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Chapter 171

Lady Greenwood’s actions were so obvious that it was easy to notice in the social circle.

‘She’s trying to push Lady Anton to another table.’

Perhaps, the moment Lady Anton couldn’t hold her anger and took a step away, those close to Lady Greenwood would surround the table where Siervian was sitting.

‘That won’t do.’

As Siervian smiled, Lady Greenwood’s face brightened, and she tried to say something again. At that subtle timing, Siervian naturally lifted the teacup that was in front of her.


Because of that, Lady Greenwood had to close her mouth again in a hurry. The act of raising a teacup was an indirect gesture that she should stop talking for a moment.

It was an especially serious offense to speak when a person of higher rank raised her teacup.

[Catherine Greenwood]
Thought: Oh my, her etiquette of raising a teacup is perfect!

The young ladies and young masters were also carrying on their wrists small pouches made by their families during the table tour. These pouches were to keep their personal teacups, which play an important role in conversation skills.

Fortunately, Lady Greenwood seemed to be paying attention to the etiquette rather than the fact that Siervian had deliberately interrupted her.

‘I guess that’s enough.’

Everyone’s eyes widened as Siervian showed perfect etiquette, unlike someone who had just made her pre-debutante.

After confirming that the ladies’ gaze was drawn away, Siervian carefully raised her hand before anyone could speak.

She knew well when to act naturally, as if she had been in the social circle for several years.

‘Actually, I was in the social circle for several years.’

“Did you call me, Your Highness?”

“Yes, I wish to add a few more tables for the ladies and the others.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

At Siervian’s command, the servants moved quickly. The tables that had been kept in reserve were quickly set up in the Green Hall. Soon, there were about three more tables centered around Siervian.

“Lily, sit here.”

“Yes…! Princess!”

As soon as the table was set, Siervian pointed to her left and invited.

Thanks to that, Lily, who was about to be pushed away by Lady Greenwood’s actions, sat in the indicated seat.


It was Lady Greenwood who immediately objected.

After all, Siervian had re-installed the person she had been trying to subtly push away.

However, Siervian looked at Lady Greenwood naturally without being shaken at all.

“Lady Greenwood, would you please sit on my right?”

At the gently persuasive voice, she forgot her displeasure in an instant. This was because her heart was relieved when Siervian emphasized that the right seat was higher on purpose.

“Ah…! Yes! Princess.”

Lady Anton was satisfied that she could sit at Siervian’s table, even though she was of lower status.

On the other hand, Lady Greenwood, who had been trying to monopolize Siervian, was also satisfied as she was officially recognized for her higher position.

If not for Siervian’s worldly wisdom, which had been honed through long experience, it would have been a situation where their feelings could have been greatly hurt from the beginning.

‘Whew. Social circles are really difficult.’

Siervian’s gentle treatment of Lady Greenwood, who was openly getting close to her, was not for nothing.

[Catherine Greenwood]
Favorability: 8,087

This was because Catherine’s favorability was unexpectedly high.

‘The act of trying to exclude Lady Anton herself is not an attempt to isolate her.’

Rather, it could be seen as an effort to get closer than anyone else to Siervian.

‘Of course, I don’t want to be manipulated.’

However, Siervian had to be the one to take the lead in the situation.

That’s why she naturally increased the number of seats at the table and made it possible for the ladies to sit around her.

‘The brooch is still there.’

There was also the problem she had originally intended to solve on this day.

The red brooch was still attached to Catherine’s dress.

For now, it seemed better to keep the brooch close by and monitor it.

“Greetings to Your Highness the Princess.”

“Congratulations on your pre-debutante!”

As the seats were added, the ladies and the others naturally began to join.

On the right side, where Lady Greenwood was, those who were close to her sat down.

“Princess, it’s a pleasure to meet you for the first time.”

“Congratulations, Princess. You’re as beautiful as the rumors say!”

The ladies and the others also gathered on the side where Lady Anton sat.

Most of them were those who had been intimidated by the atmosphere centered around Lady Greenwood and had not been able to approach her freely.

[Catherine Greenwood]
Thought: Hmm, I took the right seat, so it’s okay.

Although it was a different situation than she had expected, Catherine managed her expression while fanning herself.

After all, it was very encouraging to sit on the right side of the princess from the beginning of her pre-debutante.

‘But why do they want to be near me already?’

Of course, there were still questions.

This was because Lady Greenwood was not the closest person to Siervian in her previous life.

“Your Highness, do you recognize this fan?”

At that moment, Catherine, who had been flaunting her colorful fan since earlier, asked Siervian.

It was Catherine who first made small talk besides the usual greetings.

Usually, this was the role of the person sitting on the right side of the person of higher rank.

“The fan made of Vuingpi’s feathers is beautiful. I heard that it is only sold to special people, so it seems that the Countess’ family has exceptional skills.”

“Oh, as expected…!”

It was true that she intentionally had kept Catherine on her right side, but what Siervian said wasn’t a lie.

The fan was a special edition that only twenty were actually sold.

It was also a very ostentatious item in the free social world.

[Catherine Greenwood]
Thought: I should be part of the same team as the princess for now. Then I can continue to be at the center of the social world.

Team was one of the social world’s euphemisms.

It meant a ‘group’ that went around together at parties, and one’s status in the social world often differed depending on which team one belonged to.

‘Aha, she must have approached me first because she wants me on her team.’

There was a big difference between just being friendly and being on a team.

That was why it was common for social teams to be divided according to the faction to which the family belonged.

Of course, there were many young ladies and young masters who didn’t want to belong to a team.

‘The Greenwood family has remained on the Emperor’s side, and the future has changed…!’

Originally, the Greenwood family was supposed to side with the nobles due to the machinations of Count Mirccino.

They were also the biggest force among the Emperor’s faction who had been taken away by Count Mirccino during the ‘Princess’ Storm Season Incident’ as an excuse.

However, due to the changed future, the Greenwood family remained a strong shadow of the Emperor.

‘And my position has changed a lot, so I guess that’s why.’

As it was the first day, Catherine expressed her intention indirectly with subtle words.

“Your Highness, I would like to see you often in the future.”

The young ladies who belonged to other teams or had no team looked uncomfortable at the fact that the princess’ team was being decided so easily.

“I would like that too, Lady Greenwood.”

Even when the princess answered positively, the faces of the young ladies sitting on the left hardened slightly.

This was because if a person of high status did not create their own team, it would be like losing the opportunity to gain a foothold in the social world.

‘Oh, if time hadn’t turned back, I would have been completely ruined.’

Turning to those people with an elegant nod that made use of etiquette, Siervian immediately added.

“The same goes for the other young ladies here. I hope you will guide me well as my seniors in the social world.”

Then the faces of the young ladies who had been left out brightened.

Surprisingly, the same was true of the young ladies on Catherine’s side.

This was because it was an unparalleled honor for the noble princess to address them as seniors with a respectful tone.

“Oh, of course, Your Highness!”

“I would also like to see you often.”

“I hope everyone will have many opportunities, Your Highness.”

Thanks to this, the atmosphere at the table where Siervian was sitting continued to be lively.

Catherine, who felt good but remembered her original purpose, once again approached Siervian subtly and continued speaking.

“Then, for now, would you call me Catherine?”

“Alright. Catherine.”

It wasn’t that difficult, so Siervian nodded.

Just then, Damian approached at the perfect moment.

“Siervy. Are you alright?”


She was wondering if she should change the subject after having another cup of tea, but that was a good thing.

As Siervian greeted him with a bright smile, Damian stood firmly behind her and smiled.

“Please take good care of my sister, young ladies.”


“Your Highness the Crown Prince…!”

The young ladies’ eyes were filled with warmth, not toward Siervian, but toward Damian, although the status window did not appear.

Recognizing the hot popularity of her brother, Siervian smiled back with a sense of pride.

“Your Highness.”

Then Karmen, who had followed Damian, spoke to Siervian in a respectful tone.

It seemed that he had come because he was worried about Siervian as both of them were busy with the attendants carrying the tables.


Following the crown prince, who rarely showed his face in the social world, even the disciple of the Tower Lord appeared, brightening the faces of the young ladies even more.

“Oh my, it’s Sir Karmen!”

“You’re wearing such nice clothes…!”

“Both of you are so handsome…”

“Come to think of it, both escorted the princess?”

As the two stood side by side behind Siervian, the frequency of the young ladies whispering behind their fans increased.

Moreover, Siervian was very surprised to see that their inner thoughts were clearly visible.

This was because the popularity of the two was much higher than she had expected.

‘Well, Karmen is no longer at the age to be ignored because of his status.’

Contrary to expectations that the Tower Lord would have a few more disciples, Karmen was still the only disciple.

As it was natural for him to become the next Tower Lord, those who ignored him because of his status gradually disappeared.

“Sir Karmen!”

Then one of the young ladies bravely(?) called out to Karmen.

As far as Siervian knew, she was a member of Lady Greenwood’s team, although she was only a viscountess by title but was wealthy.

“Yes. Lady Garcia.”

Karmen replied with his usual cold expression, as if he knew her.

When her words were not ignored, Lady Garcia spoke to him even more bravely.

“I, my reply to the invitation hasn’t come yet! Please come to our family’s tea party…!”

Her flushed face was like someone who was in love.

However, that expression quickly hardened.

“I don’t like those kinds of places. Thank you for the offer.”

The cold rejection felt as if the season of storms had returned.