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Contrary to expectations that he wouldn’t know how to move, Luca was just sexually naïve and didn’t have the fatal flaw of being a ‘skill eunuch with no room for rehabilitation,’ so he was good at doing things for the first time.

The d*ck that filled her insides slid in and out quickly, the blunt tip scraping down the innermost part. The soaked p*ssy, stretched to its limits, eagerly squeezed him. He was so huge that he left no inch untouched. Luca hadn’t ejaculated yet, but due to the pleasure of being penetrated and rammed by his rod, she was dripping as if he had come inside her.

“Yes, mm, aah!”

Unable to withstand the thick p*nis pounding her insides repeatedly, she clim*xed. Her vision became white, and her entire body trembled uncontrollably, as if electricity was coursing through her. Her insides were so wet, her love juice flowed out like water.
Unbelievable. Luca, the self-righteous naïve, completely melted her body. God wasn’t lying when he said there were no idiots among the main characters.
As Sylvia trembled, Luca exhaled harshly, removing his mouth from her breast. His dazzling golden eyes were brimming with desire.

“Ugh, Sylvia, I think I’m going to c*m…”

Luca, biting his lip, straightened his knees and soon stretched out his legs. From his movement, it seemed like he was going to pull out in preparation for ejaculation.

‘No way! That won’t do!’

Sylvia’s mind was fully activated. She sat up as fast as lightning, hooking her thighs around his sturdy waist. Luca was about to say something, but she sealed his lips with her own.

Luca’s eyes widened, wondering about the sudden change in her behavior. Regardless, Sylvia needed Luca’s seed inside her, so she held the back of his neck and passionately kissed him. At the same time, she squeezed him violently, locking him tightly so that he couldn’t escape.
The oozing pillar was constantly moving in and out between her pale buttock. Moving in and out may not be the precise expression. It was more like it was being sucked and eaten.

“Hm, hmph?!”

Sylvia swirled her tongue more vigorously inside Luca’s mouth as he tried to say something. She also took his hands and placed them on her chest so that he couldn’t do anything else.
As she intended, Luca, who was about to ejaculate, became a slave to desire and frantically groped the succulent breasts. Luca, who was quickly ramming his d*ck inside Sylvia without realizing it, ended up…

“Uh, aah!”

He slammed his d*ck all the way into Sylvia and clim*xed. The pillar that had pierced into the innermost wall swelled greatly, and soon warm s*men spurted out from the tip. Soon, the copious amount of liquid overflowed, soaking the joints.
As if in trance, Luca shook his hips until his ejaculation passed. Sylvia wrapped her legs tightly around his body to prevent him from escaping. In the end, Luca gave her every drop of his c*m.

“Haah, huh…”

Rough breaths continued to come out of Luca’s mouth. His chest, drenched in sweat, rose and fell violently. Burying his face into Sylvia’s tiny shoulder, he thrusted down on her until he squirted every last drop.
Soon, Luca, feeling weak, kissed her on the shoulder and snuggled like a cat. Thick beads of seat trickled down his veiny neck as he let out hot breath.


Sylvia moaned softly and gently caressed his head. Damp with sweat, her long brown hair clung to her body. The warm, tantalizing scent of love lingered in the air. She could feel his p*nis, still filling her inside, twitching with each of her movements.

‘Was it a bit harsh?’

Sylvia smiled awkwardly at Luca, who silently leaned on her shoulder. She stroked his head several times as if she was pampering a puppy. She had no time to explain it or make a flirtatious comment, so she robbed him of his s*men like a thief. “Being robbed,” which was a bit of a strange impression, but that was the only way she could put it.
Worried that Luca would come outside, she did it without much thought. She restricted his body and made him c*m inside without leaving a single drop.

‘I can’t make any excuses.’

Just as her head started to pound, a message appeared before her eyes. Of course, it would be a message saying that the seeds were obtained. She waved her hand away, deciding to look at the mood-ruining message later.

When she lifted her hips slightly, sticky fluid flowed out from their joined parts like pouring water. The amount was copious yet understandable, considering he was extremely aroused. The moment she fully got up on her knees, his firm flesh, wet with her filmy fluids, slipped out of her with a sloppy noise.

‘You got it all right.’

Sylvia leaned back and stared oddly at Luca’s p*nis, coated in sticky fluid. His once pristine underside was covered in her bodily fluids. She was feeling a bit guilty because she felt like she had f*cked him senseless. In the next moment, Luca regained his senses and grabbed a towel from the bed to wipe Sylvia’s body. Then, after wiping himself too, Luca suddenly clutched his temples and sighed.

‘Looks like losing his virginity took a toll on him. At times like these, there’s no use making small talks.’

Sylvia shook her head and clicked her tongue. However, contrary to what she thought, Luca wasn’t sighing because of the aftereffects of losing his virginity.
As the afterglow of clim*x passed, Luca stared at her blankly and tried to sort out his confused thoughts. When he was done, he realized what he had done.

‘Ah… I’m such a piece of trash. What on earth did I just do?’

Luca bit his lips, falling into the throes of self-loathing. Unable to overcome his excitement, he ejaculated inside Sylvia like a feral beast. How was he supposed to look at her face?
Sylvia’s kiss during the last moment was so sweet and wonderful. Her breasts were so soft that the sensation was still vivid in his hands. He could’ve easily shaken her off. Yet, he eventually gave in to his instincts, and without thinking about what would happen later, he drove inside her with all his might, unleashing his desire.

‘Haa, what should I say?’

Luca sighed inwardly. He didn’t know how to convey his inner dilemma. Only after everything was said and done did he remember his convictions. He, who had brushed aside many temptations and remained chaste, had envisioned how his first time was going to be.
After he confessed in a nice place, he would set the mood. But all he ended up doing was succumb to his desires and held Sylvia on this shabby mattress. He sighed at his own poor self-control.

‘Ah, at this rate, Sylvia might misunderstand.’

Luca finished cleaning himself and went to Sylvia’s side. After sitting awkwardly, he gently hugged her and laid down with her. Softly brushing aside Sylvia’s sweaty bangs, he planted a soft kiss on her round forehead.

“Sylvia, forgive me.”
“I should’ve held back, but we ended up doing it in a place like this on impulse… I also came inside you without permission. We can’t even get contraceptives around here, yet I couldn’t control myself.”

Listening to Luca’s words, Sylvia was inwardly shocked. Such a thoughtful guy he was. Moreover, Luca blamed himself for ejaculating inside her. She didn’t expect that at all.

‘I thought he was going to blame me and ask me why I did what I did. I almost couldn’t believe how kind he is being right now.’

And strictly speaking, it was really her fault. When she saw Luca taking the initiative to apologize without her even needing to make excuses, Sylvia felt grateful and also thought it was adorable.

She smiled warmly as she gently caressed Luca’s firm chest. Then, she brought her face close to his ear.

“Not really. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted Luca to c*m inside me.”

Luca stiffened, baffled by her words, but he eventually understood and asked back. Smiling seductively, she took the hand that was stroking her hair and placed it between her legs. Her nether regions, which had been wiped with a towel, overflowed with the residual bodily fluids.

“Shall I say it again? I wanted Luca to make a mess all over my cr*tch.”

The provocative and explicit words gave rise to Luca’s manhood again. His er*ction began to grow and brushed against Sylvia’s thighs. Lifting her legs, she placed Luca’s burning flesh between her thighs, rubbing them.
“And one more thing.”
“You don’t have to worry about contraceptives. I wanted to have sex with Luca, so I prepared it in advance before coming to the island.”

Well, it wasn’t wrong. After all, birth control was a basic blessing(?) of this R-rated reverse harem game for when targeting the love interests.

As Sylvia stared into his eyes and smiled deeply, Luca forgot to breathe.

“Well, what do you think? Now that you know you can do whatever you want, there’s no need to hold back, right?”

Before she knew it, the d*ck between her thighs was stiffly erect as if it had no downtime. Burying his face in her brown hair, Luca nuzzled her while moving his waist. Every time he moved, his throbbing d*ck rubbed against her soft thighs. Luca, who was grunting while smelling Sylvia’s body, gently touched her small head and whispered softly.

“You… wanted to do it with me? I didn’t even know… You’re adorable. How can you be so lovable?”

As if he couldn’t help himself, he frantically stroked her delicate neck and small ears. Then, he held her chin and made eye contact. He had an innocent look on his face, and his golden eyes joyfully shone.

“Sylvia, I want to make you feel good. Teach me how to do it.”