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She was in pain, but at least she lived her own life.

But her sister didn’t. Not a single person even called her by her name properly. That was her life.

Alive, yet dead.

Eventually, she died, and her sister stood on the edge of a derelict building…

‘No… No…! Please… I… I’m sorry… No! No! Don’t do it! Aah!’

The apology was meant for her sister. An apology for the miserable death of a pitiful person. An apology to a poor soul who had to give her entire life for her sibling.

Selina’s body convulsed as she screamed, then crumpled to the ground. Lying there with her face pressed to the floor, she quietly murmured.

‘Please give my sister just one more chance. Give her a chance to be happy, a chance to truly live her own life.’

That desperate murmur continued until Selina’s breath stopped.

When she opened her eyes after dying, she found herself in this place—a dark border between life and death.

Here, she met God. Or rather, she heard the voice of God.

The god offered to grant her wish, as a simple whim and out of curiosity.

The woman who remembered her past life before she died. Just before death, she made a wish not for herself but for her sister.

This apparently piqued God’s curiosity.

In a rather unique way, God granted her sister a new life.

Having given her life to her younger sister in the past, God gave the younger sister’s body as a gift.

Thus, Eunji’s older sister became Selina with memories of her past life, while the real Selina, Eunji, would live in the afterlife until her next life was granted.

“But this time, I used my next life’s span to save you. So now, I have to live alone in the afterlife for 70 years. Maybe even longer.”

Reflecting briefly on the past, Eunji lightly tapped her sleeping sister’s head.

Seeing her sister remain motionless, she pouted and grumbled.

“Still, as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. Since I gave you my next life, the fate of dying at 23 has been twisted. So now, you must live a long, long life.”

-It’s time.-

The voice coldly announcing the time made Eunji’s lips twitch in annoyance. What a heartless God.

“…Yes. I need to go before the door to the afterlife closes. So… live well. Sister Eun-ah.”

Kim Eun-ah.

I’ll remember the name you’ve forgotten, so live without regrets and be my sister again in our next life.

With Eunji’s final farewell, the two figures faded into the darkness.

Eunji stood for a long time, staring at the spot where they had lain. Then, she turned and walked towards the path illuminated by light.

Her steps seemed light.

* * *

I opened my eyes.

What I saw was a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds.

And there was the scent of flowers. A fragrance so strong it made my head spin.

What on earth is going on?

I rolled my eyes, unsure of the situation and slowly lifted my upper body. The scenery that came into view was… truly magnificent.

A vast expanse of green meadow. White flowers blossomed across it, looking almost like snow. I was lying in the middle of this field of white flowers.

…Where is this? Oh… is this the afterlife? Do you come out here after passing through that dark space?

Like, just before crossing the River Styx. The view from the Styx is pretty nice.

“Are you awake, Miss?”

As I dazedly took in the scenery, a familiar voice called out from behind me.

Only a day had passed, just one day… but the voice was so dearly missed and so welcoming. A voice that shouldn’t be here.

…Why are you here?


Unable to turn around, I kept my eyes forward while frantically thinking. But the cause of my confusion called out to me again.

Finally, I slowly turned around.

Under the blue sky, amidst the green meadow and white flowers, there stood you. Aiden.

“…Why are you here?”

Aiden smiled silently.

Sometimes, a wordless smile is the most terrifying.

Was there some custom I didn’t know about? Like how a servant must be buried with their master… No, that can’t be it. If that were the case, Jane would be here instead of Aiden.

Besides, we’re not some ancient tribe with such barbaric customs.

My mind was racing with these wild thoughts when Aiden finally spoke.

“Miss said you wanted to live. So I came.”

“What…? I mean, I did say I wanted to live… but what does that have to do with you being here?”

Aiden fell silent again.

This is driving me crazy. Why does he keep shutting his mouth when I ask questions? Does he even know where we are?

How can he be so calm? I felt like I was the only one stressing out and it was infuriating.

Just then, a spring breeze blew past us.

The breeze carried the scent of spring, gently wrapping around us before leaving.

My view was briefly obscured by my fluttering hair. Through the strands, I saw Aiden approaching slowly.

I held my breath as I met Aiden’s gaze. Our eyes locked in the air without avoiding. Then, Aiden stopped right in front of me. Up close… I saw tears streaming down his face.

I wanted to yell at him, to tell him to go back… but seeing him silently cry, I couldn’t find the words.

Aiden slowly reached out his hand. His fingertips trembled. As I watched his hand, my gaze moved up to his face.

“…Why are you… crying…?”

His hand landed gently on my cheek. The warmth of his palm spread throughout my body.

Forehead, earlobe, neck, hand… I felt his warmth everywhere. I raised my arm as if in a trance. As I did, Aiden leaned closer to me.

He was so close I could feel his breath.

My arm paused in midair before finally resting on his hair.

Soft platinum blond hair.

The beautiful color I had always loved.

As I ran my hand through his hair, I let it slide down to the nape of his neck, feeling the same warmth that radiated from his palm.

Slowly, I closed my eyes. Though the world turned dark…his face remained vividly clear.

Soon, his warm lips brushed against mine. Our heated breaths mingled as they touched.

It was a brief kiss. No overwhelming emotion, just a simple, short kiss.

As his lips pulled away, I opened my eyes again. His hair tickled my forehead, and beneath his shaded face, his beautiful eyes shone like crescents.

As I stared blankly at his crescent-moon-like eyes, Aiden’s lips suddenly parted.

“I’ve come to take you home, Miss.”

I knew exactly what he meant by that.

You kept your word after all.

The promise that I thought was just desperate hope…. I felt resentment, anger, gratitude, and love. Perhaps, I am an inherently selfish person.

“Let’s go together, Miss.”

With Aiden’s gentle voice, the world faded to black once more.

Through my blurred vision, I saw his eyes closing. Even as his eyelids shut, his gaze remained on me until the very end.

Everything was remarkably peaceful.

We closed our eyes together.

Under the blue sky, amidst the white flowers swaying in the vast green field.

And then… we opened our eyes together.

The harsh winter had passed, and the warm spring sun bathed the world.

In the world where we live, where we will continue to live.

Hello, Selina.

At last, it was truly life.