliciously. Sylvia swayed her hips and slightly raised her calves.


She lifted her legs and moved her ankles up and down. The towel that was covering her hips flowed down to a strange position, and Luca gasped like someone who was about to die.

‘Hm, we’ll be doing more soon but he’s already struggling.’

“Do you want me to apply it on your, ugh… On your legs?”
“Yes. Please apply it meticulously.”
“Ugh, how… Should I do one side at a time…?”

When he applied it on her torso, he could sit next to her and do it, but Luca’s mind became even more confused when he thought about how to apply it on her legs. ‘Should I just go down like this and do it?’ As Luca muttered to himself, Sylvia smiled a little and opened her legs slightly.

“Wouldn’t it be comfortable to sit in between and do it?”
“Oh… Between your legs?”
“Yes. Is there something wrong?”

Sylvia propped her chin and looked back at Luca with a calm expression. As he quickly shook his head, Sylvia raised the corners of her mouth and spread her pale, soft legs wide enough for Luca to come in. Then, although it was a pity, she pulled the towel up to her waist and lay down again using her arm as a pillow.

“There’s nothing wrong, right?”

When Sylvia asked again, Luca shook his head and crawled casually between her legs.

‘It’s more arousing because he’s obedient. Even if there’s no one around, having our first s*x in a valley isn’t very good, but… I think it’s okay to make moderate progress.’

Quite some time had passed. The sunlight that had warmed the rocks was now burning hot over their heads. Though the bodies of the man and woman were already hot as if they had entered a sauna.

It was Sylvia’s sincere desire to make some progress with Luca if possible beforehand, though there was something important that needed to be done to examine the dungeon’s movements and plan the raid. Fortunately, there had not yet appeared anything that could pose a danger other than the monster fish.

Sitting between Sylvia’s legs, Luca doused his hands with the oil and hesitated for a moment before talking to himself.

“Should I apply both legs at once?”
“It would be nice if you could do that.”

With a hoarse voice, Luca immediately reached for her calves. Soft and moderately muscular, the resilient calves looked small in his large hands.

‘Touching it like this, her body is really small. Her ankles are also thin, and unlike me, she only has fine and soft hair.’

Luca spread the oil evenly while unconsciously admiring Sylvia’s legs. He drooled on his own seeing her smooth, white calves. They were so thin that he quickly finished applying the oil to her calves, passed through the back of her knees, and reached near the area covered by the towel. He was wondering if he should raise the towel or not when Sylvia spoke.

“You applied less on my thighs. Do it evenly.”
“Al… right.”

He raised the towel with trembling hands. After raising the towel to the vicinity of her hips, Luca’s heart beat violently as if it were popping out.

‘I think I can see everything between her legs if I lower my head… No, you crazy bastard. What filthy thoughts are you having?!’

Luce was stunned by his imagination and slapped his cheeks with his hands. Because of that, his face was smeared with oil. He tried hard to calm down and sprayed the oil on his hands to apply it on her legs again.
Her resilient, moderately plump thighs filled his hands. Her thighs, pale like milk, clung to his hands as soon as he grabbed them.

Wouldn’t she allow him to touch her secret area if he acted a little more aggressively? What else could he do in this situation? Luca’s mind was ruined by all sorts of wild imaginations.

His eyes, which shone beautifully in a gold color, were fixed in the area between her buttocks that was narrowly covered by the towel. Imagining the area covered by the towel made Luca’s face, as well as his neck, turn deep red again. At this rate, it might be possible to ejaculate without even touching himself.

He was biting his lips and holding back his desire by singing the commemorative song of the founding of the Elishers Empire inwardly. Suddenly, Sylvia grabbed the towel and turned her body sideways.

“What, what?”

Luca blinked blankly, wondering if she had noticed that he was looking between her thighs. Sylvia, with her body turned to the side, lowered her eyelashes with an innocent expression as if she knew nothing.

Even for her, her face pretending to be naive even at this point was really despicable, but sometimes you had to go along with it even if you knew. Luca, who was innocent and tactless even though he was foul-mouthed, might have really been deceived. Then, thank you so much.

‘It’s really fun for me to seduce him while pretending to be naive.’

She carefully spread out the towel and covered her body again. Then, she lay down looking at the sky, and called out to Luca like it was nothing.

“Mr. Luca.”
“I think my back is done at this point.”
“Ah, it’s done…”

A hint of sadness flashed across Luca’s face. Seeing that face made Sylvia’s stomach heat up by itself. Hitting her side with her hand, she opened her mouth.

“While you’re at it, can you apply it in the front too?”
“Ah, of course. In the front… What?!”

Luca was answering with a disappointed expression when he belatedly understood what she was saying and jumped in place. To what extent did she want him to apply it in the front? For Luca, the front part of Sylvia’s body was a sacred place that should not be touched.

“Why are you so surprised? Can you apply it on my arms and such? It’s nice and comfortable because Mr. Luca is doing it for me… Can’t you?”
“Ah, your arms and such… Ugh, alright. I’ll do it for you. Is it comfortable? You also went through a lot to get a boat for me, haa, I should do this much.”

Blushing, Luca let out a hot sigh and pretended to be fine. Luca’s lower part cheered at Sylvia’s request. He bit his lips to calm down his cheerful lower body, walked over to Sylvia in an ambiguous posture, and sat down next to her.

Although he answered her as if he was paying her back for doing a lot of things for him, there was no reason to refuse when she was asking him to touch her entire body, unless he was crazy. But Sylvia tapped Luca’s knees while he was sitting in a cross-legged position.

“What’s wrong?”
“Isn’t it uncomfortable?”
“Wh-what is?”

Luca moved his eyes, wondering if she was asking if he was uncomfortable because of the erection in his lower body, but Sylvia poked the side of her head with her finger. Then, she curved her eyes beautifully.

“You must be tired, so lie down with me. You can just lie down and apply it.”
“Oh… Is that okay?”
“Everything is okay.”

Sylvia lay down, only raising her hand and pulling Luca’s arm. He lay ambiguously on his side, pretending to not be able to resist it. His lower part was standing up as if it knew what was going to happen today. The chunk of meat that kept moving as if it were a separate entity from his body was about to come out of his pants.

Luca clenched his teeth and held back, pressing it down with his hand without Sylvia noticing. It would be weird to not get excited in this situation, but, somehow, he didn’t want to be seen like this in front of Sylvia, who seemed pure. It was a thought he could have because he was completely unaware of Sylvia’s skillfulness, who could recognize he had an erection just by the way he breathed.

As Luca lay beside her with a shy face, Sylvia took the bottle of oil he had brought and poured it into her hand. Then, he grabbed Luca’s exposed arm under his short-sleeved T-shirt and gently spread it out. As she moved her hand, the towel covering her coveted chest swayed dangerously as if it were about to flow down.

“I’ll feel sorry if I’m the only one who gets it, so I’ll do it for you too.”