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Kairos was also taken aback.

Hazel, who stood there clutching her dress until her knuckles turned white, turned around and walked away without a word. He didn’t stop her this time, as her expression was a clear indication of anger, annoyance, astonishment, and finally, hurt.

He loosened his cravat, feeling a stifling tightness in his throat.

The next day brought no change.

Hazel continued to distance herself while he used the hostages as an excuse to keep himself visible. She grew increasingly cold while Kairos simmered with frustration. The thin and shallow bond between them seemed to be extending indefinitely, more fragile than a spider’s web.

That evening, he entered the house with a sense of restlessness, still unable to find an answer. He had returned later than usual, having hurriedly visited his territory.

Sid, who usually opened the door first, was taken aback and let out a gasp. All the servants in the central hall of the mansion were lying there like lifeless bodies.

“Wh-what happened… my lord!”


Sid swung the door wide open.

Kairos belatedly checked the condition inside the mansion. His reddened eyes quickly darted upstairs. With swift steps, Kairos ascended the stairs. Meanwhile, Sid was busy slapping the cheeks of the unconscious servants to wake them up.

Upstairs was no different. They were all sprawled as if they had fallen after making a promise, leaving traces behind as if someone had passed by.

Kairos, in his impatience, walked straight towards the bedroom. Between the wide-open doors, another maid lay unconscious. He looked down at her face and then raised his head.

Through the curtains, which were opened to let in the evening breeze, he saw Hazel comfortably passing the time. Except for the unconscious people, there was nothing wrong, and everything looked peaceful.

“Ah, you’re here?”

The voice that called out to Kairos conveyed neither anger nor any other emotion.


D*mn it. Kairos gritted his teeth.


Only when he shouted did Sid’s footsteps echo as he climbed the stairs.

“Yes, my lord!”

But as soon as Sid reached Hazel and faced her, his expectations were met.

“Urgh? Ma—!”

Sid’s suffering expression froze as he collapsed, overwhelmed.

He couldn’t feel anything, though Hazel was still exerting force at that moment. He quickly approached Hazel and grabbed her arm as if catching her.


Despite the potential displeasure, Hazel only smiled faintly as she looked up at him. He narrowed his eyes even more. How long had she been using her power, and to what extent?

Hazel’s eyes changed from their natural color to a reddish hue, and her cheeks were moist as if even her tears were affected. Her lips trembled as she had exerted so much force. It was the first time he had seen her like this.

Although she couldn’t use it on her own people due to her conflicted feelings, she possessed an ability that couldn’t be easily stopped by most things.

He had heard that those who wielded dark magic would go mad if they used their power beyond its limits.

It was said that it could even consume their vitality. Hazel had said that her appearance wouldn’t change no matter how much power she used, as if her body was optimized for dark magic, and there were no side effects such as being drained of power or experiencing hallucinations.

However, how could he have known? How could he have realized when he couldn’t feel anything?

“Stop it.”

Kairos clenched his teeth and pleaded.


She must have considered countless possibilities. And then she must have reached a conclusion. Hazel’s eyes were now as red as his eyes. She had pushed herself to her limit.

So please, stop. This was the most effective way to torment him.

This woman.

Although Kairos looked like the one who would cry, blood tears streamed down Hazel’s left eye due to her power. Although he wiped her cheek with his hand, his face contorted, blood didn’t easily come off but instead stained her fair skin.

Soon, he slowly let go of his blood-stained hand.


“Okay, I understand. Since I know what you want, give me some time to think. Hazel.”



He pleaded with Hazel.


* * *


It was a while later when Kairos finally found Hazel. The surroundings had been tidied up in a few hours, and Sid and the other injured had all received treatment. Hazel was in the office.

“I know you’re here. Come in.”

Hazel didn’t turn around even after recognizing Kairos, who had knocked on the door and entered.



Seeing Hazel, who didn’t even pretend to listen, he sighed again.

“One year.”


“Cooperate with me for just one year. Then do whatever you want.”


“Give me one year. Give me… a chance.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m really asking you. I’m asking for a chance. To show you my sincerity.”


Her eyes sharpened at those words.

“Are you just pretending again?”

“It’s not like that. I’m really asking you. Give me time to show you my sincerity.”


A very subtle crack appeared in Hazel’s cold expression. Whether it was surprise or pity, it was fortunate that Hazel had a moment to hesitate.

“But if you still can’t trust me, if you still think I won’t fit in your heart, if you still dislike me…”


“I’ll let you go. I’ll set you free as you wish. So just give me one chance, to me.”

She could do this much.

His heart felt dry and parched. He didn’t know he could feel this kind of emotion. It felt like he had to grab hold of Hazel right in front of him, no matter what it took. He hoped she wouldn’t refuse this answer, fearing she might reject it.

“You don’t have to say it right away. It’s late, so go to sleep first.”

With an uneasy heart, he turned around and left. She was a smart woman, so maybe she noticed, but as long as she accepted the proposal, it didn’t matter.

Even if it was just a proposal to buy time.