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Sylvia quickly nodded. When Noel said she was going to buy her clothes, she refused several times because she didn’t want to owe him money, but Luca was different. He had to pay her back for killing her several times.

‘Good. Should the department store be closed that day? Because I’m going to buy everything and leave nothing to be sold. Hehe, I’m not going to leave anything in the department store, and I’ll even ring the golden bell from the fried food stall in front of it.’

When she smiled purely like a child, Luca smirked and gently tousled her brown hair with his large hand.

Sylvia was pleased at the thought of expelling Luca’s fortune. She smiled from ear to ear and left the room with him. She explained the situation honestly to the sailors, who were surprised to see the red-haired man appearing out of nowhere. She said she called him through a 〈Summon Scroll〉, and that they had business around here.
After she explained the situation and added that she also needed the boat to return, Luca quietly interrupted.

“Sylvia, we don’t need a boat to go back. There are probably a lot of boats on the island, from the subordinates that came here.”

Was that true? Hearing Luca’s words, she pondered for a moment, then asked,

“What if… there aren’t? What will we do then?”

Luca didn’t seem certain either. Deokpal, who had been quietly listening to their conversation, opened his mouth.

“Don’t worry. If it weren’t for Miss Sylvia, we would still be suffering with the shrimp boat captain. We’ll be waiting for you until you’re done with your business.”
“Ah… Thank you, Mr. Deokpal.”

Sylvia put her hands together and looked at him with moved eyes. Deokpal nodded. Meanwhile, Luca, who was watching from the side, was admiring Sylvia as he watched the situation unfold.

‘Not only did she get the boat, but she also even made the crew all come to her side. A person like her… the more I see her, the more I want her.’

Luca gazed at Sylvia with a possessive gaze. Sylvia didn’t notice the look in his eyes, as she was having a conversation with Deokpal, but a message suddenly popped up in front of her.


[Luca’s heart beats wildly at the sight of Sylvia’s bravery in getting a boat. Friendship increases by 10, to a total of 92 points.]


‘Oh, our friendship increased! But I can’t believe it was only 10 points even after all this hard work. It’s still not full! No… We’re about to enter an island that’s blocked off on all sides anyway, so he’ll have no choice since there’s nowhere to run! Luca, you’re mine.’

“The sea breeze is a little cold.”

Sylvia looked at the message and thought inwardly. At that moment, whether Luca’s body had instinctively sensed a crisis, he had goosebumps in his arms. Sylvia had a fishy smile inwardly as she watched him tremble while facing the sea.

While Sylvia was thinking indescribably things about Luca, they came close to the island’s barrier. Luca quietly whispered to her that the sailors couldn’t go any further. Fortunately, there was one small island used for anchoring just outside the barrier, so the sailors decided to wait there.

“Have a safe trip!”
“Yes! Thank you, everyone.”

Sylvia and Luca boarded the lifeboat on the ship. Luca rowed vigorously as she waved her hand and said goodbye to the sailors.
Did he row for about 10 minutes? Soon, the dock island disappeared from view and the open sea unfolded.

‘It’s weird. The Treasure Island should be around here.’

Sylvia tilted her head while looking at the compass she had borrowed from the sailors. When the boat, which had been sailing well, reached a certain area, it turned around, as if it had reached a repeat sign, and didn’t move forward. It was still an empty sea around them, which was strange.

While Sylvia was taken aback, not knowing what was going on, Luca took a seal out of his inner pocket, held it in his hand, and cast an incantation. Then, a black membrane in the shape of a dome appeared in front of them.
A black membrane so thick that they could not look inside was blocking them like a wall.

“Hmm… That’s weird. The barrier was originally white. I can’t even get through with the seal; I think there’s something very wrong.”

As Luca was looking into the seal and frowning, a message appeared before her eyes.


[Do you wish to enter the 〈Treasure Island Shrouded in Fog〉?]


‘Yes, enter!’

When she shouted inwardly to enter, another message appeared with a notification sound effect.


[It seems like you can break the somehow contaminated barrier with your cleansing skills…]


Why was this acting up? It just needed to let her through… She had no choice but to take out the hammer from her inventory while observing Luca. The time had come to use the 〈Hammer of Purification〉 skill. It would seem strange to suddenly take out a weapon that wasn’t there before, but as the situation was, it was inevitable.

Luca, who was distracted as he knocked on the black membrane with his fist, turned his head inadvertently and was surprised to see Sylvia holding a hammer. He stepped back in such agitation that the lifeboat jolted.

“Sylvia! What is that?”
“What? It’s a hammer, right?”

As Sylvia answered with a dumb face, he raised his hands to protect himself.

“If there’s anything upsetting you, why don’t you solve it with words rather than violence?”
“What are you…”

She only lifted the hammer, but he seemed to have made a strange misunderstanding. Apparently, Luca seemed to have a strong tendency to think negatively about anything because he was usually guilty. It was understandable. It wouldn’t be just one or two people who felt resentment towards Luca.

She had a lot to do, so she decided to stop caring about it. Whether he misunderstood or not, Sylvia did what she had to do with an indifferent expression on her face.

‘〈Hammer of Purification〉!’

Bang, bang! As she hit the membrane with the hammer while saying the skill name inwardly, a part of the black barrier shattered like glass, along with a message that said that the purification skill had been activated. After hitting it several times, there was a hole in front of them that was large enough for the boat to pass through.

Seeing Sylvia hammer out the shield, Luca was startled at first and tried to stop her. However, seeing the barrier break like glass, he remained silent and belatedly clapped his hands in admiration.

“Wow…! You’re amazing, Sylvia. I think talking about the island to you was the best thing I’ve done this year.”
“What do you mean? This is nothing.”
“No. If it wasn’t for you, I still wouldn’t have been able to get a ship. In addition to that, it was completely unexpected that the barrier had become strange. Even if I had managed to get a ship and come all the way here, I wouldn’t have been able to go inside.”
“Haha, well, that’s right. Shall we go in now?”

Sylvia felt good about Luca’s repeated compliments. Luca nodded and paddled into the broken barrier. At the same time as crossing the barrier, the message from a moment ago appeared once again.


[Do you want to enter the 〈Treasure Island Shrouded in Fog〉?]


‘Yes, enter!’

As Sylvia shouted inwardly, a thick fog surrounded them, making them unable to see one inch ahead. Soon, a message popped up with a majestic sound effect.


[Welcome to the Main Dungeon 2: Treasure Island Shrouded in Fog.]


Sylvia’s shoulders hunched as she felt nervous for some reason. Luca frowned at the fog that suddenly appeared.

“What’s with this fog?”
“… I was thinking the same. It won’t be easy to get to the island.”

‘I guess it’s called 〈Treasure Island Shrouded in Fog〉 for a reason.’

Luca frowned and shook his hand around as if to disperse the fog. However, there was no way that the fog would disappear by swinging his hand. He clicked his tongue and cast a simple incantation. Then, a flame appeared on the palm of his hand, gradually growing bigger and quickly becoming a blazing fireball.

As he closed his eyes as if concentrating and raised his hand high, the large sphere of fire floated in front of the ship, and it soon became bright in front of them.
Looking at the sphere with a serious expression, Luca soon sighed.

“Ah… We can somehow see what’s in front of us with this, but it still doesn’t seem easy to get to the island. I did bring something that would increase the mana inside my body just in case, but… I don’t know what kind of living organisms there might be in the sky or sea, so I can’t burn everything to get rid of the fog.”

Sylvia’s eyes widened as she looked at Luca’s troubled appearance, pressing his temples. She couldn’t believe that psychopath was worried about the flora and fauna! There was a more human side to him than she thought.

In fact, Luca only worked hard at the family business that had been passed down through generations, he was not the kind of person who would kill someone recklessly or do something that he couldn’t even speak of. However, since Sylvia had been killed three times by the man in front of her, she couldn’t help but look at him with prejudiced eyes.

‘In any case, that fire magic… It would have been easier to clear the dungeon after targeting Luca, since I would have been able to use fire magic. Maybe then I would have the skill to clear this pesky fog.’

Like what happened with Noel, where she gained purification skills, she would gain fire-attribute skills after targeting Luca, but she didn’t know if that would be a clue for raiding the dungeon.

Sylvia looked at Luca, who had his back to her, and smacked her lips. When she looked at him like she was about to rip off his clothes, Luca trembled, perhaps instinctively feeling frightened again.

“Ugh, that’s strange. Why am I cold and trembling since I came here? Sylvia, are you okay?”
“… I’m fine.”
“Really? Ah, this is crazy. I’ll get sick at this rate.”

Luca would probably not get sick. The reason he felt chills was because of Sylvia’s ferocious eyes watching for an opportunity.
Sylvia slightly raised her hips and sat closer to him. Then, she whispered in a low voice to his ear.

“I think I know how to maximize the effects of this magic…”
“Hm? How?”
“Hehe, regarding that…”