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Sylvia’s lower half tingled when he asked her to teach him. Luca, who was already thrilled by the thought, had unknowingly made a comment that struck a chord with her.
Sylvia, flushed with excitement as she panted, led Luca’s large hand under her. She spread her thighs, releasing his throbbing manhood. Lazily opening her eyes, she nuzzled her face into Luca’s shoulder.

“Open it.”

As she said those words, Sylvia rested her slender legs on Luca’s body. His long fingers touched her wet p*ssy. Luca, whose face was just as red, obediently followed her words. With his index and middle fingers, he spread the thick flesh. Then, he asked gruffly.

“Haa, and what’s next?”
“Rub here with your finger… Aah!”

The surface of his rough fingers delicately circled the wet, soft flesh. The rising and falling of his chest grew faster and faster as he slowly rubbed the swelling flesh with his middle finger. The fingers that stroked the cl*t steadily increased their speed, swiftly rubbing the reddened flesh up and down. Her green eyes became clouded with desire as the small body in his arms began to tremble. A hot sigh escaped Luca’s mouth.

“Haa… and?”
“H-here… If you stimulate this part—aah, ah…”

Her petite hand took his finger, leading it deeper, letting it slide down and dig deeper into the loosened hole. His long middle fingers went in and out of her entrance several times, making squelching noises as transparent bodily fluids splashed everywhere.
His finger went in so deep, when it came out, it was dripping with s*men and love juice. But then, he suddenly added another finger, gently tracing the creases of her inner wall.

Luca held Sylvia’s body tightly, keeping his other hand busy with her soaked c*nt. He half-propped her body, plunging his fingers into her hole, widening and closing them like a pair of scissors. Then, as he touched a certain spot, her small body bent greatly. Having found her g-sp*t, he started rubbing and stimulating it even faster.

“Ooh, ah, aah—!”
“And then…? What’s the next step?”

Luca’s eyes were overflowing with desire as he watched her going insane with pleasure. He was going mad as well. His d*ck was growing envious of his fingers, which were currently inside her. It became harder, and clear fluid spurted out from the tip.
Sylvia, with bleary eyes, reached down to hold his growing er*ction. Even then, she struggled to hold it with one hand. Luca squinted and arched his body sharply as she squeezed it a few times.

“Put it in, aah, put it in….”

His long fingers thrusted in and out of her c*nt, prodding her g-sp*t endlessly. A thrilling sensation spread from her core to her entire body, and Sylvia curled her toes.


In the end, unable to withstand Luca’s onslaught, Sylvia arched her back and moaned. Her body became limp as she gasped for air, and Luca lovingly nibbled her cheek with his lips. Then, he planted light kisses all over her face, including her forehead, nose, and mouth.

After a while, Luca got up and sat next to her legs. His golden eyes watched over the white body aroused by a bout of lovemaking. He looked down from her plump lips, swollen from all the sucking; to the perky breasts that held their shape even as she laid down.

The two peaks of her white, luscious breasts were red from all the nibbling and sucking. Golden eyes slowly descended and stopped between her legs. Due to his desire to take a closer look inside, Luca instinctively leaned in closer.

He spread her legs wide open and sat between them, admiring how her folds opened up, revealing her soaked insides. The narrow hole under the cl*t oozed with her love juice and his s*men. At the sight of that, Luca’s d*ck rose with more force, about to hit his navel. His breathing suddenly became ragged as he thought about f*cking her again.

“Haa, Sylvia, how beautiful. Your breasts are pretty, and you’re soaked down there… I just can’t take my eyes off it.”

Luca sat down close to her with his dripping c*ck that seemed to stick to his belly in his hand. He held one of her fair thighs with his strong arm and slowly rubbed the tip of his shaft against her red flesh.
As he did, the prec*m that flowed from his gl*ns soaked her already wet insides even more. He wanted to insert it right away. For her sake too, since she liked it rough and sudden, without warning. Despite the clear misunderstanding, Sylvia shared Luca’s thoughts at the moment.

“Mm, ugh, ah, quick…”
“Hold on a bit, haa, just for a little bit. I’ll put it in for you right away.”

Sylvia lazily opened her eyes, fussing while wiggling her butt, and Luca comforted her in a low voice. Luca’s p*nis sprang up, throbbing intensely, not wanting to wait. If he didn’t do anything about it soon, it would surely explode.

The tip of the shaft that was rubbing against her folds slid down, aligning with her entrance. Luca held Sylvia’s waist and raised one of her legs to the limit. He bent his waist forward, inserting the blunt tip of his c*ck inside.

“Ah… Sylvia, it feels good.”

Even though he wasn’t all the way in, it felt this good. His eyes were overcome with ecstasy as her insides contracted around him. As he held her waist, he spread her thighs apart, sliding deeper into her. His veiny d*ck was only halfway in, yet her p*ssy was at full stretch. He exhaled roughly and drove it in slowly, and her red c*nt trembled as it swallowed all that was left.

Their joints touched as he inserted it all the way to the base. Her delicate skin swept against his body hair. Luca spilled out a hot sigh as he felt her searing inner walls gripping him tightly, not wanting to let go.

“Haa, aah… Sylvia, can I move?”
“Uh… Please, do it slowly…”

At her words, Luca slowly shook his hips. He’d insert all the way in, before pulling it until it was nearly out. As he repeated it a few times, he could hear the sound of wet flesh rubbing against their joints. Luca bit his lip tightly and plunged his d*ck back in, holding back from c*mming. Even though it was his second time, he couldn’t get used to it at all. Drops of sweat that drenched his red hair dripped down between her legs.

“Ugh, ah, haa, ugh—!”
“Haa, oh…”

Luca endured and gradually got used to it, and steadily increased his speed. His d*ck stirred her insides as it went in and out of her over and over again, eliciting a series of lewd moans from Sylvia.

“Yes! Aah, ah, uuh, t-too fast… haa!”
“Ah, so good. Sylvia, just a little more, ugh…”

Luca was in trance, muttering incomprehensible noises as he quickly rammed his d*ck inside her. Sylvia’s insides were so hot from all the stimulation, he felt like he could keep going all day.

His mind was melting away. The wet inner walls that wrapped around him wouldn’t stop sucking him. His d*ck, fully coated with filmy liquid, slid in and out of her as if it belonged there from the start. He pushed the thighs that he was holding firmly upward, pressing them against Sylvia’s enticing breasts.

The bed creaked terribly from the rough sex. The sound of his sacks slapping against her perinium echoed along with their panting in the cave. Viscous liquid was pushed out of her hole every time he slid in and out, flowing down her ass.

“Aahng, ha! Yes, ah!”
“Ah… uh, aah.”

Sylvia’s body trembled as his blunt tip pierced a certain spot on her inner wall. Noticing her reaction, Luca repeatedly and persistently poked that spot.

Without realizing it, Sylvia moved her hips in sync with Luca’s thrusts. After moving for a while, her small body couldn’t bear the continued stimulation. Her head was thrown back in the throes of clim*x. The hot and exhilarating sensation that started from below pervaded all her nerves.
Despite her climax, Luca only increased his speed.

“Ah, aah, I-I already came… aah!”
“Wait a minute, Sylvia, ugh… Soon, I’m going to—… Just a bit more…”

Luca, who saw his d*ck rapidly sliding in and out of Sylvia, gasped. Due to the building clim*x, he moved quickly, shaking his back. After reaching her innermost part, his c*ck swelled immensely, about to burst.


He sprayed a copious amount of his seeds deep inside her. Luca imprisoned her within his arms and rammed into her, not wanting to leave a single drop. He grabbed her small buttocks as he pressed his hips against her, plunging his d*ck all the way to the base. Soon, his greatly swollen c*ck finished c*mming. He could feel the slight tremors of the lingering org*sm from the inner walls that were painted with his sem*n.

Even after he finished ejac*lating, Luca sighed lazily and leisurely stirred her sloshing insides. Every time the shaft that was covered in pale fluids went in and out of her entrance, a mixture of love juice and sem*n poured out. Her thighs trembled as Luca continued to penetrate her.

“Ugh, ah, stop, huh…”
“It’s so warm… so good, I’m about to lose my mind.”