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Chapter 101

“A magic potion?”

Kael told her everything. The condition Ramon was in, the condition the bar was in, the clues he found, what kind of potion appeared to be in the vial, and what kind of marks it would leave on Ramon and the mage who used the potion.

“We have to find the mage no matter what.”
“Yes. That’s the most important thing right now.”
“We’re running out of time, so it’s a big deal. Do you have any clues?”
“I don’t have any clear clues yet. But I have to find something as soon as possible.”

Kael said, letting out a soft sigh.

“It should have been done as secretly as possible so as not to be revealed that he was planning something, but if there had been a mage by His Majesty’s side, there would certainly be talks about it.”
“How so?”
“Because he’s someone who hates magic. Since the time he was a crown prince, just hearing about magic makes him tremble. If such a person had contacted a mage, there would have been something.”

The emperor avoided magic for a long time because of the rise of the north.
If such a person had searched for a mage who could work with hallucinations and manipulation, there would have been traces left in the back alleys.

“But it’s awful. He gave up on a knight’s life so easily for this. He was a knight of the Imperial Guard, so he must have had a lot of pride.”

Adeline said with a sigh. The fact that he had thrown away a human life only to trouble Kael and the north was just as confusing.
It was Adeline who went around the battlegrounds to pick out the mercenaries for the Fidel Knights. She knew the knights well, and when she saw them, she always thought of Leo, so she could relate to him.

“Did he know this would happen to him?”
“They said he was a knight on vacation. I don’t know if he sent him on purpose or just used a knight who came to the North to rest, but I don’t think the knight knew what was going on.”

Kael also replied with a dark expression. He felt a strange sense of guilt even though it wasn’t Kael’s fault because the knight had been sacrificed by the emperor who wanted to hurt him.

“The truth must be revealed. For the honor of a knight who was sacrificed like that. And to protect the honor of Sir Ramon too, who was used.”
“I will reveal it. Still, I found the clue more easily than expected. I’m sure I’ll find the mage too.”
“You’re right. I also believe so.”

Adeline answered confidently, nodding.

“Did you keep going around? You look tired.”
“I am tired. I think I’m going to die.”

Kael hugged Adeline and leaned on her, as if his body was broken. He was clearly exaggerating so Adeline laughed, as if it was ridiculous.

“That doesn’t seem to be the case.”
“I’m tired. That’s why I need you.”

As Adeline tried to push Kael away, he placed his lips on Adeline’s neck and tickled her.


The tickling sensation added heat to Adeline’s body. Kael ignored her as she wiggled around and laid her down on the bed, locking her in his arms.
As soon as Adeline’s back touched the bed, their lips overlapped. Kael kissed her lightly on the lips and soon started opening a gap, mixing their breaths and making Adeline heat up.

“See? It’s all a lie that you’re tired.”
“I’m recovering from fatigue. And I have a habit of having to finish what I started.”

Adeline blinked as if wondering what he was talking about, then immediately recalled how he had untied her dress straps in the office. The blush on her face that had barely subsided spread again.
Kael smiled at the cute Adeline, who became embarrassed as she recalled what had happened during the day, and kissed her again. The big hand squeezed through the opening of the thin chemise and tickled her. Soon, even the thin piece of fabric was removed, and he could touch her everywhere. There was no place his hand didn’t reach, and no place his lips didn’t touch.

The gasping breaths reached each other’s ears, and their overlapping bodies were imbued with the heat transmitted from each other.
It wasn’t until Adeline, who had been swaying and clinging to Kael throughout it all, fell asleep that the long night ended. Kael hugged Adeline tightly, locked her in his arms, and begged earnestly again.

He hoped that everything would be resolved quickly. He hoped that his curse wouldn’t harm Adeline.
He hoped for a miracle to happen and for him to be freed from the darkness engraved on his body.


“Dear heavens, Your Grace. I expected it, but it’s really huge.”

Melissa opened her mouth as she looked at the list of names of those who had proposed to Adeline.
In fact, Adeline was also surprised. She had no idea that the list included such a great number of people until she asked Enoch for it.

“You’re saying you rejected all of these people?”
“Yeah. My brothers rejected them all.”
“It must have been quite the hassle to reject them. My goodness. At this point, it’s no different than putting in all the noble families of the Empire.”

Adeline smiled shyly.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about, is there? Her Grace is no average beauty. Besides, she is the daughter of Marquis Tien.”

As Isabel added with a grin, Adeline’s eyes moved around.

“Not you too, Isabel.”
“I only said the truth, Your Grace.”
“Anyone would laugh hearing that. A beauty? There are many people prettier than me. I’m just an ordinary person.”

Adeline genuinely thought she was far from a beauty. Isabel and Melissa opened their mouths and looked at Adeline as they felt it wasn’t a humbling pretense.

“Dear heavens. You seem so sincere that I’m taken aback, Your Grace.”
“But I am being sincere.”
“How can you sincerely think like this? Your Grace! You look in the mirror every day! I mean, you grew up with such excessively—! Ahem, I apologize. You grew up among such devoted brothers, and no one ever told you that you were a beauty?”
“My brothers always said. But those three will say that no matter how I look.”
“Oh my… Your Grace. Everything you’ve said is a delusion.”

Melissa was genuinely astonished, and Adeline looked at her with a bewildered expression. However, Adeline’s standards were not the topic of conversation for long. Because Kael had opened the door and entered.

“Your Grace.”

Isabel and Melissa greeted him and immediately stepped outside. They were getting more and more accustomed to leaving Kael and Adeline alone.
Seeing that, Adeline smiled. She soon met Kael with very kind eyes.

“I thought you’d be very busy.”
“No matter how busy I am, I still have time to meet you. And I’ll make the time if I don’t have it.”

Kael whispered as he wrapped his arms around Adeline’s waist. While he was speaking sweetly, a list of names entered his field of view.

“What is this?”
“Oh, I asked Brother Enoch for a list of suitors. I was wondering if it might be a clue.”
“… Do you mean that all these people have proposed to you?”

Adeline nodded, and Kael quickly scanned the list. The more he looked at the names and counted them, the more a weak flame burned in Kael’s eyes.

“I didn’t know there would be so many of them. It’s not as big a clue as I thought it would be.”

The names of almost all the influential families were written down. Kael’s face began to stiffen.
He had long known that she was very popular. It wasn’t surprising, seeing that he couldn’t help loving her.
However, after confirming that she was such an attractive woman again, he wanted to hide her from the world more and more. To the point that he seriously considered whether there was a way only he could see her.

“Kael. Are you jealous?” Adeline asked, her eyes wide as she watched Kael’s mood quietly sink.
“I feel like I need to find a way to be the only one that can see you. It’s dangerous, no matter how you look at it. What if they all want you?”
“No one wants me.”
“You tend to underestimate yourself too much.”
“I know how to look at things objectively. And it’s none of my business whether others want me or not.”

Adeline smiled mischievously for a long time before turning a little shy and confronting Kael.

“Instead, I want you to continue to want me. That’s important.”

Her words completely melted Kael’s heart. Kael looked at Adeline with loving, frantic eyes, and kissed her unbearably.
The tip of Adeline’s ears turned red from the tickling kiss.

“Now, please tell me why you came to see me.”
“I missed you.”
“There must be other reason besides that.”
“How did you know?”
“Just a feeling. You can see a lot of things when you’re in love.”

Kael smirked and explained it to her.

“I think that since I need to find the mage and have an audience with His Majesty, it would be better to go to the capital. I’m leaving tomorrow.”
“I want you to join me, too. I’m anxious to leave you here alone, and most of all…”

His last words trailed off.

“I don’t want to be separated from you.”

The words that he didn’t want to stay away from her brought a smile to Adeline’s face. Adeline hugged Kael and met his gaze.

“Keep close to me. Like now.”

Kael kissed Adeline’s forehead slightly, saying he understood.
He really didn’t want to be the slightest bit away from her.