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Karentina carefully glanced back and forth at the platinum bracelet that seemed to have been custom-made for her wrist.

“How do I use this?”

[ You just need to put the soul stone in the bracelet. ]

It seemed that she would need to insert soul stones into the four empty sockets, except for the sky-blue gem.

“And then?”

[ …I don’t know what comes next. I haven’t spoken with another soul stone or even had a conversation with Eloisa. ]

“Why not?”

[ Because I’m different from the other soul stones that Eloisa dealt with. ]

Her eyes widened at the unexpected statement.

[ Even if they say only memories and abilities remain in soul stones, they were once people. I’m a demon. I was summoned by Eloisa whenever she needed me. I feed off her magic and grant her wishes. ]

She felt a little sorry for this strange demon, who seemed somewhat sullen.

[ Since you awakened me with your magic, you’re now my master. ]


As if dolls weren’t bad enough, she was now the owner of a strange demon?


Karentina screamed and pulled her hair in distress. Her disheveled hair was the least of her concerns as she frantically stared at the bracelet.

“I can’t be your master.”

[ Why? ]

“Because I have no magic left in my body.”

[ That’s true. You being alive is a miracle in itself. ]

She sighed softly, recalling how dizzy she had felt when she used just a little magic.

“I might die if my magic runs out, so how can I give you magic power?”

[It’s not that your magical power is low… It seems like it has been taken away. ]

“…That’s right.”

[ What are you worrying about? You just need to get your magic back. ]

Karentina let out a long sigh at the bracelet, which responded cheerfully as if it were no big deal.

“Regaining my magic power? Is that possible?”

[ Of course. ]

“It’s not that simple.”

Half of it would be in the hands of her uncle and half in the hands of the Empress. It wouldn’t be easy to confront them with a fragile body like this, especially without Demion.

‘Just finding a way to save Demion right now is enough to make my head explode.’

Still, she couldn’t bear to reveal her true feelings and remained silent.

[ There’s one here at the Duke’s castle? ]

Karentina raised her head quickly at the unexpected words.

“Where is it?”

[ If you make a wish, it’ll be granted. ]

“You just said it was a miracle that I was alive!”

[ That’s true. Then, give it to me later. In exchange, you need to let me eat as much as I want if I grant your wish. I ate too little earlier. ]

“Of course. Find my magical power.”

As Karentina smiled brightly, her eyes sparkled with a twinkle in her eye.

All of a sudden, a blue mouse suddenly popped out of the bracelet.


[ It’s me! ]

She let out a muffled scream at the mouse that had suddenly jumped out.

The light blue mouse gave a disgruntled squeak before it scurried and disappeared through the door. As the spacious room fell into silence, she finally calmed her startled heart.

“Did I really get bewitched by a ghost?”

It must have been about ten minutes since she sat there in a daze.

The bracelet’s ghost, now transformed into a light blue mouse, extended a large gem-shaped magical power in front of her before slowly disappearing like smoke.

[ It seems like a maid thought it was a gem and hid it on the floor and then forgot about it. ]

Karentina reached out without thinking as she came face to face with the dark blue magic stone, which had the same color as her eyes.

The fairly heavy stone flowed into her body like butter melting on a hot pan, and her heart began to beat loudly from the stable and warm sensation. Even though using magical power had made her dizzy as if she would die, her mind became clear, and her vision became sharp as the magical energy coursed through her.