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“When I heard that you had traveled a long way, I was excited. Is it because it’s hard for me to do it as a woman?”
“I’m curious about the journey of a man who cuts through rough waves, entrusting his life to his ship!”

A lovely girl like a lily, with flushed cheeks and her hands resting on her chest, waiting to hear about his journey.
However, even though such a beautiful lady gave him the opportunity to show off, the young man was as calm as the previous one.
Even though he was desperate because he wanted to tell a story that no man had.

“Maybe we’ll have a chance to talk next time.”

Only then could he admit it.
The young men, who used to let out exclamations whenever Lilika’s name was mentioned, were interested in something else.

“Sir Primrose, you have another younger sister. Aren’t you going to introduce her to us?”
“I’m also curious. Aren’t you going to talk to Lady Yuria today?”

And the identity of that disharmony was Yuria.
The other Primrose lady that he tried hard to ignore, and was standing at the center of the celebration today.
Hearing the name, Lilika and Jiksen immediately twisted their mouths.

‘Huh, are they offended that we mentioned Lady Yuria Primrose?’

However, it was something natural for the noblemen.
In the first place, Yuria was a better marriage partner than Lilika, an illegitimate child.
But still, Lilika was able to reign in the social world because the duchy stood up for her.
So, the stain of being an illegitimate child acted rather like her medal. Nevertheless.

Unlike before, Duke Primrose didn’t mention Lilika wherever he went.
Her relationship with her half-sister Yuria, who was viciously jealous because their mothers were different, was also questioned.

‘If my sister’s fiancé did the same, wouldn’t we just throw him away after playing with him?’
‘I can’t see her as a good person like I did before. She even tried to lay the blame on her tutor. There’s no way it won’t affect me too. And it seems that the duchy isn’t siding with her like before.’

Unlike Yuria, who was still with Duchess Primrose, Lilika didn’t dare to go to the center and was just hovering on the edge.
Rather than being rejected by the two of them, she didn’t want to start any bad rumors, but…
Lilika bit her lips painfully as if it was the fault of the two.

‘Why did Mother and Yuria come here?’

They were both people who didn’t really like to appear in front of others.

‘Besides… Why is the Princess with them?’

With the presence of Crown Prince Enoch, his younger sister, Princess Vivian, could not be forgotten. Whether she liked it or not.
Everyone was always interested in when Princess Vivian would return.

‘Is she hanging around the noble people?’

The light of the chandelier lit up Yuria’s ruby necklace.
It was the necklace Duke Primrose had given her the other day.

‘She must be bragging that she got it from Father.’

Yuria, surrounded by people in the hall, seemed to contrast sharply with Lilika, an illegitimate child.
She did well in not wearing the necklace she received today.
As she was stuck in a corner of the hall, the necklace would be compared to Yuria’s because it was definitely a similar design.
People would say that Lilika, who used to shine brightly, and Yuria, who only had dark rumors around her, had changed places!
And that Duke Primrose had lost his affection for the illegitimate child!

“As expected from the daughter of a duke. She must be close to Her Highness.”

The words that people mumbled without thinking were hurtful to Lilika.

‘I, too, am the daughter of a duke!’

In the end, it seemed to be the difference between a legitimate and an illegitimate daughter.
Her status was only a weakness when she wasn’t loved by everyone after all.

‘I was the daughter of the duke that they couldn’t not love… Even if I was an illegitimate child.’

It seemed that Lilika’s inferiority complex continued to be poked.
Her face turned red. The dirty back street where her mother lived with her family came to mind and disturbed her.

“Oh my, really?”

A cheer erupted from the center of the hall.

“Huh? What’s going on?”

Even the last nobles, who didn’t approach her quickly or were not very interested in her, eventually made their way to the center.
In other words, the nobles who were talking with Lilika and Jiksen were included.

“Are you…”

Lilika opened her mouth quickly. The same was true of her brother, Jiksen.

‘Are they abandoning us right now?’

There was a reason why they exclaimed like that.

“I was able to come out here today with my bare face because, although it is embarrassing to say this, my bad skin improved a lot.”

It was because Princess Vivian had explained why she had been absent.

“I’ve had a lot of results thanks to Yunette’s cosmetics.”

From the Duchess to Princess Vivian.
It was surprising that they continued to mention Yunette while saying that they got great results.

“Oh my! Is it the same product that Duchess Primrose used?”
“No, the Duchess and I have very different skin. But Yunette must be a great thing because they even took into account those differences and made cosmetics to suit everyone.”

Even if she didn’t say that, Yunette was a successful business. So much so that nobles kept talking about it at social gatherings.
And what happened today would create even steeper growth.

‘Her Highness, Princess Vivian.’

Yuria, who was next to her quietly listening to the conversation, felt her heart warm up.
She was invited by Vivian, who was nervous to attend a social gathering for the first time since she was a child, so she did come, but…
The truth is, she was skeptical whether she would be of any help.

“Actually, my mother will be there, and His Highness will also be there. I won’t be helpful.”
“If the Lady doesn’t want to attend, then it can’t be helped… But if it’s because you think you won’t be helpful, that’s inconceivable.”
“But I don’t have any close lady to introduce Your Highness to. My position is also…”
“It’s just that your presence alone helps me!”

And… In fact, even though Princess Vivian seemed nervous at first glance, when she saw Yuria, she would loosely relax her expression.
That was a little strange.

‘Just being by someone’s side can be helpful?’

Princess Vivian brilliantly imprinted her presence on the social world she first appeared in as an adult.
Even with the occasional crisis, even with the help around her, the fact that she had done a great job on her own remained unchanged.

There was a short time for people to step back and take a breather.
Yuria watched as Vivian’s fingertips trembled.

“Are you very tired, Your Highness? If you want to be alone, I can step back…”
“No, Lady Yuria is fine.”

Princess Vivian leaned against the railing and waved her hand.
After a moment of silence, Yuria opened her mouth.

“… Thank you. For mentioning Yunette earlier today.”
“Gosh, that’s nothing compared to the help I received from the Lady. But I’m glad to hear you’re thankful!”
“I am rooting for you, Your Highness. But don’t overdo it.”

Vivian clenched her trembling hands.

“Well, of course. It would be a lie to say it’s not difficult. To memorize the names and faces of the nobles, who is the son and daughter of whom… Who are the nobles who don’t get along well…”
“There are many things that I wonder whether I should memorize or not. I took lessons again just in case my etiquette loosened up.”

She used to have a hard time meeting people. She was anxious if she didn’t cover her face with a veil.
But her voice was confident, as if there had never been such a time.
Yuria smirked.
But there was one thing Vivian didn’t know.

“By the way, Your Highness…”
“In social circles, it’s important to have the right person.”

Yuria continued, speaking in a dignified manner. As if he hadn’t mixed emotions as much as possible.

“It’s not as bad as before, but my reputation is like that. In the future, I suggest you hang out with another noblewoman on a day like today.”

Princess Vivian was not a passive person by nature.
However, she lost her confidence due to skin problems.
She was bound to be nervous for the time being since it had been a long time since she had been in the social world, but she would adapt brilliantly soon.

‘On the other hand, I don’t think I can do that.’

Like today, she could pretend to be okay for a while. For just a while.
However, Yuria has had nightmares that have followed her so far.

The villainess of Primrose, the monster that harassed her sister… Even if it wasn’t happening now, the memory of being fiercely condemned was still vivid.
Even the memory of dying at the hands of her own family.