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The carnivorous bunny ended up devouring three plates of lamb.

After that, it curled into a ball and fell asleep in the basket that Dixie had prepared for him, hugging his swollen belly.

At that time, Eleanor came to see me.

It was still early to retire for the day and slightly late for evening, which was usually the time when I drank tea.


There was a time when I adored her lovely smile and blushing cheeks. The girl herself was smaller and thinner than me.

Eleanor always smiled and had a positive attitude.

“Sister, I baked your favorite madeleines. I made sure they aren’t too sweet. Here, you should try one.”

With a twinkle in her eyes, Eleanor held out the madeleines to me.

Back then, I truly thought she cared and looked out for me.

How could you not be fooled when she acted like this?

I had felt so fortunate to have a sister like her, and ever since she came to the Boswell Empire, I cherished her like my other half.

“Thank you, Eleanor.”

I answered, trying not to lash out.

While looking forward to me trying the madeleine, she picked up one herself.

“It’s been like this for a long time, hasn’t it? I’m worried about my sister’s poor health. It would be even harder once you enter the imperial castle…”

Eleanor ate the madeleine with a gloomy face.

Only after seeing her eat did I dare to eat. After discovering her true nature, I couldn’t believe anything she did.

I suppressed a cold laugh.

“Thank you for your concern.”

“But it seems like you’re seeing Grand Duke Lucian quite often these days. Did something happen?”

Eleanor asked with an innocent look on her face, as if she didn’t care at all.

Then, she gently brushed at the cookie crumbs that were still on her cheek.

“When I saw the two of you on the ship, I thought you weren’t close. So, something might’ve happened…”

“There’s no such thing.”

But something did happen—something big. That man became my husband after just a few days. I had an urge to laugh for some reason, so I pursed my lips.

Eleanor was skillful, and the madeleines attested to that.

It was ridiculous that I was enjoying this again.

Eleanor spoke with a sullen expression.

“Is it something that you can’t tell Eleanor? I know, Sister. There’s always a reason behind your actions—something that Eleanor isn’t always privy to. But every time you do that, it feels like you’re pulling away from me, which honestly upsets me.”

In the past, I’d have caved in and fessed up to everything.

Despite being the king’s illegitimate daughter, Eleanor wasn’t bestowed the title of princess. My mother, praise her soul, took in and raised Eleanor, but that still didn’t give her any rights whatsoever. My father passed away not long after my mother. My brother, who subsequently ascended the throne, had no reason to recognize Eleanor as a princess.

However, if I were to die, Eleanor would have the opportunity to be acknowledged by my brother and become the future empress.

It took me dying once to realize this.

Eleanor was a master at manipulating a situation to her advantage by faking innocence and deceiving me.

“That’s not true at all, Eleanor. You will always be my best friend.”


I nodded. Even as I comforted Eleanor, she never stopped talking about Grand Duke Lucian.

Eleanor laughed softly.

As I smiled back to her, I thought to myself.

I’d do anything to ruin that face.

* * *

Eleanor briefly clicked her tongue.

There’s something strange about her!

Usually, Belissa would’ve been forthcoming with what happened with Grand Duke Lucian, but for some reason, she didn’t do that this time.

Eleanor turned around and glanced at the closed door.

…Selfish jerk.

Since Belissa was going to be the crown princess anyway, couldn’t she hand over Lucian to Eleanor so that she could at least become the Grand Duchess?

Did Belissa plan to hog every man in the world all to herself?

Eleanor pursed her lips.

The king of Medice promised that he’d acknowledge Eleanor as a princess if she married a man from a powerful family and bore children. He wanted Eleanor to contribute to Medice.

Those siblings are an odd pair.

Eleanor licked her lips.

For the past month, she had been trying to charm Grand Duke Lucian, but to no avail.

Is that a stone or a man?

Eleanor chewed her nails with a nervous look on her face.

If we leave the island as it is, I’ll never see Grand Duke Lucian again…

Thus, she roamed around his residence, trying to see if she could somehow gain access. That was when she saw it—Belissa casually opened the door and entered like nothing!

“How annoying, seriously…”

Next time she saw Grand Duke Lucian, she’d ask him to whisk her away.

Eleanor sighed.

How wonderful it would have been if she had been born a princess instead of Belissa.

* * *

The next day, morning.

Without prior appointment, Frederick showed up right in front me. No surprise there.

He had always been like that. He’d appear while sporting a bright smile, destroy people’s hearts, and then disappear.

He was so adept at manipulating women’s hearts that on the days I was supposed to meet him, I was so excited that I often couldn’t sleep. I fell in love with Frederick in an instant.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Princess. I came all the way here just to see you.”

Frederick smiled brightly. The smile suited his appearance, which was akin to sunlight. His tousled blond hair fell over his round forehead.

If it was my former self, I’d have been mesmerized by Frederick.

“The honor is mine.”

I smiled as I suppressed my repulsion and anger.

I want to kill him right now.

I wanted Frederick and Eleanor to suffer the same fate as my poor child, whom I miscarried. I wanted to make them pay for humiliating me.

My stomach rumbled.

I felt like I’d vomit everything I had eaten that morning.

“Your face sure is pale, Princess Belissa. I guess you haven’t fully recovered yet. I did hear that you were weak.”

My fatigue had long since subsided.

“Thank you for visiting the royal family, Your Imperial Highness. My brother told me to tell you that he’s grateful for the imperial family’s favor.”

I didn’t even know how I managed to maintain my calm as I spoke.

Frederick spoke softly.

“No problem. You’re going to be mine soon, so it’s natural to take good care of you. Belissa, I hope you get better soon. There are so many things to enjoy in Florence. How about we go for a walk together tomorrow morning?”

Me? Alone? With you?

I barely restrained myself from swearing.

“Can Eleanor join us? She’s my younger sister, and she’s been locked up in the mansion the whole time.”

“If that’s what the princess desires, then so be it.”

Frederick kissed the back of my hand.

In Boswell, it was customary for a gentleman to kiss the back of a lady’s hand. But when he did it, I felt the blood draining from my hand. Everything that touched Frederick felt dirty and unclean.

I withdrew my hand without realizing it.


I laughed awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I guess I was a little surprised.”

“No, it was my fault for scaring the lady. There will be no mistakes like this tomorrow.”

Frederick spoke with a sincere expression on his face. Giving him such an appearance was God’s folly.

“I’ll come pick you up tomorrow, Princess. Please get some more rest today. It was nice to meet you, Princess.”

Frederick said goodbye to me and left.

I stood motionless until Frederick left and the front door closed. Frederick was the same as always.

He was so arrogant, he thought everyone would love him. He showed up without prior arrangement because he was confident that I wouldn’t reject him.

A lecher who sought out women as he pleased.

Turning on my heels, I dashed to the second floor. I went into the bathroom and vomited up everything I ate in the morning.


I felt sick.

Dixie and Jane came running with surprised faces. I felt Dixie rubbing my back. The warmth brought me back to reality.

“Your Royal Highness, stay strong!”

“I’ll go and fetch the doctor!”

Jane and Dixie made a fuss. Jane’s footsteps faded. Dixie sobbed and hugged my back.

Despite Dixie’s tears, I was only able to stop vomiting after yellow gastric fluid came out.

I prayed—

—I hope I’ll be able to put a knife in his heart.