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In the temple, an intense fight was also taking place.

“Aiden, get down!”

As soon as Alogen shouted, Aiden bowed down. At the same time, a huge ball of flame flew from Alogen’s hand. The giant flame hit the bear squarely in the face.


When the bear howled, the wolf next to him rushed forward. Aiden picked up the remains of the pillar and used freezing magic to create a plaster icicle.

The object, which turned into a long spear, thrust squarely into the mouth of the charging wolf.

The wolf stuck in the icicle was struggling and suffering. Without wasting time, Aiden used the next spell while holding the icicle.


The attack created in his imagination materialized and unfolded before his eyes. The face began to freeze, centered around plaster icicles, and a statue of a wolf was created.

It was quite difficult to use different magics in succession in a short period of time. Because he had to surround his entire body with magic, and while maintaining it, he had to think of other magic with his mind.

But Aiden’s magic was perfect. Alogen, watching his student’s magic from afar, had no time to admire because of a snake attack he had to avoid.

“Oh, this is really annoying!”

Alogen, who had rolled around on the ground, got up and complained. Those guys who appear out of nowhere kept bothering him for real.

“Master, can’t you just use defensive magic instead of rolling on the floor?”

“That’s right, alright! I was so absorbed in your fight that I stopped…….”

Alogen mumbled as he shook off his clothes and created a barrier around himself. Well, Aiden seemed like he could take care of things on his own.

Aiden glanced back at his master and laughed in bewilderment.

“Aiden, don’t look back and fight! I’m fine!”

“Yes, you look really fine. That’s a relief.”

Aiden answered and unbuttoned one of the buttons on the wizard’s uniform. He was carrying out his duties as a wizard, so he wore a full uniform, which was very hot.

He unbuttoned the sleeve button and immediately folded it back.

With the situation here going like this, he worried about the mansion. It felt like he wanted to go back as quickly as possible since he had missed the mastermind.

What is the importance of evidence and such?

What mattered was that person’s safety. If he had to choose between a wizard and an escort, he would choose the latter without hesitation. He didn’t mind being a servant as long as he could be around her.

As Aiden’s thoughts continued, a blue spark rose from his fingertips.

“Can I burn everyone?”

“What about the evidence?”

“Just say it was inevitably gone. Oh, or Master, please protect the corpses.”

Aiden’s eyes turned to the corpses. That would be enough evidence. In fact, what evidence could be greater than that in this swampy field?

“What about you?”

Lost in thought at his teacher’s question, he slowly tilted his head back and looked up at the sky.

The weather was full of dark clouds, perfect for rain.

Oh my, he wished it was a blue sky that looked exactly like the Miss.

“I will burn everything and go back.”

To where he needs to be.

* * *


The high priest laughed, and I laughed along with him. It must be an incredibly bizarre sight. I laughed inside. The high priest’s laugh stopped when joined his laughter.

He walked in front of me and grabbed my neck.

Even though he’s so thin, he’s so strong. It felt like my head, with no blood flowing, had become completely white. My feet were in the air; I couldn’t say anything.

“Are you laughing? You? You shouldn’t laugh. You must die after crying out in despair and pain! More miserable than me! More miserable than anyone else in this world!”

“…… you…… you will be the one who dies miserably.”

I barely managed to exhale through my throttled throat. I am the original villain who sacrifices myself at the hands of a villain, so I can tell him this much.

“Are you … afraid of death? Death must be scary…… to you. A person who wanted to gain power by killing people like that…… Can you really accept death happily?”

I didn’t close my eyes. I didn’t want to close my eyes. This death was my choice. It was not something I was forced to accept, but something I chose when the moment of choice arrived.

You will be the one miserable. You will die lonely and miserable, with nothing left and nothing achieved.

Vanessa’s red eyes shook mercilessly. And then immediately, “Ahhhh!”

He screamed and let go of my throat. To be exact, it would be more correct to say that he missed it rather than let it go. Vanessa covered his ears again and let out a moan of pain.

I fell to the floor and caught my breath while lying down. My throat burned and just breathing was painful.

One person screaming from above and another shaking on the floor.

It would be very worth seeing.

Fortunately, I was the one who came to my senses first. I almost crawled, leaned against the wall of the bell tower, and lifted myself up.

Perhaps because it was right next to the window, the cold air passed by my face. My messy hair brushed my shoulders.

It was just like before. The clock tower that faced Aiden.

In the end, I give up every time I climb the tower.

It was so funny I felt like crying.

I leaned against the wall and took a long breath.

The sight of the high priest writhing in pain was quite worth watching, so it wasn’t bad to take a quiet breath.

“High priest!”

Soon I was shouting as loud as I could.

The rumbling sound from below stopped, and I felt people gradually approaching.

Someone seemed to have noticed that I was here.

However, it seemed like it would be quicker for the priest in front of me to come to his senses than for them to come up and subdue him.

It didn’t matter anyway. When I screamed, I didn’t mean to announce my location. I just literally wanted to scream at him.

“Do you know how much sleep my family lost because of you? Because of you, you pushed my family and loved ones into war! Because of you, an innocent maid died, innocent wizards died, and countless people of the territory lost their homes! Because of you…… !”

…… My family will cry again.

It was an incredibly emotional voice to say it was mine. I thought this was the final cry.

Yes, I was happy, so I should also be angry.

After stumbling and suffering for a while, the high priest’s eyes turned to me. The red eyes were no longer scary. He was just angry.

Thump, thump.

The sound of loud footsteps rang in my ears. It sounded like a group of people were coming up the stairs of the tower.

The high priest glanced back and then staggered toward me.

“What do you think you know?”

He grabbed my neck like before. However, his grip strength was less than before.

Since he was in so much pain earlier, it seemed that blocking his ears wasn’t done in vain.

Oh, maybe it’s the marbles?

When the red marble is destroyed, will it make a sound? At the same time, the power is also disappearing?

He grabbed my neck with both hands, rolled his eyes, and rocked my body back and forth. The back of my head hit the wall with a thud, thud. The stiff pain in the back of my head repeated.

My skull will break before I’m strangled to death.

I raised my hands and grabbed both of his wrists. I raised my fingernails and dug into the flesh as much as I could, but the crazy person didn’t even move, as if he couldn’t feel pain.

No, he was just covering his ears in pain before.

“What do you know? What do you know about me?”

I moved to the side little by little. In the direction from which the cold wind blew. Gradually, I leaned back and felt the wall disappear.

Soon, my back completely touched the air. He was strangling me as if he was pushing me down, so my back had to bend backward.

“That day…… Maybe the reason I didn’t die was for this day after all.”

As if my muttering was nonsense, the priest’s hand tightened.

I followed suit and squeezed his hand tightly.

I shouldn’t let go of the High Priest’s arm at any time or at any moment.

Thump, thump, thump.

The sound of rushing footsteps got closer. The sound stopped suddenly, and the figures of people climbing the tower could be seen behind the high priest.

Brother was standing at the very front.

“High priest! It’s all over now! Stop!”

It was a desperate voice. Saying something like that in that voice didn’t seem to have any effect at all.

Indeed, the high priest seemed to have the same thoughts as me, but he didn’t flinch. The power in his hands was still there, and his red eyes were only directed at me.

I rolled my eyes and looked at Brother, and the corner of my mouth turned up.

I’m sorry, Brother. Thank you for treating me so kindly. Live happily with the princess. This is just…… Let’s just say it’s a passing ordeal. A common ordeal for the lead.

I said goodbye in my heart. I wish Mother was here, too.

No, no. It’s better without her witness.

Mother wouldn’t have been able to bear a scene like this.

Brother’s eyes were shaking mercilessly. The same was true for his outstretched fingertips. His eyes were watering as he couldn’t move easily and just looked at me. I slowly blinked.

I’m fine, don’t cry.

“Don’t smile! I said don’t smile! You are so miserable…… !”

An evil sound rang out in the silence. So loud. I shifted my focus and looked at the man right in front of me.

Once again, the high priest didn’t seem to like me smiling. Why would he even try to get involved in the victim’s expression before she dies…… What an annoying villain. Mia is better.

I was happy that people were annoyed by my smile, so I curled my lips even more. It was the best smile I could muster.

“Smile, High Priest. It’s your last moment, enjoy it.”

Although I spoke with a smile, the high priest did not smile in the end.

Oh my, I need to decorate the final route beautifully. Well, I’ve done enough for him.

I closed my eyes.

The event of falling will be momentary.

Haven’t I already experienced it several times? So I wasn’t afraid.

During this time, it was clear that the reason I came back to life again was for today.

I was able to feel the happiness I had forgotten for a while, so it was a worthwhile life.


“Let’s go together, High Priest.”

After issuing my invitation, I leaned back as hard as I could. Into the empty space, I felt my body leaning backward.

The high priest opened his eyes wide and released his hands, making a strange noise.

But I didn’t let go.

Since I had already sunk my nails into him and secured him, it was clear that he would be dragged with me during the fall.

Goodbye, villain. Let’s go together, us villains. Let’s get along well.

Now the story will have a happy ending forever.