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As Andra swayed her hips, faint moans escaped both their lips.

“C*m… c*m, now.”

Suddenly, Andra urged Dustin with her face flushed red. His fully aroused member twitched and prodded her abdomen insistently.

C*m now? At this moment? But as Andra manipulated the tip and pressed down on the sensitive spot, Dustin couldn’t hold back any longer and climaxed, releasing a milky fluid that splattered across Andra’s abdomen and chest.

Haa, haa… Dustin gasped for air after climaxing once. This was the first time he had climaxed so abruptly. Andra’s very presence was so stimulating for him.

After catching his breath, Dustin began to check on Andra’s condition. Andra, looking somewhere else, soon began to gently stimulate him again, trying to revive his arousal.

“Wait, wait a minute, Andra, why again…”

“I told you not to ask.”

Although he had just climaxed, when Andra rocked back and forth, soon made him hard again. Dustin felt the blood rush distinctly to his lower body. Quickly, the urge to climax built up again.

He still didn’t understand why Andra was rushing him so. Yet, if it was just about him climaxing without entering her, he thought it might be okay.

However, that thought quickly changed. Andra lifted her hips to align his member with her entrance. Dustin looked up at her in surprise. Was she going to put it in already?

He caught her hand as she attempted to force him inside. It could be too much for her. She had struggled even with plenty of foreplay before.

“Andra, don’t rush… Think of your body first.”

“It doesn’t matter, let go.”

“Why doesn’t it matter? You’re hurt down there.”

Dustin lightly touched her privates. They were a bit damp, but the reddened flesh was not fully opened. As he feared, even now as she tried to insert him, the tip wouldn’t fit properly and kept missing, only grazing her clitoris.

Andra muttered anxiously.

“Huu, I need to put it in….”

“Think of your body first. You could barely stand up earlier.”

“Haa, it’s better now. Besides, Dustin, just put it in. You want this too, right?”

Dustin had nothing to say. Despite his concerns for her, he was undeniably stirred by her body. Her touch lifted his center. He remembered how warm and snug she felt around him, making it difficult to stay still.

And knowing that Andra wouldn’t blame him even if he forcefully made his way, added an extra layer of temptation.

As Andra continued to rub herself against him, she spoke up again.

“Quick, put it in… and c*m inside.”


“Your s***n… inside…..”

Even after saying it, Andra’s voice dropped, as if she was slightly embarrassed by her own words. Dustin stared blankly at her face. This directness was new from Andra;. Typically, it was Dustin who spoke crudely in bed, while Andra often disapproved.

“Dus, ah!”

Dustin lifted Andra, cleared the table with a sweep of his arm and laid her down. Plates crashed to the floor around them, but were ignored by both.

Dustin spread Andra’s legs wide and thrust his fingers into the throbbing red flesh. The tight hole eagerly pulled them in. He curled his fingers inside, scraping her insides as Andra writhed her spread legs and moaned.

“Dustin… not your fingers… uhht…”

“Don’t say things you’ll regret. You know my patience isn’t that long. It will hurt if I go in now.”

“I said it’s okay… uht…”

“Please, Andra.”

“Huhng… even if like this?”

Andra whispered, wrapping her legs around Dustin’s waist.

“D*mn it.”


As Dustin removed his thick fingers, a blunt object touched the entrance. Soon, a massive sensation began to force its way through the still tight flesh. It was clear it couldn’t properly enter yet. The man, who was unable to hold back, abruptly thrust his hips upward, and soon a heavy force deeply penetrated the woman’s opening.


Her opening pitifully stretched to engulf the large member. Andra quickly felt her insides filling up, causing her to inhale sharply and tense her legs and waist. The pain felt as if it was tearing her apart.

She knew she wasn’t fully ready, but she had thought she would be fine since just hours ago, she had taken the same massive size. However, it was a miscalculation. No matter how many times they had been together, she could never truly get used to his size.

“Haa… Andra, relax and breathe.”

As Andra groaned silently and gasped for air, Dustin found her cl**oris and rolled it gently, trying to ease her discomfort. The tightly constricting walls were painful for him too. He should have taken more time to prepare her before putting it in, but in the moment, he had lost his restraint.

“I can’t, breathe…”

“That’s why I told you not to stimulate me…”

“It’, it okay…hu, mo, move…”

Tears pooled at the corners of Andra’s eyes as she urged Dustin on. She figured that enduring some pain to move towards pleasure was better than suffering in stillness.

Dustin began to move immediately. Shloop, The member slid out, pulling some of the reddened flesh with it, and as he thrust back in, the tip found her sensitive spot. Aht!Andra’s legs, wrapped around his waist, shook.

Reflexively, Andra reached out and grabbed Dustin’s arm, her nails digging into his skin to anchor herself, but Dustin seemed undeterred and continued his thrusts.

“Uht, hu, ah, Du, Dus, ha-ugh!”

“Just hold on… I’ll make you feel good soon.”

“Ah, ha, uh, uuunng, Dustin, ah!”

Dustin gritted his teeth and focused on his thrusting. Andra’s smaller frame shook violently with each movement of his hips. Andra clenched her eyes shut, writhing under the sensation of the foreign object digging into her. The veins on the towering flesh mashed the insides in a frenzy and caused her pleasure.

“Uh, heuk! Ah, uuuht, ung!”

The seed from previous hadn’t been fully absorbed yet, which fortunately made the inside wet and his movements somewhat easier. However, since Andra was not fully prepared for the insertion, the fit was incredibly tight. The tight grip of her walls nearly drove him out of his mind.

“Dustin, huht! Ah, uh, uht, uh, ah, ah!”

Squishy sounds from their coupling filled the air non-stop. Each time Dustin thrust to the hilt, he scraped the remaining se**n inside, causing it to spill out and trickle onto the table. This sight only spurred him to drive into her harder. His climax peaked.

“Hu, ha, ack! Hurry, Dustin, ah, haah!”

Andra begged with tears streaming down her face. He knew what she wanted. However, seeing her crying and clinging to him, calling out his name, made him want to prolong the moment. Andra couldn’t know how lovely she appeared to him at this moment.

Whoo. Dustin took a deep breath and held onto Andra’s pelvis as it moved with his thrusts and pulled her towards him forcefully.

Thud! Andra’s groin collided with his, allowing him to penetrate even deeper. The impact made her walls clench reflexively around him. Dustin’s voice, deep and resonant, echoed as if from a cavern.

“Kuht, Andra, you’re the only one for me.”

“Ah, ung! Ah, uht Dustin, ah! Enough, enough, aahh!”

As sweat beaded on Dustin’s forehead, it fell in rhythm with his vigorous thrusts. Andra was overwhelmed by the relentless movement of his forearm-sized member scraping her sensitive spots, and couldn’t control herself as waves of pleasure washed over her. The pain that had once felt like tearing had long since dissolved, replaced by the pleasure that now caused her to cry out involuntarily.

“Ah-huk, uuht, Dustin, ah, uung, Ple, please, I, huht!”

“Just….Just be patient for a while, Andra.”

“I, can’t, be patient, ang! Ah, Dustin…. I’m, ahk!”

The intensity of the movements shook her. The world seemed to flicker before bursting into a myriad of sparkling lights. Thrust, thrust, thrust.With every forceful thrust, Dustin reached deeper inside her and Andra curled her toes tightly.

“Ha, uuht! St, op, now, aahh!”

“Ha, what do you want? Huh?”

Dustin gripped her exposed breast roughly. Her n**ples, hard with excitement, peeked through his fingers.

Then, teasingly, he pinched and pulled at them. Andra arched her back and tears streamed down her face as she cried out in a mix of pain and ecstasy. Dustin enjoyed her cries. She nibbled on her other breast, teasing and sucking at the soft flesh.

“Ah! St, hu, stop, aht! Heuk, please…”

“Andra, what do you want? Tell me.”

“Hu-ugh… Se, se**n…Dustin, ah, hu-ung!”

“Se**n, what about it?”

As he thrust his hips again, Andra cried out and shook her head. Her body was overwhelmed by tingling sensations and was barely able to muster the strength to respond. She felt as if she was continuously climbing, with no end in sight.

Dustin gently scraped Andra’s inside with his swollen member, as he coaxed her for an answer. His thumb deftly found and circled her hidden peak, gently teasing it. As he rubbed her cli**ris, her breathing that was once harsh, began to soften.

“You need to say it clearly.”

“Ang, in, inside me, heuk, please… uung, your se**n…hurry.”

Andra said to Dustin, almost crying due to the intensely strange sensation.

Dustin unwrapped Andra’s legs from around his waist and lifted them onto his shoulders, and lowered his upper body.