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‘As expected, he doesn’t believe me.’

Logically, even if she was accused of being a criminal, it was highly unusual for the princess to be sentenced to death. After saying it, she felt that it was natural for her father not to believe her.

The result was too disastrous to be attributed to a misunderstanding.

“…It’s natural that you don’t believe it. No matter what, even the death penalty….”


However, his voice gently stopped Siervian’s gloomy acknowledgement.

“I’m not saying that I don’t believe you.”


“I’m surprised, but I believe that you traveled back in time.”

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As if to prove that, her father’s status window shone with an unusually bright light.

As Siervian stared blankly at her father, he said firmly.

“I can’t believe that I sentenced you to death in your previous life.”

“That’s… If only I had been a little more intelligent, Dad would have misunderstood….”


Her father had been sitting down listening to her and now stood quietly. Then he strode right up to Siervian.

Soon, he knelt on one knee, and their eyes met.

“Even if you had really done something wrong, I wouldn’t have done that.”

His blue eyes looked straight at her. The conviction there could be felt even without looking at the status window.

So Siervian was able to speak more easily, brushing off the resentment that had been building up.

“…They framed me for researching black magic in the Princess’ Palace. I was so surprised to see the things that were supposedly in my Princess’ Palace in Pacour’s family’s testimony before.”

“I see.”

Strangely, tears kept welling up in her eyes, as if to contradict her earlier claim that she hadn’t cried to Ellie.

Her father gently hugged her.

“Even if you were a dark mage who threatened the continent, I wouldn’t have given up on you so easily.”


Her older brother had been listening quietly behind her father and now also approached cautiously. Then he joined her father in embracing Siervian.

“That’s right, Siervy. There’s no way we would have given up on you so easily.”


In the warm embrace of her family, she finally burst into tears.


She felt as if the love that her father and brother had shown her had finally permeated her soul.

Perhaps she had been thinking that even if she solved the case, her life could still turn bad again.

‘I can trust them.’

She knew that their status windows were floating nearby, but she didn’t bother to look at them.

“There must have been some misunderstanding or reason. Let’s calmly investigate that reason in the future.”

Sob, yes…!”

She didn’t need to see it to know.

“It’ll be the same in the future.”

“No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”

As the dimming sun sank below the horizon, Siervian continued to confess all the events of her previous life, little by little.

Until all the tears that had accumulated inside her flowed and disappeared.

And her family comforted her throughout.

Ellie was once again flustered to see Siervian return with red eyes.

“My Princess. You’ve lost a lot of jewels again? My, how much more wealth do you intend to accumulate?”

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Although she pretended to lighten the mood, Ellie’s deep concern for Siervian was evident.

Perhaps because she couldn’t bear to leave Siervian alone tonight, Ellie stayed by her bedside for a long time before leaving.


Lying alone in bed, Siervian savored the refreshing feeling.

There was still one thing that bothered her, though.

‘Should I have said that I can completely read their minds?’

She felt guilty for hiding her abilities for various reasons.

Honestly, there were also times when she hid them out of fear. Everyone would be uncomfortable if they knew that she could see into their minds like this.

She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was doing something similar to the Pacour family, who had hidden a huge truth.

‘No, it’s not the same!’

Perhaps because she loved her family so much, guilty and miserable thoughts kept creeping into her mind.

But Siervian firmly made up her mind.

‘I can tell them tomorrow, honestly.’

At that moment, she heard a small sound at the window of her bedroom.

Tok, thud.


As she turned her gaze, a white butterfly appeared from below the window.

[Open it.]

It was a message from Karmen.


She quickly put on a robe and opened the window wide. Below, Karmen stood in a peculiar pose, wearing a mage’s robe with flair.

“Come down.”


“Yeah. I’ll bring you down with magic.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a gentle wave of mana enveloped Siervian.

The familiar flow of mana guided her descent. Soon, Siervian landed gracefully on the manicured lawn of the Imperial Palace.

“You were crying?”


Karmen’s status window broadcast the reason for his sudden visit before he could say anything.

She knew that Karmen had been extremely busy today as Damian’s aide. Even now, he must be swamped with follow-up work and investigations. What could be the matter?

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Despite his gruff tone, Karmen was still worried about Siervian.

Then, a sudden realization dawned on her.

‘If it weren’t for the status window, I wouldn’t have known about Karmen’s true, caring nature.’

As Siervian gazed intently at Karmen’s handsome face with a strange sentimentality, he subtly averted his gaze.

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“What are you looking at? Let’s go.”


As expected, he led Siervian to their secret hideaway.

“Why are we here?”

“I have something to show you.”

Moonlight gently caressed the lilacs, making the secret place even more mystical when viewed from inside.

“Something to show me?”

Karmen would often bring Siervian curious objects or flowers he found.

It seemed he had found something again, after hearing that she wasn’t feeling well.

“Yes, come on, look at this.”

So when he suddenly held out something he had hidden under a tree, Siervian looked down at his palm without much anticipation.

“How is it?”

At Karmen’s light question, Siervian was speechless. The small pendant resting in Karmen’s palm was a familiar object.


It was the artifact Karmen had used on the day of her execution, the day she had been framed for all the crimes that had led to her death sentence.

Why would this come before her on the day she had finally dealt with all those who had wronged her?

“It’s an ancient artifact related to spatial magic. They say no one knows when it was made.”

Swept away in the flow of fate, an unexpected fact reached terrified Siervian’s ears.