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His member was tightly wrapped in her flesh. It felt like it would rip out all her internal organs every time he pulled back his hips.

“Huk, hunt…”

“Jiwoo, relax, ung, that’s it. Haa.”

Whether Jiwoo relaxed her lower body or not, he spoke as if intoxicated, nibbling on her neck and earlobe.

He clutched Jiwoo’s thighs as if to restrain her and pressed his upper body against hers, completely enveloping Jiwoo in his arms. His body was hot with passion and excitement.

As the angle deepened, his arms around her tightened. When Jiwoo unintentionally scratched the scars crossing his back, Aleph winced and groaned.

“Ku, ugh.”

“Ah, hu, aaht!”

But amidst the pain, even that seemed like pleasure as Aleph’s thrusts intensified.

Thud. Slamslam! His rigid and aggressive member plunged without mercy. As Jiwoo, who was already exhausted, began to lose strength, he lifted her up and satisfied his desire.

“Ung, ah, too, deep. Stop!”

“No, you like it deep. Come.”

“No, no… hu-ugh! Aleph!”

“That’s right, it’s me. Akarna…”

Even though pleasure had already covered her whole body, a greater sensation seemed to rush in with the next climax.

As Jiwoo couldn’t deny it, she was overwhelmed by the next climax.

“Haa! Ang! Uht! Haa!”

“Look at that. Feels good, right?”

While speaking affectionately, he didn’t stop moving his hips.

Due to the effects of the potion, he seemed to have lost his reason. It was impossible to distinguish between tender lovemaking and rough affair.

With each thud of his thick tip hit her womb, it felt like her head was buzzing. Every time she tried to escape the overwhelming pleasure, Aleph’s strong arms pinned her down.

As he hugged her tighter, Jiwoo’s soft chest was squashed against his solid muscles.

Aleph held Jiwoo firmly in his arms while his hips moved erratically.

“Ah, stop, I, came. Ah… aahh…”

“You can come even more, Jiwoo.”

It was a tender voice that melted into her ears.

But even as he said that, his cruel lower body was merciless and violent.

“Huu, uh, huhng!”

Even though she said she came, he didn’t stop. She felt as if she was held down, unable to move, and was stabbed in all the sensitive spots.

But despite feeling like she would die from pleasure, it seemed as if he was driven by something more. Like he was a rutting male without a chance if not now.


In the silent north where they could hear the sound of snow falling, the sound of mixed love liquid and his s**en echoed. Jiwoo’s delicate and pale skin was covered in bite marks and bruises.

Despite releasing and climaxing, his member didn’t stop, causing Jiwoo’s swollen folds to stretch to their limits. Thick s**en dribbled down her thighs unnoticed, but he didn’t care, getting hard again and thrusting once more.

“Ah, stop, ung, ah, now, heuk…!”

“Ku-ugh. Haa.”

Suddenly, the view changed. Aleph effortlessly lifted Jiwoo and flipped her over, laying her down on the bed. Aleph hugged Jiwoo from behind in her prone position, and thrust his member again.

“Ung, ah…!”

It seemed like he had released several times already, but his member entered again, looking still engorged.


The entrance that was already sore from the repeated affair that night, swallowed his thick shaft to the hilt in one go.

He put his arm under Jiwoo’s arms, overlapping their bodies, he shook his hips wildly as if a dog mounting its prey.

Thud! Thud!

“Hu, huah!”

His member penetrated deeply as if piercing her body.

There was no space between the bed and them, except for his firm arms enveloping her. Jiwoo was almost crushed underneath him and had to completely surrender her body to Aleph.

With her entire body in a tightly bound position, Jiwoo was swept away by another climax that felt as if her soul was being devoured as well. His member that was pounding her womb like a stake, also erupted.


Only after Aleph climaxed did Jiwoo feel the slight release of the grip of his arms around her. Aleph enjoyed the afterglow on Jiwoo’s neck and trembling shoulders and kissed them gently.

Jiwoo desperately crawled forward, appalled at the growing firmness within her.

“Akarna… don’t go.”

But his strong arms immediately wrapped around Jiwoo’s waist and pulled her back in a swift movement. Their bodies overlapped once again.

She was trapped tightly between the bed and his chest and their breaths mixed heavily.

“Haa, please…”

Who should be begging? His voice was desperate as he held on. Thus, Jiwoo couldn’t resist.

He lifted Jiwoo’s waist with his strong forearms and brought her upright. No matter how much was expelled, the thick member inside her remained. As her waist was lifted, it thrusted deeper.

“Ha, uht, deep…!”


The insertion from behind was much deeper and stimulating. Being almost completely deprived of freedom she had to take it while face down, and it intensified everything. All her senses were concentrated there.

Aleph bent down, pressing down on Jiwoo’s upper body. With one hand, he held Jiwoo’s wrist, and with the other, he caressed the belly cradling his manhood.

The pressure on her womb made Jiwoo instinctively tense her lower body, prompting Aleph to move his hips like a dog in heat.

With each lift of his hips tore inside her, Jiwoo barely endured the intense sensations as she lay face down in his arms.

“Huk! Huuhng! Ah, hu, aahh!”

She couldn’t suppress her moans. Only her lips were free.

“Huu, ah! Ung! Your Highness, ah!”

“That’s not it, right? Calling me like that.”

With each word, he thrusted, stirring the inside as if punishing.

His voice was sweetly melting while his rough breath poured into her ear. Slam! Slam slam!The lewd sounds of fluids were less provocative than the beast-like panting he emitted.

Below, her own body was also relentlessly reaching climax.

“Aleph, Ah, Aleph… aahh!”

Every time she called, it made the firmness inside swell and mercilessly scrape the inner walls. Amidst the continuing climaxes, Jiwoo cried out as if losing her mind, her head thrown back.

“Ugh, ku-ugh…”