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The tip of his tongue moved like a finger, peeling away the thin layer of her cli*oris and covered the flesh underneath, which blushed red like pomegranate seeds.


With just a few movements of his tongue, Jiwoo’s legs trembled intensely, overwhelmed by the powerful sensation. As he eagerly lapped at the nectar flowing between her legs, a lewd sound emanated from her.

“Ung, wait, like that. Ah!”

As Jiwoo blushed with embarrassment, the slurping sound grew louder.

The seduction was so forceful, it made her wonder if he was still the same person.

The more she focused, the more Aleph’s rough hair brushed against her thighs. His lips and tongue delved into her moist depths, and his sturdy nose pressed against her cli*oris.

As Jiwoo’s moans grew louder, Aleph grasped one of her legs and draped it over his shoulder.

“Ah…! Hahk!”

As she twisted her waist in unfamiliar pleasure, his tongue forcibly penetrated her entrance.

The intruding tongue that expanded her inner walls, felt intensely warm. Meanwhile, her cli*oris, which moments ago had been tormented with his tongue, was pressed firmly by his finger that came from her thigh.

“Ah, stop, there.”



His thick fingers that were accustomed to wielding a sword, indiscriminately pressed into her tender flesh. Although it would have been painful if done clumsily, his fingers changed direction with each of Jiwoo’s pleasurable responses. Like cornering a prey.

When he scraped against her swollen cli*oris with his nails, her vision flashed white. His tongue, like a serpent seeking the moist cavern, stirred her walls.

“Ah, ung…! Hu-uuht!”

Even though only his tongue and fingers were used, intense pleasure swept through her entire body. When her walls and cli*oris were stimulated at the same time, Jiwoo clenched her toes and stifled her moans.


But eventually, the overwhelming pleasure broke through, and she couldn’t help but let out a cry. Despite her body growing limp, Aleph showed no signs of stopping.

Sensing Jiwoo’s trembling, he seized the opportunity to dive even deeper. His hands and tongue moving sensually yet crudely, as if satisfying a noble lady.

“Huu, stop, stop, now, stop.”

As Jiwoo gasped for breath, Aleph wiped his face that was now covered in her liquid, with the back of his hand. His gaze fixed on her like the crimson moon in the northern sky.

He seemed to know exactly where to touch and stimulate.

‘As expected he seems to be someone with a lot of experience.’

But sensing Jiwoo’s gaze, Aleph smiled sadly.

“…I can see what you’re thinking, but it’s not like that.”

Aleph slowly crawled up Jiwoo’s legs as if conquering them. Wrapping his arms around her waist and bending down, Jiwoo lay quietly on the plush bed without a word.

He climbed up on top of Jiwoo as if wanting to kiss her again. But instead Aleph pressed his lips against Jiwoo’s neck and shoulders.

With nowhere to put her arms as she lay on the bed, Jiwoo wrapped them around his shoulders.


As Aleph sighed, his breath tickled her even closer.

Jiwoo felt his erect member pressing against her thigh. Aleph buried his face in Jiwoo’s neck and took a deep breath.

Unable to resist, he pulled down Jiwoo’s top with trembling hands. He bit her exposed white shoulders, sucked on her neck, and moaned alone.

It was as if a beast in heat couldn’t control itself and whimpered.

After a while of indulging, Aleph rose from the bed.

Half undressed, with faint marks on her shoulders and neck, he withdrew from Jiwoo’s body.

“This… should be enough.”

Surprisingly, Aleph seemed to be a rational beast.

“Thanks to your kiss, I’ve healed a lot of wounds. Thank you.”

He helped Jiwoo up again and kissed the back of her hand. His hands were trembling so much that it took him quite a while to press his lips against hers.

Though she does not easily understand human emotions, it was evident that Aleph was trying to maintain boundaries while feeling regretful.


Jiwoo grabbed onto Aleph as he tried to leave the bed. With a bit more boldness, she approached him and placed her hands on his bare torso.

As Jiwoo’s delicate hands touched him, Aleph’s strong muscles twitched.


He, who had been leading the actions so far, stiffened. However, he didn’t push Jiwoo away.

Jiwoo gathered a bit more courage and slowly lowered her hand. She wanted to feel his body that was marked with tiny scars. Her hand, gliding down from his chest, passed over his rugged abs and down below his belly button.

Though she heard his tense breath, Aleph simply watched as Jiwoo explored.

Though his body occasionally tensed, he remained completely still, waiting for Jiwoo’s touch.

Finally, when Jiwoo reached further down and pulled the front buckle, his fully erect member sprang forth.

“…You’re not very honest.”

The tip of his engorged member was already dripping. It was a bit intimidating to not be able to wrap her hand around it completely, but Jiwoo swallowed her dry throat and stood up.

“Wait, Akarna…”


Aleph, who had been absent-minded, suddenly woke up.

As Jiwoo frowned as she began to put it in herself, Aleph belatedly tried to hold her waist. But to lead the insertion wasn’t as easy as Jiwoo expected.

“If you do that, ha.”


Despite the clumsy move, thanks to Aleph’s tongue and fingers, it went smoother than anticipated.

“Ah, ung… uht…”

However, the pillar entering her walls felt much larger, harder, and hotter than she had imagined. When she holds it in her hands…

As Jiwoo took control of the insertion and partially indulged in pleasure, she opened her eyes. She saw Aleph looking at her as if he was going to eat her.

When their eyes met, his partially inserted member twitched. Startled, Jiwoo squeezed it unknowingly, and a spark ignited in Aleph’s eyes.


In an instant, their positions were reversed.

Aleph, who had been frozen beneath Jiwoo just moments ago, moved with agility that Jiwoo couldn’t have imagined. He forcefully laid her down on the bed and climbed on top of her.

The anxious touch slipped while trying to lift Jiwoo’s hips. Understanding the message not to rush, Jiwoo placed her hand on his palm. In response, he lifted his head abruptly.


Seeing Jiwoo looking at him with a puzzled expression, he muttered curses. His red eyes blazed like fire.

He had been engaging in touching her and they were both already soaked. As they touched and rubbed against each other, he quickly entered.


With a heavy unbearable groan, Aleph thrust his into hers in one go. It was a rough insertion, that it made a popping sound.


In an instant, the intense pleasure felt like it would pierce through to her heart. Jiwoo gripped his shoulders tightly, not knowing what to do.

Perhaps due to the intense foreplay, the climax came quickly. It was too sudden, even for an immediate insertion.

“Uh, ah…!”

“Ha, tight… Don’t squeeze…”

“Ung, huk… Ah! Aah!”

Feeling the overwhelming pleasure almost to the point of tears, Aleph began to thrust vigorously.