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Rysideon had become a favorite of hers.

Carla proudly paraded him at numerous formal events, demonstrating even the formidable House of Arachrene’s submission to garner support from the nobility.

“I kept my promise, Rysideon.”

By having him, the eldest grandson of Arachrene by her side, she had vowed not to harm the heirs of Arachrene. It was the condition under which she had secured Rysideon.

“Still, a summons from the Young Dke isn’t bad for a brief visit. Go and return.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

While Young Duke Arachrene likely meant for him to return for good, Carla had no intention of letting Rysideon go just yet.

‘The Young Duke seems urgent, he seemed to even plan to attend Adrian’s celebratory banquet.’

She thought it was a good opportunity, whatever drew attention to Adrian. She was ready to do anything necessary for her son, the future emperor.

Rising from her chair, Carla approached Rysideon and spoke tenderly.

“I’ll give it ten days.”


“Do not forget the past four years during which I have ensured your family’s safety.”

“I am grateful for your grace.”

As Rysideon bowed his head in response, Carla’s lips curved in a satisfied smile.

“Then go. You have a fencing lesson with Adrian soon, don’t you?”

“Yes. I shall take my leave now.”

With the Empress’s permission, Rysideon left the palace. He felt as if he could breathe more freely as he stepped outside.

Inhaling the fresh air, he pulled out a letter from his pocket. The handwriting of someone he had missed. It was the long-awaited letter saying that he could return to his family. Yet, upon receiving it, his heart had sunk. For the first time, he doubted whether he should return to his family.

He wanted to return.

Still, Rysideon’s ties with the Empress meant he was, willingly or not, seen as Carla’s man externally. Just imagining how his family might view him now made him dizzy.

“Rysideon, take care of your siblings and protect them until I return. Can you do that?”

He gently closed his eyes.


* * *


At midnight.

Riersha moved her feet slowly. Her body shivered in the dim corridor.

Phew. I was almost asleep, wasn’t I?’

Drowsiness had crept up on her, and before she knew it, it was midnight. But….

How could she sneak out further?

She didn’t know how to mask her presence, so she was sure she’d be caught after just a few steps.

‘…What should I do?’

Brother Ricador was waiting outside.

Just as she was about to reluctantly return to her room, someone suddenly grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.

“Over here.”

Gasp, Bwo—!”

Shh, keep it quiet.”

As Ricador placed a finger to his lips, telling her to be silent, Riersha quickly covered her mouth with both hands. Since guards were stationed throughout the corridors, any noise might bring someone running.

When she sent him a questioning look about how he got there, Ricador shrugged it off as if it was nothing. He grabbed her hand and started striding forward.

“Let’s get out of here first.”


Ricador quickly scooped her under his arm and dashed out through a window of the annex. Despite feeling nauseous, Riersha gritted her teeth and endured.

“Just hold on. At your pace, we’d be caught before we even get near the forest.”


Riersha nodded.

After enduring the nausea, the entrance to the Monster Forest came into view. It looked unfamiliar, even though she had seen it every day. It seemed that just a few days away made it seem strange.

“No need to be scared. I regularly clear this forest.”


“There won’t be any monsters like that time.”

Riersha swallowed hard. The idea of entering the Monster Forest by herself made her feet feel heavy.

But then…

“I wike easy tings.”


Ricador looked puzzled by her unexpected comment. Suddenly liking things easy? Did she even understand what she was saying?

Riersha’s eyes sparkled in the dark.

“Bwother told me not to take easy way, wight? That means is good?”


“I’ll take the easy way then.”

He didn’t know where to begin with this conversation.

With Riersha clinging to his side, Ricador felt a prick of conscience for some reason. He set her down on the ground and was about to say something.

She eagerly started heading into the forest.

“Hey, hey! Wait for me!”

Shh! What if we caught?”

“…Who’s going to come here anyway?”

Ricador grumbled but still kept his voice down. Soon, the two entered the forest side by side.

Riersha, looking around nervously, opened her mouth.


“It’s just your imagination. There are no monsters, I promise.”

According to ancient texts of the Arachrene family, his ability was annihilation—burning anything alive until it turned completely to ash, disappearing from the world. Ricardor was confident from never having been threatened by monsters. He knew he wouldn’t have brought Riersha here if he sensed any danger.

“So, no danger?”

“Of course. I’m here to protect you, so don’t worry.”

Ricador answered proudly.

Reassured by his words, Riersha relaxed.

“Bwother said so, I don’t need use my powers.”

“…What are you talking about, kid?”

His ears reddened. He ruffled his silver hair in embarrassment and started coughing to cover his discomfort. It felt strangely grandiose, being praised for doing something so natural.

Riersha really was an unusual girl.

Ricador nonchalantly tried to scare her a bit.

“If you fail this time, I might not bring you here again, so don’t get too comfortable.”



Expecting a sulky response, Ricador turned toward where she had been standing, but suddenly, his mouth snapped shut.

Startled, he looked around the area.

“…Riersha, where are you?”

There was nothing left in the spot where Riersha had been. In the brief moment he was distracted, she had vanished into thin air.

His heart sank. He frantically searched the surroundings, trying to sense any presence with his powers, but it was no use.

“Why… can’t I feel anything?”

She must be close, Riersha couldn’t have gone far with those few steps. Although this thought crossed his mind, Ricador found it difficult to stay rational.

Oddly, there was no trace of Riersha.

He remembered experiencing a similar phenomenon once before. When Riersha’s powers first manifested. The time when the monster was trapped in a bubble, and his annihilation power didn’t work until the bubble finally failed.

He hadn’t taken it seriously then, but now he realized it was a significant factor…

Ricador’s face went pale.

“Could it be… ”

…Her powers are manifesting somewhere?


* * *


“Uh? Bwother Ricador?”

Riersha, moving deeper into the forest, belatedly realized everywhere was quiet. She had assumed Ricador would be following closely, but he was nowhere to be seen. Thinking that she was alone startled her, and she quickly looked around.

The dawn forest was so dark that it was hard to make out anything distinctly.

“Bwother Ricador…?”

Riersha called out hesitantly.

“Bwo, Bwother, don’t play tricks. I don’t lwke this. You said you protect”

Her voice trembled with unease.