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Chapter 27

Her slightly parted lips, fair skin, and slender collarbones were exposed to him. Thanks to that, his calm mind became a mess.

“I’m going crazy…!”

Edmund immediately whipped around to suppress his manly urges. With his large hand, he squeezed the moisture out of the wet towel next to him. Then, he carefully placed it on her round forehead.

Chloen’s brows twitched slightly at the cool sensation, but she soon relaxed.

“How foolish.”

Edmund muttered in a low voice as he slowly wiped away the beads of sweat on her forehead. He couldn’t help but feel responsible because his harsh words seemed to be the trigger behind this.

As he erased the sweat from her face, her body temperature seemed to reduce a bit. Chloen’s rough breathing helped keep him in check.


She groaned softly and unconsciously stretched out her arms.

It was when he was tidying her platinum hair, which was sticky with sweat.

Suddenly, soft yet burning fingertips grasped his wrist. Surprised, he tried to pull his hand away, but froze when he heard her next words.

“I like it because your hands are cold.”

The hazy voice rang in his ears. Edmund instinctively followed the sound with his eyes. Chloen’s half-opened eyes took him in completely.

She slowly brought his hand to her cheek. He could feel her searing heat occupying his wide palm.


Chloen murmured; her expression gradually relaxing.

An unfamiliar emotion rose within Edmund as he stared at his wife. What was she so happy about?

“Do you still feel hot?”

“Just a bit. Above all, I feel so uncomfortable. I want to take off these damp clothes so badly!”

She grunted in response to the soft question.

Finding the sight amusing, a smile crept to his face.

“From what you’re saying, it looks like you’re fine now?”

“No. My head is still buzzing. Wouldn’t it be better if I took it all off and soaked in cold ice water? It would be nice if Honey were to remove them for me… I feel so weak right now…”

“Someone sure is stubborn. If you want to remove your clothes, ask Sasha. She should arrive soon.”

Edmund shrugged his shoulders, about to withdraw his hand. In response, the hazy, lavender-colored pupils opened wide.

“Where are you going? I’m still suffering!”

She sniffled and cried for no reason. Briefly, Edmund wondered if this was yet another trick of hers.

“Like I said, I have to leave. Thanks to someone collapsing, I couldn’t review any of the documents I needed to go over today.”

“Wow, were you so worried about me? Were you pretending to be aloof even though you care a lot about me?”

“More nonsense.”

“You don’t seem to realize this yet, but I’m growing on you. Don’t you realize how well you’re treating me? Everyone here probably knows that already.”

“Growing what?”

“I’m seeping into you. Slowly, like clothes getting wet in a drizzle. It’s actually the deadliest thing.”

She winked and spoke charmingly.

Edmund maintained a stern expression, as if trying to convince himself that what she said was utter nonsense.

“Enough. I was just doing my duty as a husband. There’s nothing else to it.”

He stood up and spoke calmly, before turning on his heels and heading out of the door.

Ouch… My head hurts so much. I’m burning alive, yet my body is freezing cold…”

Round eyes glanced expectantly at Edmund.

Despite knowing that she was faking it, he still felt concerned.

Huff, my strength is leaving me…”

She sniffled and groaned as if she was in peril. At the same time, Edmund sighed softly and slowly turned around.

“It’s probably because your fever is going down. You’ll be fine after you get some rest, so sleep a little more.”

“No, I need your touch. Once my husband pats me on the head, I’ll be freed of this pain. I’m sure of it!”

She winked once again while speaking seductively. Edmund could no longer hide his smile. Soon, a gentle voice he couldn’t believe was his own reached his ear.

“How is this supposed to help with the treatment? Stop talking nonsense and take a break. Do you not understand the word ‘rest’?”

He reluctantly sat down and gently brushed her hair. At the gentle touch, she shuddered and closed her eyes.

He stroked her lustrous hair, feeling her pleasure.

“Thank you! To be taken care of by you, this is just wonderful! No, not there, here! I love it! You are so good with your hands!”

It was a statement that could easily have caused misunderstanding, not that it would affect him or anything.

With a flushed face, Edmund continued caressing her platinum-colored hair.

* * *


With a faint coughing sound, Sasha groggily appeared.

“I-I’m sorry to intrude on your personal time, but I have to clean Madam’s body… Never mind. If there’s anything urgent that needs to be done now, I’ll come by next time. Ha, ha, ha.”

Sasha laughed particularly loudly and spoke in a deliberate monotone. Her anxious gaze and body language suggested ‘I am very uncomfortable.’

“As expected of our Sasha! You’re quick on the uptake! Honey, what do you think? Isn’t it about time that we fulfill our marital duties?”

I opened my eyes and stared at him bewitchingly. I was giving him a signal, but why did his expression look so dull?

“No, I don’t think so. You better do what you set out to do, Sasha.”

Edmund answered quickly, not that I was going to give up. Not that easily.

“Understood. Well then, Your Grace, excuse me, but could you please leave for a moment? I thought Madam would feel uncomfortable being seen when I’m wiping her…”

In response to her answer, Edmund nodded and stood up. Then, as his pair of long legs headed toward the door—

“—Why even bother? I can just take a cool bath. That would be more refreshing. Isn’t that right, Sasha?”

I straightened my stiff body and spoke huskily.

“Yes? Of course…”

Sasha glanced at me and answered. She seemed to be worried that I, who was so unpredictable, might cause another accident—to which I shall deliver! I smiled brightly and continued.

“Then, Honey, I wish to be with you. Why don’t we take a bath together? You must’ve shed a lot of sweat carrying me over.”

I scrunched the tip of my nose and gave Edmund a stealthy look.

“Huh…!?” Sasha let out a loud scream.


There was a moment of silence.

It might be embarrassing, but I was used to this kind of reaction.

How long did the silence last? Contrary to the expectation that the road would be stormy, Edmund looked calm.

“Hm, well.”

Briefly, he flashed me a sneer. He narrowed the distance and even responded kindly.

What is he planning?

“Fine by me, but I’m more worried about you.”

Immediately, Edmund picked up the wet towel and soon began to unfasten my buttons one by one.


Two pairs of eyes widened at the unexpected action.

Unlike me, who was flabbergasted, Edmund was smiling as if he was enjoying this situation.

Then, he patted my sensitive skin with the towel.

Before I knew it, Edmund’s hand had reached my chest, and my breath stuck in my throat.

At last, as if to drive the final wedge, he kissed my scattered hair.

Hold on! He’s usually so aloof! Why is he acting like this! Is he crazy?

I wasn’t the only one who was taken aback by Edmund’s unexpected behavior. Sasha’s eyes roamed here and there, not knowing where to look.


I was so shocked, I inadvertently said my husband’s name. He drew closer, and the next time I opened my eyes, he was right in front of my lips. His body scent, which I could smell from afar, filled my nostrils.

At the same time—roar!

My cheeks were so hot, I felt like they were going to burst.

There was almost no distance between our lips.

Edmund spoke.

“Do you take it back?”


I tried to talk back, only to find my voice faltering pathetically. To hide my nervousness, I bit my lips.

Stay firm. If you falter, you lose.

I had always been the one to pursue, so it was my first time to be pursued.

After experiencing it, I realized how embarrassing it was.

“I still have a lot of work to do. Above all, I think it’s still too early for you to attempt this manner of seduction.”

Edmund narrowed his eyes and traced his lips with the tip of his tongue
My entire body turned into jelly at his husky sound.

“So let’s keep it for later.”

I repeatedly nodded and expressed my agreement. It felt like the situation had reversed somehow, but it didn’t matter.

He walked away and lightly waved at me.

Then, with a slow, languid movement, he disappeared from my sight.

“What? Am I being seduced just now?”

“Yes… that’s probably the case? How unexpected of the Duke. I never thought I’d see that side of him.”

It was only after a while that I regained my composure. Even then, I still felt as if a thousand-year-old nine-tailed fox had bewitched me.

Edmund’s blow was brief yet powerful, light yet heavy.

Undoubtedly, I had come face-to-face against a formidable opponent.