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I slowly scanned the guests in the ceremony hall.

There were familiar faces and strangers alike.

Some came to genuinely celebrate, others just to observe, and perhaps a few harbored ill will.

Regardless of their reasons, there was no need for me to feel intimidated. This was my wedding, and I was the lead of this event.

With a composed smile, I walked slowly forward. At the end of the white aisle, Theodore stood waiting with an impeccable posture.

“You look wonderful.”

I whispered softly as I reached him, and Theodore let out a soft chuckle. I carefully took his hand that was offered to me. Under the bright lights, his deep blue eyes seemed to sparkle even more today.

“Now, the bride and groom will…”

We answered the officiant’s question, exchanged rings, and shared a deep kiss behind the veil, unseen by others. The kiss was not a mere peck but held a thrilling secretiveness that perhaps some of the guests noticed. Our slightly reckless behavior didn’t matter, though.

“May your future be filled with fortune. I bless you in the name of Aurelia.”

With the officiant’s words, our wedding ceremony concluded. We were officially married. But the festivities were not over yet.

“I’ll catch the bouquet, Lily!”

Rozenne Delacroix exclaimed excitedly. Zen, standing next to her, appeared somewhat bitter, perhaps due to Rozenne’s unruly behavior even at someone else’s wedding.

As predicted, the bouquet I tossed as we exited the ceremony landed straight in Rozenne’s hands. She had been effusively praising my look today, especially the jewelry Theodore had gifted me.

The necklace made of dozens of diamonds and earrings with top-quality blue sapphires seemed to have caught her fancy. After all, Rozenne had a keen interest in jewels.

With the wedding ceremony successfully concluded, all that was left was the reception, which would last until midnight. However,

“Theo….uht, ah….”

As soon as we got back in our room and was alone, Theodore suddenly pressed our lips together. His gaze was intensely fervent like a hungry beast as he looked down at me who collapsed on the bed.

“This isn’t…the right time…”

“There’s no need to attend the reception.”

“But still…”

As I attempted to subtly escape, Theodore trapped me with his arms and kissed me again. After that, I was helpless. The heat of the moment swept away my rational thoughts, and my consciousness grew hazy. My wedding dress was half-undone before I knew it.

“I love you, Lily…”

“Uung, ah…”

“I will make sure you’re not hurt. Every moment will be careful, very slow…”

“Ha…The reception…”

I muttered something about missing it, but Theodore just kissed my lips gently and chuckled. His voice was soothing.

* * *

There was no chance for a honeymoon. Both Theodore and I were too busy.

Instead, we decided to create a vacation-like atmosphere by decorating the summerhouse in the grounds of Arendelle Castle with an exotic flair, making it feel like we were in a completely different place.

This sweet rest was granted to us for just one day. Today, we would go nowhere, do nothing, and just spend time together.

“It feels strange… having so much time.”

I muttered absentmindedly while lounging in the bathtub. Theodore raised an eyebrow and approached. He flipped a bowl, and red rose petals cascaded into the water.

Soon, the bath smelled of roses, filling the air with the fragrance of a lush summer.

I smiled contentedly and closed my eyes. Shortly after, I felt the water ripple as someone else’s weight joined me, raising the water level.

When I opened my eyes, Theodore was sitting opposite me. The tub was just the right size for two, so it didn’t feel too cramped, but his intense gaze was almost suffocating.

Staring back at those predatory eyes, I murmured weakly.

“…I’m tired.”

“Sorry about…that…”

“How did you even hold back all this time? Pretty impressive.”

“I know, right…”

Theodore, clearly embarrassed despite acting shamelessly from last night to this morning, making him look somewhat funny. I decided to tease him a bit by stretching my legs and brushing the top of his chest with my toes.

Theodore flinched and gave me a look to tell me not to do that.

“…Don’t provoke me.”

“Should I not?”

“You know what you’re doing.”

He growled lowly.