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‘How long have you been married that you’re already playing the devoted husband? How absurd.’

Of course, for Makaeri, it was beneficial for Elfreda to receive Ejnar’s favor. However, this should not have translated into having to make direct apologies to a mere illegitimate child. She, a princess of the great Makaeri, apologized to a worthless illegitimate child? In broad daylight, how did that make any sense?

“If you keep hesitating, the King will start to think it’s strange. Please, Your Highness—!”

“Shut up! I’ll, I’ll do it!”

Serina growled softly and, after taking a deep breath, looked straight at Elfreda. Then, she quickly said, without even taking a breath,

“I’m sorry, Sister, for causing you trouble with this incident. I truly regret it.”

Elfreda was unsure what expression to make after receiving this apology, which didn’t seem to have any sincerity. Serina’s tone felt more like a declaration of war than an apology.

Hoping to end the situation quickly, she awkwardly smiled and nodded.

‘…To think I’d ever receive an apology from Serina.’

Of course, the attitude was like that, and it lacked sincerity. But still, the fact that she had formally apologized was surprising in itself. To Elfreda, it felt like the world had turned upside down.

Serina looked at Ejnar as if asking if it was enough, and the envoy from Makaeri quickly spoke up.

“I only hope that this incident does not damage the friendly relations between our two countries, Your Majesty.”

“Of course, it must not.”

Ejnar looked back at Elfreda once more with a languid smile.

“The Emperor of Makaeri has given me such a beautiful wife.”

His lips smiled, but his eyes didn’t.

Elfreda smiled back at him, but it was so awkward that had Serina and the envoy been any closer, they would have easily noticed.


Ejnar stared at her intently for a few seconds before turning his head away.


* * *


After making her apology, Serina returned straight to Makaeri. She probably thought she’d never have to apologize to someone like Elfreda in her lifetime. She clearly didn’t want to stay there any longer than necessary, regardless of the reasons.

After all, she had broken her own principles by apologizing.

The guards responsible for the civilian’s death were executed according to national law, and the victims’ families were compensated appropriately. Once it became known that Serina had personally apologized to the King and Queen, the turbulent public opinion gradually calmed.

Thus, Makaeri had done all that could be reasonably expected, so they would have to wait and see how things would develop.

Meanwhile, Elfreda had regained the official duties that had been taken from her by Marchioness Magnum. Despite the incident having been resolved well, the Marchioness seemed displeased.

Elfreda watched her for a moment before opening her mouth.

“It would have been nice if I had been deposed during this opportunity.”

“Excuse me?”

“…Is the expression I saw on your face, Marchioness Magnum.”

She hadn’t expected Elfreda to be so blunt. The Marchioness’s face crumpled slightly, and Elfreda smiled.

“Just kidding. Shouldn’t we reschedule the tea parties that were put on hold?”

“…Yes, I suppose.”

The Marchioness replied, her lips twitching slightly.

“I’ll set it for next week. Is that all right with you?”

“Of course.”

Inside, the Marchioness scoffed at Elfreda’s soft reply.

‘She thinks she’s truly the queen of Machi just because this situation was resolved peacefully. How presumptuous. I plan to make her feel the painful reality of her mistake.’


* * *


It was the first tea party Elfreda hosted as queen, and she invited noble ladies. She had spent the past week preparing meticulously. She decorated the reception room beautifully and chose the refreshments with great care, all to make a good first impression on her guests.



The effort would only have meaning if there were attendees. Elfreda couldn’t hide her dismay at the sight of the empty reception room.

“Not a single person has come.”

As she stood there with a stern expression, Marchioness Magnum spoke next to her, feigning sympathy.

“As you can see.”


“What should I do now?”

“Why did everyone not attend?”

“Well, maybe they have their own circumstances? Perhaps everyone had unavoidable reasons, like sudden engagements or illness.”

The Marchioness ended with a thin smile.

“Or maybe they just didn’t want to come.”

Elfreda turned to look at the Marchioness. Her face was expressionless, though she was seemingly smiling. At that moment, she realized that the Marchioness had likely orchestrated this situation and bit her lip.

“What should we do? If no one cooperates, the royal household cannot function properly.”

“Of course, that shouldn’t happen.”

Although she said this, no clear solution came to mind. Attending the tea party was entirely voluntary, and making a scene about her authority being disregarded wouldn’t solve anything. It would only make her the laughingstock of the social circles.

She could have borrowed Enjar’s authority, but that would be a bad move. It was an unwritten rule that the KKing didn’t interfere with the inner palace matters. Moreover, Elfreda had no idea how to approach the social circles that the Marchioness had dominated since before her time.

“What should we do, Marchioness of Magnum?”

At her candid question, the Marchioness let out a laugh that sounded almost like a sigh.

“Well, if they are not coming because they do not acknowledge Your Majesty, there’s little I can do.”

“But isn’t that why the Marchioness is here? To make it happen?”

Elfreda pressed her lips tightly and continued in a deliberately calm voice.

“To help a foreign queen who knows no one here. Can’t you do that?”

“No one, not even I, has the power to change people’s hearts at will.”

“We must at least try to change it. I want to know the preferences of the ladies who received the invitations.”

The Marchioness scoffed as if she found the effort futile.

“Ah, are you planning to win them over with gifts?”

“If they don’t like me because I’m unfamiliar, then I must win their favor somehow.”

“Hmm, that’s a good attempt. But Your Majesty,”

Marchioness Magnum grimaced with feigned regret.

“I’m afraid I’m not feeling well and might need to take a few days off.”

“…What did you say?”

“I have been feeling unwell since this morning. I’m afraid I might pass the illness to Your Majesty.”

Stunned, Elfreda couldn’t find words to respond. The Marchioness offered a seemingly helpful suggestion.

“Why don’t you ask other maids for help? They should be quite familiar with the social circles of Makaeri as well.”

“How long do you plan to take off?”

“Until I’m fully recovered, I must be cautious. Maybe three days, up to a week if necessary?”


She knew dragging this situation out wasn’t ideal. If no one attended the tea party today, rumors would spread throughout the entire social world by tomorrow.

As she hesitated, Marchioness Magnum continued with a fake cough, and Elfreda, feeling a headache coming on, waved her hand dismissively.

“Go and rest, then.”

“Take care of yourself too, Your Majesty. Don’t overdo it.”

Elfreda didn’t respond to her hypocritical concern since if the Marchioness had decided not to help, staying any longer was futile.

She reluctantly decided to try the Marchioness’s suggestion.

“Do you know anything about Duchess Egisa?”

“Not really. I’m not close with her…”

“What about Countess Vignon?”

“She’s not on good terms with my mother…”

The maids were also uncooperative. Elfreda chuckled as if she hadn’t expected any help.

‘Of course, a woman who has grasped even the noblewomen wouldn’t have left the maids untouched.’

Considering calling the teachers who had instructed her before she became queen wasn’t a solution either. They were under Marchioness Magnum’s influence. They were unlikely to be favorable to her. It was better not to expect any real help, as it would be more likely to spread her incompetence through the social circles.

Simply put, Elfreda had no one to turn to.

As a queen, she couldn’t just meet each person individually to win them over. Feeling as if her hands were tied, she was just overwhelmed by frustration.

Three days passed in this manner.