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Lucian observed his parents approaching him with a strange expression. It seemed as if they were trying not to scare off a small animal. Despite being much smaller than him, his father and mother still treated him as if he were their little boy.

It seemed that not only he had been clinging to the past.

“What brings you here without a call? Is there a problem?”

Camilla was happy to see Lucian but hadn’t imagined he would come just to see them. When Lucian and Rachel did not respond, Pedro asked with a serious look.

“Did the imperial palace send someone? If so, let me handle it. You two should step back from this matter.”

Unable to hold back any longer, Rachel rushed forward. After hugging Camilla first, she quickly hugged Pedro too. The two people were surprised by such affection that she never showed and widened their eyes.


“There’s no problem at all. We just missed you and wanted to visit.”

“…Oh my.”

“Luci, come and greet them too.”

Prompted by her, Lucian, who had been standing at a distance, slowly moved closer. As he approached, Pedro and Camilla held their breath.

“Father… Mother…”


“We thought we might stay the night.”

“Of course, stay as long as you like. This place is still your home as well.”

Rachel quietly observed the three people’s exchange. Meanwhile, the steward butler suggested.

“Perhaps it would be better to move this to the drawing room. I’ll prepare some tea.”

“….That sounds good. Oh my, how thoughtless of me. You’ve come all this way, and I haven’t prepared any meal. Dear, I’ll go check the kitchen and see what we can make.”

“Please do.”

Rachel intently watched Camilla and Pedro’s interaction, which now had a comfortable ease that wasn’t there before.

Lucian also observed quietly.

“Shall we head to the drawing room then? Ray, you know this place well, right? Nothing much has changed since your last visit, so you should feel right at home.”

There were still traces of Pedro’s past affection. Yet there were clear differences.

“Lucian, you are welcome to explore the drawing room, but if you wish, you and Ray can also tour the mansion. It’s your first time here, isn’t it?”

“…Um, perhaps that would be a good idea. We can have tea after the meal.”

“Good. Then, Ray, could you show him around?”

“Sure, I will.”

Rachel grabbed Lucian’s hand and pulled him along.

“Shall we start with the room I used when I was young?”

“Sounds good.”

Lucian, who had been making a somewhat awkward face, finally smiled broadly. The two talked while ascending the stairs.

“It doesn’t seem like much has changed. Maybe it’s the same curtains, the same ornaments…”


“Yes, literally nothing has changed.”

The two made their way to a room in a secluded corner of the second floor. Opening the old-fashioned door, they were greeted by the room bathed in the light of the setting sun.


Rachel marveled as she stepped inside, with Lucian following, still holding her hand.

“It really hasn’t changed at all. It feels like stepping back into the past.”

Rachel said with a smile.

“So, this is where young Ray stayed.”

Lucian looked around, unable to hide his curiosity. The room, filled with cute furniture and predominantly pink decor, was unmistakably a young girl’s room. Here and there were items matching her hair color, giving the room a cozy yet not overly excessive atmosphere.

Having been led by her until now, Lucian took the initiative for the first time since entering the room.

He drew Rachel close and walked every corner with her.

“So, this is the bed you slept in when you were young.”

“Actually, it’s not that long ago. I have used this room since I was little and even slept here until I was nineteen.”

A sense of nostalgia overwhelmed Rachel. It hadn’t really hit her how childlike the room was until she had stepped back into it as an adult, and now she felt a wave of embarrassment.

She wanted to drag Lucian out.

“Have you seen enough? Let’s go.”

“I haven’t seen everything yet…”

“That’s all there is to see. There was never much here anyway.”

Despite Rachel’s insistence, Lucian didn’t budge. He moved deliberately towards the bed and lay down on it.

“Ack! Why are you lying down?”

Lucian, on the pink bedding, looked strikingly out of place. His muscular build and the pink color… yet oddly, it seemed to suit him.

He beckoned Rachel, who was standing blankly.

“Wife, come here.”


As he lay on his side and propped his head on his hand, he tapped the bed invitingly.

“Come on, Ray.”

“…Ah, okay.”

As if mesmerized, she joined him on the bed. She leaned against his sturdy chest as they both lay sideways. His arm then wrapped around her waist.

“Aren’t you curious about the outside?”

“Just a little longer… let’s stay like this. It feels too good.”

Lucian buried his nose in her neck and took a deep breath. Her fresh scent almost seemed to carry a divine energy. It used to be that only her kisses had such a healing power, but now, just her presence seemed to make everything right.

The room added to the atmosphere as it seemingly felt they were filled with her scent.

Feeling drowsy, Lucian closed his eyes for a moment while holding Rachel close. She, too, closed her eyes and thought to herself how much this place felt like home.


* * *


We had dozed off for about an hour when a voice called out.

“Duke and Duchess, meal is prepared. Shall I get it ready?”

Hearing the butler from outside the bedroom, I slowly blinked her eyes open and gathered myself.

“…Just a moment.”

I turned and gently shook Lucian, who was still with his eyes closed.

“Lucian, let’s go have dinner.”

We had rushed here, and I was quite hungry.

“…Did I fall asleep?”

He opened his eyes, surprised.

“You fell asleep first.”

“Did I? Let’s get up then.”

I got up first and opened the door.

“Has Mother and Father eaten?”

“The former Duke and Duchess mentioned that anytime is fine for them. They said to take your time as you might be tired.”

“No need. We’ll come down now, so go ahead and start without us.”

“Yes, Duchess.”

The butler responded and left the room.

As I stood in front of the bedroom mirror, I dusted off my riding clothes, prepared for dinner, and decided to use my illusion magic. I conjured an image of a dinner dress around me and checked my appearance from various angles in the mirror.

Lucian, who was still lounging on the bed, watched me. A wide grin spread across his face when I saw him in the mirror.

“That’s a handy ability. I’ve never dreamed it could be used like that.”

“It’d be a waste not to use it. Besides, there aren’t many opportunities to use illusion magic. If not now, then when?”

He burst out laughing in amusement.

“Want me to do Lucy’s, too?”


He sprang up and came over.

“Hmm, what should I dress you in?”

I pretended to ponder, then dressed him in a series of ridiculous outfits. Each time, Lucian only laughed, seemingly amused.

“Tsk, how does everything still look good on you?”

No matter how strange the attire, his face seemed to carry it off. Was his face invincible?

My enthusiasm dwindled, and I used the magic to give him a proper outfit. Checking our reflections in the mirror, our eyes met through the mirror. His slightly drooped eyelids looked mischievously appealing.

“It’s great that my wife is so talented.”


“Yes. It would be perfect if you’d call me ‘honey’.”

His comment caught me off-guard, making me dizzy for a moment.

Not yet, I couldn’t.

“…Let’s not keep Father and Mother waiting.”

“Why change how you address my parents but not me? I am your husband.”

“…Ah! No! It’s still too embarrassing!”

I screamed and ran out, escaping to the dining room downstairs. I entered the dining room without even being able to hide my flustered face.

“Hmm? Where’s Lucian? Did you come down alone?”

“He’ll be down soon. Ah, where are Oscar and Demian?”

“They have a separate meal prepared, so don’t worry.”

“…Thank you, mother.”

With that, the former Duchess smiled gently and nodded.

“Ray, what will you call me?”

“Father, of course.”

Haha, it feels good to see you both after so long.”

The butler pulled out a chair for me, but Lucian quickly intervened, taking over from the butler to seat me himself before naturally settling next to me. He then addressed the former Duke and Duchess.

“We will enjoy the meal.”

His words were simple and straightforward, but coming from him first, they held significant meaning.

“Well, we’ve prepared quite a bit, but I can’t guarantee it will suit your taste.”

“Let’s take it slow, wife.”

The former Duke replied, raising a glass of wine.

“Yes, that would be right.”

The exchange was plain, but I was pleased to grasp its underlying significance.

“It seems you came in a hurry, yet you have your clothes with you. You could have come more casually.”

At the former Duke’s comment, I just smiled knowingly. They were unaware of my use of illusion magic.

At that moment, Lucian raised his glass and added.

“I am blessed to have such a talented wife.”