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“I heard from the guild leader. The members of the alchemy guild have the skill and the enthusiasm, but they struggle because the conditions are not right.”
“The truth is, I have the power of ‘the blessing of growth’.”
“I-I’ve heard of it before. The power of blessing that descends on the Primrose Duchy! Did the Lady bloom that flower just now?”
“… I heard that Sir Primrose has received the ‘blessing of the sword’ and possesses a high level of skill. Is it similar to that?”

Yuria continued amid the silence.

“I see some people know about it. It may be difficult to explain here what the power of my blessing is, but…”

Yuria trailed off but quickly grinned.

“Well, first of all, I can grow rare herbs, like I did just now.”

Herbs that need a specific climate to grow, or herbs that only bloom in places that are difficult to gather… Although herbs were not easy crops to obtain at any time, some of them were impossible even with effort.
And for those, you needed everything, including money, time, and luck.

‘There’s no need to replace it with drugs that are easy to get nearby, but less effective. Even if only a few herbs are easily supplied, the progress of the research will be fast.’

The eyes of the guild members who understood Yuria’s words and actions changed. Immediately, they began to consider the possibilities of the blessing of growth.
In particular, one person’s eyes were odd.

‘No doubt. It’s her.’

It was Danitel, who had visited Yuria in her previous life.

‘Even if I said I would give them herbs, her reaction wasn’t that great.’

If she was researching the Elixir, now was the time to be troubled by the lack of ingredients.
However, she did not readily agree.

‘She came to see me about one year later… It’s understandable for her not to step in now. Either she hasn’t made up her mind to reveal it, or her research hasn’t been completed yet.’

She didn’t know which one it was.
Judging from her reaction, she seemed to be researching it.
If everyone else was in a vaguely dreamy mood, as soon as Danitel heard about the herbs, her mood sank like she was thinking about something.

“So this is the power of the Primrose duchy’s blessing that I’ve only heard of.”

The former guild leader, who had been standing in the back, opened his mouth.

“Everyone… Do you know who this is?”
“Didn’t you say she was the daughter of Duchess Primrose?”

The Primrose duchy came into conversation a few times. They would remember as long as they weren’t idiots.
However, the former guild leader wasn’t trying to talk about her identity. He shook his head.

“Does she just look like a regular aristocrat?”
“The way I see it, this lady has a lot of money.”

The guild members had varied reactions. Some opened their mouths, some opened their eyes wide or closed them tightly, and some gasped.
But they were all equally in shock.

‘It was a good help.’

Yuria smiled at the former guild leader’s words and beckoned to Serian, who had followed her.
As he opened the bag, a gleaming array of items poured out.
It was gold coins and treasure.


The noisy building fell silent once again. Only the noise coming from upstairs could be heard occasionally.

“I know that there are many studies that have not been done due to various limitations. And consolidating the research of guild members is time-consuming and difficult…”
“But let’s try it now.”

Yuria smiled confidently.

“I will provide not only rare herbs but all the necessary medicinal herbs. Not only that, but when you’re in the capital, I will also be responsible for your stay. Even the transportation costs when you come from your hometown.”

Like this, the possibilities of alchemy would be improved a lot.
They might achieve more than what they did in a poor environment in their past lives.
Just because it was a difficult potion to make, it didn’t mean that it was always the best in every situation and under every condition.

And the silence… didn’t last as long as she thought it would.
One of the guild members raised a hand.

“I didn’t object to the new guild leader!”
“I thought you were a good person because you were brought in by a great guild leader, but you have a broader vision than I expected and know how to look at the future!”
“Hey, didn’t you object the most earlier?”

As if they had never done so, the guild members began to raise their hands.

“I’m conducting research right now, so if you give me money…!”
“No, I have some research that I am struggling too hard with!”

With glaring eyes, they were in a ruckus to say one more thing to Yuria.
Yuria smiled softly as she watched the commotion.

“I’ll do everything for you, because now, something like not having time or not having money won’t happen.”
“I think my heart is going to explode…”

She looked at the guild members who had gone from colleagues to competitors in an instant.
The guild members were moved by her words of support.

“An aristocrat… has come to our guild.”

According to Yuria’s memories of her past life, the alchemy guild had the skill to make other potions.
However, the temple blocked them, calling it blasphemy, and did not give them any support, so there was no progress.
But… from what she could see…

‘There are still only a few things I can see as a guild leader, but… Cosmetics aren’t just good for making a lot of money.’

What if she went from cosmetics to ointments, and from ointments to medicine? Would people still think it was against God’s providence as they did now?

‘Because of cosmetics, there is a strong perception among people that using certain things will improve their physical condition.’

First of all, just lowering their reluctance to cosmetics was great.

‘In addition, if we add the power of the duchy and the power of the imperial family, there should be no problem.’

Even those who did not notice this influence immediately hailed Yuria’s promise of full support.

“Hail to the new guild leader!”
“Actually, I’m just a representative. The guild leader is my mother…”
“Yes, hail to the representative too!”

Yuria added that she would come to the alchemy guild to grow herbs.

“I will take care of the herbs, and my mother will be in charge of administrative work. Then… For starters, I bought the building next door to facilitate the research activities of the guild members. Would you like to take a look around?”
“Do you mean the building that was built to be as tall and imposing as the Clock Tower…?”

Until now, they had done their research in the basement of a noisy bar, surrounded by mold.
The building next door they were jealous of…

“I bought the whole thing.”
“Woow! Let’s go!”

The new guild leader, no, the guild leader’s representative, was received so smoothly.
It was the moment Yuria acquired the alchemy guild.


While preparing Yunette, Crown Prince Enoch’s work greatly increased.
But that didn’t mean he became less busy after the opening.
Yunette’s cosmetics were more successful than expected, and apart from it being a happy thing, work kept appearing.

And that was not all.
Crown Prince Enoch had previously worked at the Imperial Merchant Guild.
But now, he had a self-discipline that he never had while working there.
It was a day so intense that it was close to being called abuse, but he was just calm. On the contrary, only those close to him were watching anxiously.

“Why are you so surprised? It’s always been like this in the summer.”
“I know that, but… even so, it will be harmful to your health at this rate, Your Highness. Isn’t it particularly bad this year?”
“If I can’t sleep, isn’t it better to use that time to do something?”

Even when they said it was too much, the crown prince only said that he would consider it, but he didn’t care too much.
From the moment he opened his eyes, he was always doing something without taking any time off.
As if he were being chased by something.

“Ah… I wonder if he’ll get sick at this rate.”
“Even if he is a skilled mage and can sleep less than others… I think he is going too far like this.”
“I heard he takes short naps here and there, but… Isn’t it different from resting in bed for a few hours?”

Although they tried to say it assertively and even tried to plead with him, nothing worked.

“Normally, Princess Vivian would stop him…”

But these days, Princess Vivian was having a busy life as she returned to the social world.
It didn’t make sense to call her and ask her to encourage her brother, who was working too much, to rest.

“In fact, Her Highness hasn’t always succeeded either, has she? His Highness only listened sometimes.”
“I think he’s working even more than last year because there is also Yunette’s work… He won’t stop until he collapses at this rate.”

The entourage let out a long sigh.