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Charlotte carefully looked at the wedding dress draped over the mannequin. She was right; the dress was elegant, yet so simple it almost felt lacking. But that was my choice.

“Too much ornamentation can look tacky. This simplicity is perfect. Besides, the jewels that Theodore gave me are quite extravagant.”

It was customary to keep the wedding jewels a secret until the day of the ceremony, to avoid theft or bad luck, as it was said to bring misfortune to the bride if seen by others before the wedding. I didn’t believe in such superstitions, of course.

“Want to see them?”

“What?! No way! You know you’re not supposed to show them to anyone!”

Predictably, Charlotte was horrified by my question. I smiled mischievously and tied a blue ribbon around the waistline of the dress. Another superstition was that a bride who carries something blue would find happiness.


Blue was a color of sadness for me, but now, seeing blue reminded me of happiness. The eyes of the man I loved were exactly this shade of blue.

I fiddled with the blue ribbon and said,

“All these beliefs about what makes a bride unhappy or happy are just superstitions. But the ones about happiness… maybe those are worth believing in at once.”

“….Right! Don’t believe in the bad ones, just the good! The Viscount deserves all the happiness! I’ll pray for you every single day!”

Charlotte clutched her fists with enthusiasm. I gave a slight laugh and nodded in agreement.

“Thank you, I’ll pray for you every day as well.”

“…! Viscount…”

Charlotte was visibly moved, her eyes brimming with tears. She was indeed very sensitive. I smiled gently and firmly grasped Charlotte’s hand.

* * *

Time flies when you’re busy. In the blink of an eye, it was May 5th, the day of my wedding with Theodore.

“I’m feeling a bit nervous.”

Unexpectedly, my heart was fluttering. It wasn’t my first wedding…. but this time it was different. A marriage truly of our own will, chosen by Theodore and me because we wanted it, free from any external pressures.

“Wow, there are so many guests! It looks like well over 200 people!”

“…That many?”

200 was more than we had anticipated. We had sent out invitations to our primary guests, but we had left the castle gates open for anyone else who wished to attend. The result was…

“Will we have enough food and drink? We prepared plenty, but…”

“The kitchen is incredibly busy right now. Especially the chicken liver mousse and caramel custard are flying off the shelves. Both are the chef’s specialties!”

While Charlotte had been downcast about an empty nest, now she seemed exuberantly happy. Despite her overflowing emotions, she was good at managing them quickly, which probably kept her mind healthy.

“After the ceremony, we’ll need to give the chefs and staff some time off and bonuses. They’ve all worked so hard… Charlotte, you too. I want to give you a personal gift. Is there anything you want?”

“Me? A gift? I’m fine, really. I don’t need anything… Just being here by the Viscount’s side, seeing you happy, is more than enough for me.”

Charlotte said this with a bright smile and adjusted my hair decoration again. After her final touches, I felt even more perfect.

“You really are talented with your hands.”

“Hehehe. I may not be good at drawing, but I can do this.”

Soon after, the ceremony began in earnest, and it was time for the bride to make her entrance. In the bridal suite, I put on my veil, holding the bouquet, and stepped out.

Charlotte and the maids held the train of my dress, and the high priest of the Aurelia Faith escorted me.

The Aurelia Faith was the big religion among the people of Brienne. They worship Aurelia, a hero from the age of mythology, and her spirit, Flama.

There are many religions in the world, each with its own deity. I did not believe in Aurelia, but I appreciated that she was seen as a deity who purified the world by burning all that was corrupt. Therefore, when the high priest of the Aurelia Faith offered to take my father’s place at the ceremony, I accepted.

“The bride is entering!”

As I entered the ceremony venue, the announcer called out loudly. Under an arch decorated with summer flowers, a wedding aisle covered in white suede and petals stretched out long. The balcony on the second floor was occupied by the band, whose piano and string music filled the venue.


And then… I felt the many eyes watching me from all around.