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Lucian pulled Rachel closer into his arms. He thought they were making progress, but perhaps not as much as he’d hoped…

The mere thought that she might be pregnant made his heart pound like it would explode. If he could be certain the child would be like her, he’d be thrilled. However, he feared having a child who resembled him.

What if he couldn’t love the child? Rachel would be devastated…

As well as he knew her, she knew him just as deeply. She could see right through him, no matter how much he tried to hide.

“…I love you, Ray.”

He was still afraid of Rachel, who was still in his arms. He feared that she might leave him, disappointed that he was still haunted by his past.

He loved dreaming of a future with her…

But he was scared.

“I only need you.”

Even without a child, he could be happy just with her. There were plenty of capable people to take over the duchy, even if there were no heirs. It would be good to adopt one of the children of vassals. They could even adopt one of the children they recently brought into the estate.

He didn’t need any other changes, even if it meant not having their own child.

Hearing Lucian’s heartfelt words, Rachel quietly raised her hand and gently stroked his head. She understood him perfectly. Yes, they could be happy, just the two of them.

Still, was that really what they wanted?

Deep down, she felt differently. She wanted a child who resembled him. They simply didn’t want to return to their past. That was all.

“Ray, let’s lie down.”

Lucian said, easing her onto the bed. He lay beside her, gently stroking her emerald hair and kissing her forehead.

“Just rest. Everything will be better if you rest.”

His voice was a mix of worry and reassurance. Rachel closed her eyes and responded softly.

“Yes, everything will work out over time.”

That much she was certain of, for experience had shown her as much.


* * *


“Madam, you have a letter.”

“From whom?”

“It’s from ‘Samuel de Erland.'”

“Give it to me.”

I was in the middle of going through some documents when I quickly extended my hand. Taking the letter, I broke the seal with the Erland family crest. The letter was on fragrant stationery with neat handwriting.



〈 Dear sister Rachel,

It has been a while since we last corresponded. How has married life been treating you? I apologize for leaving right after your wedding. Despite your understanding, I had to return home.

Having spent my childhood away, home holds a special meaning for me. I finally feel like I’ve returned to my rightful place. I am very much at peace now. Mother is also well.

Thanks to the help of our loyal retainers, I am smoothly taking on the responsibilities of an heir. The mansion is being restored, thanks to the Duke’s assistance. Although the capital is still in disarray, things are relatively calm and peaceful here.

I will write to you more often. Receiving a reply from you would bring me great joy.

Wishing you happiness and good fortune always. 〉



“It’s from Samuel.”

I read the last sentence aloud, savoring the good news that ended all too soon. A soft voice reached my ears.

“A letter from the Young Count Erland?”

Ack! You scared me!”

Lucian approached silently and stood behind my chair. My scream caused the aides, who had their heads buried in their work, to look up in surprise.

“Ah… sorry about that, everyone.”

“No problem, Madam!”

“Not at all.”

“Since the flow has been interrupted, how about we have some tea?”

The aides answered with enthusiastic approval.

“Alright then, take a break. Amber?”

“Yes, Madam?”

“Could you prepare tea and snacks for the aides? And take some of the children with you to demonstrate how it’s done.”

“Yes, I’ll do that.”

“And prepare some for us too.”


As Amber and the aides left, the office grew quiet. I stretched my stiff body as I stood up.



As he was perched on the windowsill behind my desk, the strong sunlight streaming in from behind him made it look as if he had a halo.

How long would his good looks last? Would they fade as he aged?

I squinted at him, scrutinizing his face. He met my gaze and smiled, the natural lift of his lips pleasing to see.

“When do I get to stop working in your office, Luci? Haven’t I been here long enough? We’re in the same house anyway…”

“Is it uncomfortable?”

“Yes, I’m starting to accumulate more documents too… There’s not enough space for everything. It would be nice to have a desk and chair that fit me.”

“Should we get new furniture?”

“Yes, that would be great. And I need my own office.”

I seized the moment to make myself clear.

His demand that I stay within his sight at all times was becoming unreasonable. Before we married, I didn’t have much to do, so organizing invitations by his side was fine. But now, as the duchess, I needed to focus on the household affairs.


It was a reasonable request, though Lucian sighed deeply, clearly displeased. Sensing that this might be my only chance, I decided to use my secret weapon.

I approached him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and batted my eyes playfully.

“I’m Luci’s wife now. We’re going to live in this house together… So, is it really that bad?”

This was the cute trick I’d used when he refused to eat the food I’d brought when it wasn’t on his schedule. It had been difficult at first, but after that, it always worked.

“Hmm? Lucian?”


He looked down at me intently. The sunlight made his gaze warm and clear.

“…Call me ‘honey,’ and I’ll think about it.”


“You call yourself my wife, but why not ‘honey’? Isn’t it time you got used to it?”

The golden eyes that had been so gentle moments ago now gleamed like a hawk spotting its prey. Even though I flinched and tried to pull away, he was faster. His large and strong hands gripped my arms and drew me closer.

His intense gaze was inches from mine.

“Say it, hmm?”

With a teasing smile, as Lucian mimicked my earlier cute tone, my face felt like it was about to burst.

‘Using your looks is cheating.’

This wasn’t fair.

My heart was pounding. I still felt giddy and nervous whenever I looked at him. Feeling embarrassed, I turned my head to the side, only to feel his warm lips on my ear. I might have made a mistake sending the aides away.

“Ah, don’t…”

“Say it.”



His voice seemed to tickle my ear, and his hot breath clung to my neck. I couldn’t refuse his pleading anymore. My lips moved hesitantly before I whispered.



There was no reaction, so I thought he hadn’t heard me. I called out a bit louder.



He let out a sigh and slowly responded.

“Yes, honey.”


Aaaahkk! I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment. How could a single title make me feel so embarrassed?

I felt a tingling sensation from my toes that quickly traveled up my body and settled in my heart.

“…This is really driving me crazy.”

I muttered to myself, but he replied instantly.

“Me too, honey.”

Saying it was embarrassing, though hearing it was even more mortifying.

It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, though. Just… unfamiliar.

My face was burning, so I covered it with my hands. He immediately followed, grabbing my wrists and pulling them away.

“Why are you hiding?”

“…Why am I so embarrassed? Aren’t Luci like that?”

“Back to Luci now?”

“Oh, I don’t know!”

Overwhelmed with embarrassment, I couldn’t stay with him any longer.

As I tried to escape the office, he grabbed my waist, pulled me into his arms and tilted my chin up. Our lips met, and his wet, hot tongue slipped inside my parted lips and opened in surprise.

His tongue moved boldly as if it belonged there.


I took a quick breath through my open mouth, though he didn’t even allow that, pressing his lips against mine.

A wet, sloppy sound escaped from between our lips as they fit together like perfect puzzle pieces.

He caught my fleeing tongue, rubbing it gently, then entwining it forcefully. As if wanting to become one, he wrapped his body tightly around mine and deepened the kiss. I suddenly realized that someone might enter the office at any moment.

We couldn’t be seen like this.

I hurriedly patted his chest, and he reluctantly pulled away.


Our lips that had been glued together parted with a wet sound.


As I took a slow breath, he bit my lips again, taking my lower lip into his mouth and rolling it with his tongue. My whole body heated up, not just my face.

Perhaps it was because I knew what would come next when he kissed my lower lip so suggestively.

“Ha, honey…”

Calling me ‘honey’ in a deep, husky voice felt like an unfair advantage.

…How was I supposed to resist that? Like a soldier waving a white flag, I looked up at him with dazed eyes. I saw his triumphant expression, which was a bit annoying but also inevitable.

Just as our lips were about to meet again, a voice echoed through the space.

“Excuse me! Sorry for the delay!”

Amber’s bright voice snapped me back to reality.


I looked up at Lucian, who clicked his tongue in frustration, and thought again.

Lucian wasn’t just a fox. He was definitely a nine-tailed fox.