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Yuria looked at her mother and then stared back at him, surprised by the unrelenting compliments of Crown Prince Enoch.

‘I didn’t expect His Highness, who leads the Imperial Merchant Guild, to give me such high praise.’

Moreover, it was very rare for a man to tell a woman that he respected her. Yuria blushed at the words she didn’t expect to hear.
But it didn’t feel bad.
Because it was her mother who also heard these words.
The Duchess of Primrose must have felt sad in the meantime because of some of the circumstances surrounding Yuria. Even if she didn’t express it to her.

“Wow… It looks like Lady Yuria is doing a great job, Brother. I’ve never seen you compliment someone like this.”

On top of that, Princess Vivian added that the crown prince was not the kind of person who would speak empty words to the mother and daughter.

“Lady Yuria is great. I think so too, of course.”

After starting a business, Yuria had more smiling days than ever before.
The day she decided on the cosmetic formulation after doing her research, the day she heard that Yunette’s products worked, the day she saw the staff take pride in listening to the training…
But one thing was certain, there was never a time when she was as happy as she was now.

“… Thank you for saying that. I’m also learning a lot from Your Highness. I think it’s a good thing that we came to work together.”

Unlike Crown Prince Enoch, she couldn’t say much to impress the duchess.
But… there was something Yuria could do.

‘I’m not sure… but I think His Highness is more tired than before.’

Though, of course, his sharp jawline was invariably sharp, and his clear green eyes were gently twinkling.
Even if his appearance was the same, she could still feel something because she often saw him.

‘He can’t sleep well.’

Yuria was lost in thought.


“I mean… It doesn’t seem like we can get close to her at all?”

The noble young men who tried to approach Yuria over the opportunity lamented.
Until now, there were only the two of them, Lady Yuria and Princess Vivian.
When the other nobles’ greetings were over, they tried to take advantage of their relatively leisurely time to approach them.
But… how could they have known that Crown Prince Enoch would stay with them at that time?

“Lady Yuria seems close to Her Highness Princess Vivian, so I thought she would stay by her side today. But even His Highness the Crown Prince…”
“We’re doomed. If we go next to His Highness for no reason, we’ll be compared with him.”
“Gosh… Honestly, the flower of the social world? I don’t know why it is chosen among the noble ladies. Can’t we just make His Highness the Crown Prince be it?”
“Haha, looks, sense, abilities. He doesn’t lack anything.”

The topic of conversation, which naturally became harsh over the flower of the social world, ended amicably.
Originally, Vivian would appear, and there was Yuria next to her, so it was not strange to have another fight.
Maybe they were worried that it would be too noisy for no reason.

Before staying next to the two of them, Crown Prince Enoch had stopped by each group of nobles to talk to them first.

“Since you have come to such a meaningful event as the celebration of the founding of the Empire, I hope everyone will think of the previous Emperor with reverence. As aristocrats of the Empire.”

He also had a talent for saying such things in a refreshing and not unpleasant way.
In terms of content, it must mean, ‘Don’t be uselessly vulgar,’ but…

In particular, if he was the crown prince, he could have simply said it straightforwardly.
But he said as if he was asking them, although without the feeling of pleading.
The way he seemed to smile at everyone while keeping the right line was impressive.
That eloquence and attitude even worked for the noble young men who saw Crown Prince Enoch as a future love rival.

“Gosh, even if he is a man like us, he looks cool.”
“Considering that he was directly on the front lines during the subjugation of the monsters… Honestly, all the noblemen who don’t even wield swords should shut up.”
“I participated in that monster subjugation! Wow, what can I say after seeing His Highness at that time? He wasn’t even an adult!”

Crown Prince Enoch received everyone’s attention, and if he was with a noble young lady even for just a while, there were talks about her being a candidate for the crown princess.
However, there were big issues today, such as the return of Princess Vivian to social life and Yunette.
No one looked at Yuria harshly in the gentle atmosphere that was created after Crown Prince Enoch greeted her.

But there was someone who was separated from that harmonious atmosphere. Lilika.

‘Even if it was only once, it happened. Yuria Primrose is with the Crown Prince, so why isn’t anyone talking about it?’

Even if she conceded a hundred times when it came to Princess Vivian, her heart twisted when she saw her talking to the crown prince as well.

‘Had it been like before, they would have said that the villainess and His Highness were talking!’

And that… was what made Lilika more disturbed than ever.
It was proof that Yuria’s reputation was better than before.

‘I also hadn’t come to a social gathering in a long time.’

No one was interested in Lilika. She only looked at those four with envy.

‘Even if the noble ladies treat me like that… do the young men who said they loved me also ignore me?’

Her face heated up.
What would happen if Princess Vivian returned, and even Yuria, whom she had always despised, secured a position in the social world?
Like before, when everyone in the social world was jealous of her, when they said she was like a lily and loved her…!

“I’m not feeling well. I’ll go back first.”

The most majestic hall in the imperial palace, the lights shining in the splendid chandeliers, and a night where everyone smiled and rejoiced.
But there was no place for her.

‘Let’s see how long you can smile like that.’

Lilika glared at Yuria, who was casually talking to the imperial family she wanted to be close to.


Princess Vivian promoted Yunette with a devastating return.
Since the celebration of the founding of the empire, rumors have spread quickly, and Yunette was doing better than ever.
No, could it even be said that it was simply doing well?

“Do you have the aloe gel you didn’t have last time?”
“Yes, it has been restocked.”
“Then, give me that aloe gel and the chamomile cream! And that brown sugar scrub over there!”

A product got out of stock.
Even though I put so much effort into securing supplies.
Even though it wasn’t difficult to get the ingredients, and I was doing my best to produce cosmetics!

‘Does this make sense?’

The calendula lotion and cream the Duchess of Primrose used, and after that, the aloe gel and chamomile cream that Princess Vivian used.
The fact that the items used by the duchess and the princess could be used at a not-so-expensive price became a great merit.
And adding the fact that they were hard to get if you didn’t buy them while they were there, it unintentionally became a marketing strategy.
The sense of having to buy them now or else you wouldn’t be able to, made those who had only used samples and hesitated and those who had not yet visited hurry up.


And it wasn’t just Yunette that grew.

“I think… I’m surely better than at first.”

Did I get a knack for it after continuously using the blessing of growth?
In the past, I got exhausted and felt like I was going to collapse with just a little effort, but I was now able to work twice as hard effortlessly.

‘It’s getting more and more easy to deal with my power.’

I wondered whether to ask my father about the blessing of growth, or Jiksen, who was my brother in name only.
I felt a sense of achievement from having unexpectedly developed my skills.

“When it comes to growing something, it’s the highest rank among summoners…”
“What did you say?”
“No, it’s nothing.”

I think Serian muttered how the blessing of growth had gone to someone like me, but that must be just my feeling, right?

“You’re rich now. Congratulations. Well, since you’re the daughter of a duke, money doesn’t really matter?”
“Of course, it matters. The duchy’s money is the family’s money, not mine.”
“… As the duke’s daughter, you can’t spend your family’s money at will? Aren’t you going to do everything your father tells you to do?”
“Duke Primrose doesn’t even know I’m running a business.”

I didn’t tell him in detail about my family history.
About my father who loved the illegitimate child he brought from outside more than me.
About Jiksen, who was born from the same mother as me and had been with me since birth but neglected me.
Such stories were boring and would ruin the mood for no reason.

“You have to keep it a secret, too.”

Serian wasn’t completely oblivious either, so he realized that there was some kind of situation from the context of my words and closed his mouth.
I broke into a cheerful voice and said,

“And the advantage of the money I earn from Yunette is that I can do as I please!”
“I mean, are you not satisfied with this money? What else are you going to do?”

Serian’s eyes trembled with anxiety.