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Camilla was undeniably a fearsome person. Her determination to accomplish her objectives knew no bounds, and she wouldn’t think twice about eliminating anyone obstructing her path.

Nevertheless, that was a story from when she was an enemy. Once she became an ally, there was no one more trustworthy and dependable than her. Having read the novel, I was well aware of the unwavering support she offered to Lucia.

“Oh my, the wine color is so beautiful.”

Sporting the enchanting smile I had honed during my years being an idol, I spoke in a dulcet tone, making sure to present myself from the most flattering angle. As I gracefully reached for the wine glass to take a sip, my moment of enjoyment was abruptly interrupted when Reinhardt swiftly snatched it away and downed its contents entirely for himself.

“You rascal, covering for your wife. Quite the impressive black knight you are. It’s fine to have one drink, isn’t it?”

Camilla urged, and once again, Reinhardt swiftly downed the wine. Just as I was about to take another sip…


…Reinhardt suddenly collapsed onto the sofa. I felt chills run down my entire body at the sight.

‘Did… she try to poison me? Then, why didn’t she stop Reinhardt, who drank my glass in his place? Was Camilla also planning to kill Reinhardt along with me?’

I shook Reinhardt’s body urgently.

“Reinhardt, wake up! Reinhardt! Re—”


As I shook him, I stopped and listened. It was because I could hear a faint, rhythmic breathing sound escaping from him.

Before I could grasp the situation, Camilla’s scornful voice followed.

“He’s making such a fuss even though he can’t handle alcohol. Isn’t he pitiful?”

‘…Right. Reinhardt was terribly weak against alcohol, of all things.’

“Jade, take Reinhardt to the bedroom.”


Upon her command, Jade scooped up Reinhardt as if this was a familiar sight and disappeared from the drawing room.

“Now, let’s enjoy the drinking session without any interruptions.”

Camilla laughed to herself and took a sip of wine.

‘Camilla drank the same wine, so there shouldn’t be any poison.’

I followed her lead and drank the wine. However, as soon as I swallowed, I noticed Camilla’s mouth curling into a sinister smile.

“In fact, the wine was laced with a truth serum.”


“I wanted both of us to have an honest conversation. So go ahead, reveal what you’ve been hiding.”

As she spoke, she seemed to enjoy the fact that I was squirming.

Indeed, it seemed that the truth serum was real. Without any hesitation, I blurted out the thoughts that I had been keeping to myself.

“Yes! Actually, I can’t get your beauty out of my mind since earlier! So, if it’s okay, can I openly chat with you from now on?”




“Let go of me, Jade.”

“I’m not holding you at all.”

Despite Jade releasing him, Reinhardt struggled to get up on the bed. His body felt as heavy as lead, and the world spun around him.

Helplessly lying back down, he mumbled.

“I can’t get up. I need to go to Irovel.”

“Well, you’re drunk, after all. Why did you have to drink the alcohol you can’t handle? In the end, I had to bring you here.”

“Because I couldn’t let Mother fall for Irovel.”

The former Grand Duchess was in love with Grand Duchess? Although Jade was puzzled by Reinhardt’s nonsensical words, he dismissed them as the ramblings of a drunkard, not delving deeper into the meaning.

“Yes, yes. Don’t worry, nothing like that happened. Just go to sleep.”

“Jade, how many men were in that place earlier?”

“There were two from Vrello’s side, and three from our side, a total of five people. Though, why are you asking about men?”

“Five of them? This is maddening. I have to leave right away. Jade, help me get up.”

“No, I mean, what’s the reason?”

For some unknown reason, whether it was due to the alcohol or anger, Reinhardt’s face turned red, and he shouted.

“Why? Because I can’t let those b*stards fall for my wife!”

“Well. Even though I’m not sure what you’re talking about, I’ll be very grateful tomorrow morning if you don’t wake me up.”




“Why are your eyelashes so long, and why are your eyes so beautiful? Moreover, your captivating gaze is driving me crazy. Are you here to assassinate my heart?”

It had been thirty minutes since he took the truth potion.

Camilla had expected Irovel to say something like, “Mother, I don’t like him,” or “If you want us to break up, just give me a hefty sum of money, and I’ll break up.” But instead, the crazy duchess had been lavishly praising her beauty using various expressions, and it was starting to annoy her.

Although she had initially appreciated the genuine compliments, it was now getting on her nerves.

“Now, let’s stop talking about me and reveal your true feelings for my son.”

Opening her mouth, Camilla lifted one corner of her mouth.

‘Actually, I married him for money.’

‘Since he was good at his job at night, I impulsively got married to him, but I don’t love him.’

Camilla was ready to throw the wine in front of her on her face if such an answer came out. However, the response from Grand Duchess Hoover was not anything of that sort.

“Oh my, I actually wanted to talk about that. I can guarantee you that your son is the most, seriously, incredibly handsome person in this world. Not only is he handsome from the front, but he’s also handsome from the side and even from the back! How could he be so perfectly attractive?”

Even people who were jealous of Erestein would be enchanted and lose themselves in awe of Reinhardt’s good looks. Of course, compliments about her son’s appearance had been endless until now.

…But now, to be called handsome even from the side and the back was a thought that was hard to come up with, even with much imagination.

‘Does she truly love Richard?’

“What kind of existence is my son to the Grand Duchess?”

As Camilla asked sharply, narrowing her eyes, a straightforward answer followed.

“To me, he’s the male lead of this world.”

She realized that Grand Duchess Hoover’s love for her son was far from light-hearted.