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It was as if he was a fierce beast, threatening to bite if provoked further. But the more he acted this way, the more intriguing it became, so I boldly continued to tease him like a daring rabbit pulling a tiger’s whiskers.


“Are you holding back?”


His eyes clenched shut, and his teeth gritted before he suddenly dunked his head into the water. I watched in surprise as bubbles surfaced.


A moment later, Theodore emerged, gasping for air and wiping his face with his palms. Despite his efforts to restrain himself, it didn’t seem very effective. His eyes still sparked with fiery intensity.

I giggled, my toes still touching the inside of his thigh.

“Stop it, Lily. Didn’t you say we should rest…”


“You clearly said so this morning.”

“I think I’m okay now.”


Theodore bit his lip, letting out a groan. I burst into laughter and sat up, moving closer to him on my knees. He tensed up as I approached. I placed my arms on his shoulders, looking down at him while his eyelids fluttered nervously.

“Why won’t you give in?”

“…I’m… right now.”

“I know, you’re holding back. You’re doing it because you think it might be too much for me?”

I twined his black hair around my fingers and with the other hand, caressed his smooth, white cheek. The velvet-like texture clung to my palm. His blue eyes, unable to look away from me, seemed filled with a longing and a wild urge.

“You don’t have to hold back.”


“…I want to see it again. How you love me so much that you lose control. Like last night, like early this morning…”

It seemed his patience finally reached its limit.

Theodore’s large hand quickly grabbed my wrist. As he slowly rose, he pulled me tightly against him. Our bodies pressed together without any gap, and clear droplets rolled down our skin, glistening with petals attached.

“What do you want to do?”

He slightly bowed his head. Soon, his hot breath landed on my neck, and as he breathed deeply, the scent of roses filled my lungs.

“I want to devour you. Completely, swallow you whole.”

“Go ahead, as much as you want—”

I couldn’t finish my sentence because a moan escaped my lips. I was sure there would be marks on my neck soon. Theodore, like a man parched, crashed his lips onto mine. He inhaled all the breath I exhaled, as if to swallow all of me.

* * *

Theodore prepared breakfast. It was a late breakfast, and his handling of the cooking tools and ingredients was quite intriguing.

Aside from the occasional servants passing through, it was just him and me in the annex, which somehow made it feel more like a honeymoon.

The isolation made it feel like it was just us in a small world, which was surprisingly not an unpleasant feeling. In fact, it brought a strange satisfaction and comfort.

I found myself thinking that spending time like this more often wouldn’t be so bad.

“Would you prefer an omelet or scrambled eggs?”

“An omelet, please.”

“Sausage or bacon?”

“Um… sausage?”

“And for the salad, should I leave out the celery or include it?”

“I like celery.”

“Alright. Shall I grill the asparagus too?”

“With butter, please.”

“As you wish.”

Theodore, who listened very carefully, continued cooking as I leisurely watched while sipping warm water. It wasn’t quite hot enough yet for cold drinks, and the mornings and evenings were still cool.

“Theo, I have a request.”

“Yes, what is it?”

I casually brought up a thought that had just occurred to me, and Theodore turned from his cooking to look at me. The sausages on the pan were sizzling and browning nicely.

“Could you put on an apron too?”


Theodore hesitated momentarily, surprised by my request. I gave him a pleading look, which made him blink disconcertedly. Eventually, with a resigned sigh, he picked up a white apron hanging on the wall and started to tie it around himself, his face flushing with embarrassment.

“Wow, it suits you really well!”


I applauded him as I praised him, causing Theodore to roll his eyes at me.

Regardless, I smiled and enjoyed the sight of him finishing up the cooking. The white apron was the perfect cherry on top.