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Inside the drawer was filled with documents related to magic stones and a staggering amount of currency. Karentina’s eyes widened as she saw a sheer amount of money written on the papers issued by the Imperial Bank, along with detailed mining-related information.

“There seems to be no end to these zeroes…”

She managed to calm her racing heart in the face of a sum that exceeded her imagination. Fortunately, she had enough money to pay my employees and a bank account.

Karentina rose from her seat to inquire about ingredients and other items from the assistant chef, Velda.


However, she couldn’t take another step when she saw a doll that looked exactly like Ignis standing in front of the door, just like a painting.

“I don’t know what to do with you.”

As she gazed blankly at the doll, a strange light emanated from the bookshelves on the wall.

“…What’s this?”

She walked over and pulled out a few books from the shelf. It seemed like there was a small safe hidden behind the books. After a moment of contemplation, she turned the handle and it turned easily with a click.

“Is it open?”

Even though she was embarrassed that it opened so easily like that, at the same time, she was excited like a child on a treasure hunt.

‘I wonder what’s inside this time. A gem mine or a land of documents?’

Karentina steadied her rapidly beating heart and looked into the safe.

“What’s this?”

Inside the safe, there was only one old bracelet.

Realizing that it was just an ordinary bracelet with no special features, her lips pouted.

The bracelet had five round sockets on a plain platinum band, with the exception of one large sky-blue gemstone, while the rest were empty. As she thought it would be okay to try it on for a moment, Karentina carefully took the bracelet out. While it was nothing fancy, strangely, her attention was drawn to it.

“It fits perfectly. That’s amazing.”

It was the moment when Karentina, who was smiling satisfyingly, tried to unfasten the clasp of the bracelet to put it back in place…


The clasp of the bracelet, once locked, didn’t come off.

“What’s going on?”

She hastily infused it with magic, wondering if she needed to use magic to unclasp it. However, she soon felt a dizzying sensation and barely managed to hold onto the bookshelves.

It was at that moment.

[ How long has it been since someone called me! ]

A voice, as if annoyed, sounded in her ears.

“A, are you a ghost?”

Feeling a sense of fear, she tried to step towards the doll. However, it also began to feel frighteningly eerie, and it caused her body to freeze in place like a statue.

[ What? Who are you? You’re not Eloisa. The taste of magic seems a little different somehow. ]

“Who are you? Are, are you a human?”

[ Did you call me without even knowing who I am? ]

Karentina tilted her head and looked down at the bracelet.

“…Is there a ghost attached to the bracelet?”

For a moment, she was horrified.

‘…Could it be that I’m turning into a woman who went from being a mad lady to having a ghost attached to her?’

A cold sweat trickled down her spine.

[ I can’t believe you’re treating the great Briserd Mayneil Popo Zion like a ghost! How unpleasant. ]


What kind of name was that long?

“Briserd Mayneil Popo Zion! I’m a demon bound to the bracelet Eloisa created. Who are you?”

“…Karentina Lorraine.”

“Lorraine? Ah! I see. You must be a descendant of Eloisa. Well, it must’ve been a long time. ]


[ You let me taste your magic, so go ahead and tell me your wish. ]


[ Yes. I feed on my master’s magic and grant them any wish they want. ]

…Like a genie from a lamp?

“Do I get three wishes?”

[ Huh? What do you think I am saying? I can grant you any wish as long as you give me magic. ]

“Can you save someone’s life?”

[ Oh, that’s an exception since that’s within the domain of the gods. It’s possible to kill them instead. In addition to that, I can do trivial errands, too, so go ahead and tell me quickly. ]

Karentina couldn’t close her mouth in response to the ghost’s words.

Was it really possible to kill people? Even the genie of the lamp said that was impossible.

‘If it was possible to make any wish…’

“Then, could you send me back to my original world?”