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Chapter 168

Unable to speak firmly to the artistic viscount, Siervian looked at her brother with cold eyes, deeply in distress.

“I’m fourteen now, and this dress has wings as big as my torso!”

“Ah… that’s right.”

“Hmm, it’s a shame to waste it, but…”

Having agonized internally, her brother tried to give up the matching outfit with a face full of regret.

Siervian couldn’t bear to allow it and strongly encouraged his will.

“No! I want to wear similar clothes with my brother!”


Damian was deeply moved by his sister’s proactive declaration, as he didn’t know her true intentions.

It seemed there were tears in his eyes, but Siervian ignored them.

It must have been because his glassy blue eyes made it appear as if they were filled with moisture.

“I see. Then, maybe we should postpone the winged dress until the official debutante…”

“Let’s focus on this outfit for now, Viscount.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Then, for the two of you…”

Viscount Carpe did not easily give up on the winged dress.

‘Is it because people who succeed in one field are so persistent…?’

Thanks to her, Siervian had to work hard again this time to make the Viscount give up her artistic vision.

* * *

“Your Highness, you’re here.”

A little later, at the Welfare Foundation.

Angel, who had become a full-fledged adult, greeted Siervian with a bright smile.

Angel recently secured a position in the Imperial Palace Magic Circle Management Department and decided to meet at the Welfare Foundation today.

“Angel, it’s been a while. Where’s Tanka?”

Tanka had agreed to meet together and yet was nowhere to be seen.

Angel gave an awkward smile at Siervian’s question.

“That’s, teacher… he’s not feeling well…”

Thoughts: How do I say this… that he ran away because he didn’t want to do more work?


Siervian quickly grasped the situation.

After Angel had completed her research on the new magic circle several years earlier than in her previous life, Angel and Tanka’s work had increased tremendously.

In particular, Angel’s research had become even more sophisticated thanks to Tanka’s full support.

‘Hmm, I’ve been a bit busy lately. I guess I should leave them alone for now.’

In addition to raising Angel, a talented magical formula scholar, Tanka, who was originally a skilled mage, quickly caught the eye of her father.

And her father was the type of person who couldn’t stand seeing talented people being idle.

‘Hmm, come to think of it, he told him to try introducing the new magic circle to communication magic, didn’t he?’

It was a bad thing for Tanka, who considered lying down and spending time as his top hobby.

He probably didn’t know that his disciple, who was just following his teachings well, would create such a great innovation.

“Okay. Let him rest for now.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Instead, Angel became busy. Angel as an adult was much more confident than before.

“You said you found out something about the mana nullification artifact?”

“Yes, would you like to see this?”

In the Pacour Duchy, children with magical abilities were imprisoned and brainwashed.

Most of them were transferred to Siervian’s Welfare Foundation. The children who were already there took care of the newly transferred children like siblings.

Thanks to this, the children of the Welfare Foundation were growing up with great upbringing.

‘Hmm, it seems they haven’t been able to restore the middle magic circle.’

Only broken pieces remained of the artifact used by the assassins in the granary of the Mosae Kingdom.

After actively researching at the Magic Tower, the data was passed to Angel this time.

The reason was that Angel, who was not a mage, might be able to find a clue if she looked at it purely from a mana formula perspective.

“Yes, it seems that the bead was either lost when it broke, or it was designed so that it could not be restored from the beginning.”

Siervian nodded slowly at Angel’s explanation, but her expression hardened.

This was because she was very worried that there were magical tools as advanced as this in places other than the Empire.

“There is one good bit of news, though, Princess.”

“What is it?”

“We haven’t been able to fully restore the formulas, but we’ve found something. See this part here?”

“This blank space?”

On the magic circle restoration prediction image that Angel was pointing to, there was a subtle blank space.

“Yes. It seems that there is a common medium that goes into it.”

“Isn’t it a mana stone?”

“Hmm, it’s not an object with the properties of mana. Otherwise, the other mages wouldn’t have missed it, and my teacher also confirmed it.”

Angel’s calm explanation was clearly audible. Thanks to her hard work in her studies, Siervian was now able to understand the structure of the magic circle.

Especially after she broke the seal of the climate magic circle, her understanding of such formulas had been steadily increasing.

“It seems that a medium with a strong symbolism is needed.”

Siervian managed to find a clue in the magic circle that was steadily extending.

“Oh, really?”

Angel hurriedly brought a quill and wrote down Siervian’s words.

Judging from her sparkling eyes, it seemed that Tanka’s words about Angel’s love for studying were true.

‘What on earth is it made of?’

Even after a long discussion with Angel, they couldn’t think of any suitable medium.

Especially among the materials often used as auxiliary materials in magic, there was nothing that came to mind.

“Princess, I’m a little late.”

While Siervian was having a brief conversation with Angel, Marco hurriedly entered the room.

The reason why Siervian had come to the welfare foundation in person today was to meet Marco.

“It’s alright. How did your work go?”

Marco had established himself as an important figure in the welfare foundation and the mercenary guild over the past few years.

In particular, he had undergone a major change, to the extent that his ‘occupation’ in the status window had changed.

[Marco William]
Mood: Joy
Thoughts: It smells like money!

Judging from the broad smile on his face, it was clear that things had been resolved well, even without looking at the status window.

“The tenth Conoa Mountain development has just been completed, Princess.”

“Really? And no one was hurt?”

“Yes. You know the skills of the Justice Guild, don’t you?”

Siervian nodded with a smile at Marco’s boastful words.

After uncovering the Harmin conspiracy together, the Justice Guild had continued to maintain a strong cooperative relationship with the Mana Fairy’s Mercenary Guild

‘Still, I didn’t know Marco’s level would rise that high.’

Siervian was secretly amazed as she looked at Marco’s status window, which broke records day after day.

[Marco William]
Occupation: Mercenary Guild Leader (Lv.95)

Even though it was a few years ago, Marco’s level was 56 when he was just a low-ranking official in the finance department.

Even then, he wasn’t considered low among the lower-ranking officials, but after he switched to the upper class, his level started to rise like crazy.

“Is there something on my face, Princess?”

“No, it’s nothing. So, how was the mountain this time?”

Siervian naturally changed the subject as she looked at Marco’s phenomenal level increase.

Marco quickly returned to the main topic and spoke with a bright face.

“It seems to be the best of the mountain conditions we’ve found so far. Especially, the site where sunlight shines well is wide, so it seems that high-quality Conoa will be cultivated.”

“That’s great!”

The Conoa candle, which had made a fortune in exports to the west coast, was now enjoying explosive popularity, even after several years had passed.

It was all thanks to the Harmin grass.

“Tell everyone that the mana emission of Conoa candle is minimal this time, okay? Got it?”

Conoa candle had a unique property that could be called a mana flower.

It was the fact that mana was generated when it was dried and burned.

However, the effect was minimal. The effect on the human body was also not that great.

“Yes, Princess. I will never exaggerate the effect in advertising.”

However, now that the Harmin grass, which was believed to be a countermeasure against the climate magic circle, had disappeared, people were in a state of anxiety.

Even though the impact from the climate magic circle was said to be minimal, the sense of unease did not easily disappear.

‘That’s why everyone wants to feel at ease, even if it’s like this.’

That’s why the Conoa candle sold by her mercenary guild suddenly became very popular.

So much so that they had to find and reclaim ten new Conoa mountains.

“Yes. I trust Marco.”

Marco smiled brightly, dispelling Siervian’s lingering concerns.

‘Hmm. If this is what it takes to reassure people, so be it. Still, I wish I could lower the price a bit more.’

Siervian knew from her previous life that Conoa candles were going to be a hit, but the scale of the craze had grown exponentially due to the altered future.

As a result, Siervian was amassing a vast fortune, even with the deliberately low prices.

* * *

‘Ugh, I’m exhausted.’

Siervian had been swamped with work. As a result, she had a lot of backlogged paperwork to deal with whenever she visited the foundation.

Siervian was on her way to the carriage after spending a long time reviewing ledgers and loosening her stiff shoulders.

‘Huh? It’s Zecko.’

Occupation: Spy of the Navafal (-)

Unaware of Siervian’s approach, Zecko was busy sweeping the foundation’s courtyard.

Perhaps it was because she had just seen Marco’s occupation window. Today, Zecko’s occupation window, which still showed traces of a spy, caught her eye.

‘Why hasn’t his occupation changed yet?’

At the young age of fifteen, Zecko had found employment at the welfare foundation.

Although he was still a worker carrying goods for the mercenary guild, it was a respectable job, yet his status window remained the same.

Just then, something peculiar caught her eye as she was about to casually feign ignorance of his occupation.

Thoughts: Heh. Foolish humans.

‘Could it be, Zecko is engaging in espionage again?!’