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That night, I fell asleep in Theodore’s arms. It was a deeper and sweeter sleep than ever before, yet inevitably, a dream came to me.

In a dark, empty space.

I looked around and noticed a small light floating in the void.


Suddenly feeling a sense of déjà vu, I approached it.

…When I looked closer….I recognized it.

The ‘light’ was indeed the same little light I had encountered in the Panopticon.

– Hello.

The little light swayed side to side as if waving at me.

Overwhelmed with joy and an indescribable feeling… I was speechless for a moment before I managed to respond.

“We meet….again.”

– Yes, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Was this just a simple dream, or had the little light truly come to find me?

Regardless, I felt a tug at my heart as I gazed at the little light.

It moved closer and gently tickled my cheek, then whispered in a soft voice.

– I’ve come to say goodbye before I’m reborn. When I’m reborn, I’ll lose all my memories.


– Yes. Isn’t that wonderful?

The little light fluttered onto my shoulder. Despite its minimal warmth, I felt a profound sense of comfort.

– I’m glad you look happy.

“It’s thanks to you. You saved me back then.”

Had it not been for the little light, I might have perished in the Panopticon.

– I should be thanking you for saving me from that darkness.

Yet as I thought about it, it seemed that wasn’t entirely true.

…Yes, ‘thank you for saving me’ applies to both of us.

I saved the little light, and it saved me… We saved each other.

– Ah, I must go now.

The little light left my shoulder, fluttering like a butterfly.

Then, it whispered as if sharing a secret.

– Remember, this is a secret.


There was the faint sound of laughter. Soon, the shape of the little light transformed.

Surrounded by light, the figure that gradually became clear was…

The very same girl who had been appearing in my dreams lately.

I froze in shock, eyes wide.

The girl, with her blue and greenish eyes, curved into a sweet smile and said to me,

“I’ll come to see you soon.”