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And so, the two of them headed to a children’s tailor shop in Greenwich.

“I’ll have six outfits tailored as haute couture and buy four ready-made ones.”

While luxury custom-made clothes were excellent, Cecille had only worn old clothes and had very few to begin with, so she decided to purchase some ready-made outfits as well.

Cecille looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a purple dress that perfectly complemented the color of her eyes, and she had a cute ribbon with little bells on her head.

“Anne, am I cute?”

Cecille looked up at Anne and the adults, trying to appear cute.

Anne’s face was melting, and her cheeks were flushed. It was quite different from her initially stern and dignified image.

Not only Anne but also the people at the tailor shop, who were used to seeing cute children, had warm smiles on their faces.

“You’re absolutely the cutest in the world.”

Cecille thought to herself as she observed the reactions of those around her.

‘Without even trying, I seem to be cute enough. My beauty has always been striking, even from the age of two.’

Cecille had a natural beauty that stood out, even from the age of two. The royal family had valued her as a valuable asset for marriage.

‘Unfortunately, before I regressed, I was too preoccupied with surviving to make proper use of my looks. This time, I should make the most of it. After all, there’s no easier way to gain favor than with my appearance.’

Cecille thought about it for a moment, then poked her plump cheeks with her index finger, creating a bouncy sensation, and smiled broadly, making a heart shape with her hands to show off.


The adults couldn’t help but react, either stumbling or clutching their chests in response to her cuteness.

‘Maybe it’s more fun than I thought.’

Since she was already outside, Cecille and Anne decided to take a leisurely walk around Greenwich.

“You may find it hard to believe, but the Grand Duke is actually a very kind and affectionate person. He may have a reputation for being cold and intimidating, but he genuinely cares about children.”

Cecille listened to Anne’s words and looked up at her.


“In addition, the Grand Duke has reasons to hold you in high regard, though I can’t tell you the details. But you can trust me.”

Anne sat down and adjusted her height to match Cecille’s, patting her on the back.

Anne couldn’t reveal the Grand Duke’s exact circumstances, but her words reassured Cecille.

Cecille understood why Anne couldn’t tell her everything.

‘Among the virtues of a noble servant, discretion is one of the most important. It’s only natural that Anne wouldn’t speak lightly about her master’s personal life.’


‘She probably thinks I already know. I wonder what it was that Anne wanted to tell me.’

Cecille was quite familiar with Grand Duke Bartholomew. They had been arch-enemies for ten years before her regression. They knew each other better than anyone else did.

It was widely known that Grand Duke Bartholomew had lost his beloved wife. She had died while giving birth, and their child had also died.

‘Grand Duke Bartholomew lost his beloved back then.’

And the fact that the Grand Duke Bartholomew’s son, who died at that time, had black hair and purple eyes was known to very few people, perhaps only Grand Duke Bartholomew and a handful of his closest associates.

‘I understand why he sympathized with me and rescued me the first time we met. But if he were not an antagonist…’

Cecille thought with cold eyes.

Despite knowing the sad story of Grand Duke Bartholomew, Cecille still couldn’t fully trust him. Her past experiences with him before the regression had left her deeply scarred.

Anyway, Cecille turned to Anne with an innocent expression, as if asking when she had such thoughts.

“Really? Would the Grand Duke like me?”

“Of course. You’re so cute.”

Cecille thanked Anne with a smile. Her smile was genuinely sweet, befitting an eight-year-old.

Anne looked at Cecille with a warm expression, pleased with her reaction.

‘Now, I have a purpose for coming to Greenwich. I need to find someone who can help me improve the environment in the mansion.’

Cecille believed that while she could do some work herself, being an eight-year-old child would limit her abilities.

‘This job is best suited for someone else.’

Cecille and Anne were on their way to meet that “someone.”

Anne looked puzzled and asked, “Are you sure this is the right place, Miss?”

It was understandable that Anne would react this way. The place they had arrived at was an old, run-down building that seemed on the verge of collapsing in the middle of a well-maintained street.

The first and second floors were empty, with only a shabby sign on the third floor, partially erased, reading “Goldman Agency.”

Cecille spoke casually, “If you don’t want to go in, you can wait here.”

Anne was taken aback and said, “What do you mean? I didn’t mean that. I’ll go with you.”

Cecille smiled and led the way, and Anne followed her.

Together, they entered the third-floor office.

“Excuse us.”

As they opened the door, a sweet and dreamy scent wafted through the air, touching Cecille’s nose.

Inside the office, unlike its exterior, was surprisingly neat. It looked like a typical office with bookshelves, desks, and a reception sofa, all placed in an orderly manner. The floor was covered with a carpet.

However, what made it unusual was the collection of peculiar items on one side of the wall.

Cecille briefly glanced at them with an intrigued expression, while Anne seemed to recognize something.

“What is this…”

Before Anne could finish her sentence, someone appeared.

“Welcome to Goldman Agency!”

* * *

A while later, teacups were placed in front of Cecille and Anne, and a handsome man with shiny golden hair and deep brown eyes sat down, wearing a charming smile.

“I’m Isaac Goldman. You can call me Isaac if you prefer.”

Anne, who hadn’t touched her teacup, looked somewhat suspicious and asked, “So, what exactly is this place?”

“Well, this is a problem-solving agency.”

“What does a problem-solving agency do, exactly?”

“Anything and everything! Security, deliveries, collecting evidence of infidelity, drafting official documents, gathering rumors, accounting, restaurant work, and even standing in as a wedding guest!”

Isaac answered as if he had been waiting for this question, making a circle with his thumb and index finger and winking.

“The only limit to what I can do is whether it involves metal, paper, or pieces of paper without numbers.”

Anne seemed increasingly skeptical as she listened to the explanation. She leaned in and whispered to Cecille.

“Are you sure this is the right person you’re looking for?”

Cecille nodded affirmatively.

“Miss, is there something specific you’d like to ask or request from this person? I might be able to help you better than this man.”

Cecille forced a smile and made a gesture indicating that Anne should wait.

“Now, now, you both didn’t come all this way just to be bored, did you?”

Isaac looked from one to the other, then eventually fixed his gaze on Anne. It was unusual for an eight-year-old child to visit a backstreet problem-solving agency, and he couldn’t help but be curious.

However, the issue was that Cecille was not your typical child.

“Well, you didn’t come all the way here out of boredom, did you?”

Isaac directed his words to Cecille this time.

Cecille’s clear voice cut through the tension between Anne and Isaac.

“What would you like to request?”

Isaac looked back and forth between the two of them, his deep brown eyes taking in the unusual situation.

It wasn’t typical for an eight-year-old to seek his services, but he was intrigued.

“It seems you have some interesting matters on your side too, doesn’t it? What do you say?”

Cecille spoke confidently, “I’d like to request improvements to the environment of the residence of Grand Duke Bartholomew.”

Isaac’s clear, inquisitive eyes eased the tension between Anne and himself.