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Although there were more troops than it seemed, Kalcion had no premise that he would lose.

“Because I thought that listening to that intrusive noise all night was rather a loss.”

“It is reasonable, but…”

Still, he looked back at Selina, who was worried about whether it was the right thing to decide to go out to fight while being emotional.

“Actually, I’m so angry that I can’t stand it.”

Uh… If you speak so frankly.”

“It would be better to go out and fight now to stay calmer. If I get any angrier, I feel like I’m going to lose my temper no matter how much I do.”

In his mind, Kalcion already drew his sword and ran. His thoughts were clearly visible. It couldn’t have been better for Selina to endure being cursed at.

“If you have the confidence that you won’t get injured nor cause any casualties, then you can go.”

“I’ll be back.”

“…Don’t you have to think about it for a second?”

He grinned at her bewildered Selina.

“There’s nothing to think about.”

Since he was so confident, she had no choice but to wave her hand and say goodbye. In the meanwhile, Kalcion, who she thought would immediately pull out his sword and run, seemingly finished a brief strategy meeting calmly with his adjutants waiting in the barracks.

“Then, we’ll go back in time for dinner.”

Listening to his words, she didn’t know if he was going out hunting for dinner or going to war.

Kalcion lightly kissed her like someone on a short trip and got on his horse. Several special guards followed him on horseback.

After a brief period of servicing the weapon and checking the reins, they set off right away. Perhaps it was their strategy, they did not immediately pull out their weapon and charge towards the enemy camp but ran towards the end of the plain in the completely opposite direction.

It was not a war but an idyllic scene.

Selina, who watched until the group became a dot and disappeared from her eyes, sat next to the beast who was clinging to her side. The beast completed learning simple commands such as sit, lie down, and hand at an amazing rate.

With a little more, it may even do more complex commands.

Since they could communicate, she felt confident rather than scared. So right now, she was able to do things like leaning on the beast’s side without hesitation.

As Selina leaned against it, the beast lay flat on its back.

“No, get down. I’m trying to lean on you, so why are you lying down?”

Scratching its belly, it tried to roll over again, but then it gets down.

A good beast who listened well.

Opening a small jar of honey she had prepared in advance, she gave it to the beast and watched the soldiers busily moving in their position. They carried logs on one side and kindled a fire on the other.

“Are they preparing dinner?”

The soldiers set fire to a log and rolled it over the hill. Several burning logs rolled down, making a noise like thunder.

“Do you want to go in and wait?”

One of the guards, who was always in charge of her escort, approached and asked.

“The noise of the battlefield may not be pleasant to hear.”

Only then did Selina remember that the opponent was human. The sound of a person dying was not a pleasant sound to hear, not the sound of blades or rolling logs.

In the end, she obediently followed the guard into the barracks. She was comfortable in the barracks, similar to the ones they had built during the hunting contest, as it almost blocked out outside noise. The bed, sofa and table were quipped.

As she sat down on the sofa, the guard brought her a bowl of soup to satisfy her hunger.

“How long will it take?”

“He will be back soon.”

The guard answered lightly.

…Even though they lit a log on fire like that and charged forward as a strategy, could they really finish it soon?

Although she trusted the guard, who was an expert in combat, she was frankly insecure. However, dismissing Selina’s concerns, Kalcion broke into the barracks tent before she even finished her bowl of soup.

“Are you done already?”

“Yes, for today.”

Selina jumped up and approached Kalcion.

“You’re not hurt anywhere?”

“Of course.”

Even if he had just won a landslide victory, he still came back from the battlefield. Selina carefully examined his body.

“Your hair is wet.”

“Oh, I washed it because there was blood on it.”

“You’re going to take a bath anyway.”

“It’s not something you should see.”

It was a grateful consideration. Selina nodded, grabbed his cheeks, and turned his face around to see if there were any scars.

“There really are no wounds.”

“Are you just going to check the face?”

“I am not. I’ll inspect it thoroughly, and if even a single hair is damaged, I won’t let you go out to fight tomorrow.”

“Suit yourself.”

Kalcion grinned and spread his arms. If there were an injury, he would know best, but she dared to undo his armor and unbutton his shirt.

The buttons snapped and slipped through the holes.

As she raised her focused eyes at Kalcion, his expression, which had been heated by the excitement of battle, had sunk like ink in water. Although it was still heavy, the heat of the battlefield had gone less, and the hot aftertaste rose like a haze.

“I brought the bath water.”

At that time, the voices of the guardsmen outside the tent cleared the settling haze. Kalcion took a deep breath and answered.

“Come in.”

However, they did not move their bodies that were facing each other.

“Yes, I will go… in.”

The guards who came in carrying a hot water bathtub caught a glimpse of the atmosphere inside the barracks.

“Then, we will leave.”

They quickly disappeared like the wind.

As soon as Kalcion heard the sound of the tent closed, his hand pulled Selina’s back. Already expecting the overlapping lips that seemed to swallow her, she also clung to his arm frantically.

Hu-uhp… the wound…”

“Go check it. You yourself.”

Kalcion murmured in a low, scratching voice, pushing his body closer to her. At the same time, Selina didn’t lose, made eye contact and roughly unbuttoned him as a few were ripped off.

The armor clinging to his whole body tumbled across the floor with a clunking sound. The same was true of his sword, which became his limbs and had suffered throughout the day. His bare body revealed through the cracks in his shirt, was as smooth as usual.

Her eyes ran blatantly from his collarbone to his navel.

“Show me more, without hiding anything. Everything.”

He was willing to do so.

Selina personally touched every corner of his body. In the meantime, the heat of the battlefield that had been clinging to him got transferred to Selina as well.

As he pulled her by the waist and hugged her, their body temperatures collided. Despite the fact that they were separated for only a very short time, they didn’t know that they would be so hungry for each other.

The two rushed at each other to fill their hungry stomachs.


* * *


A violent disturbance passed by.

Kalcion hugged Selina and went into the bathtub. As the hot water wrapped around her body, she let out a sigh and relaxed her body. She then buried her face in his shoulder, letting go of her tense shoulders.

“Of course, I thought you would be safe, but I must have been nervous.”

Selina mumbled in a tired voice.

“This is why I said that prolonging the war is not good.”

“Yes. The longer it lasts, the greater the damage and material loss, but people also get exhausted.”

Selina, who had been listening to his answer, lifted her head abruptly and faced Kalcion.

“By the way, you said ‘for today’ earlier? So the war hasn’t ended?”

Um, yes. It will last for a few more days.”

“You came back so quickly and unscathed, but you couldn’t finish it?”

Things didn’t add up.

“I missed the Crown Prince.”

“Is the Crown Prince really that good?”

Kalcion clicked his tongue reluctantly but acknowledged what he had to admit.

“Except for planning strategies only theoretically, the Crown Prince’s skills aren’t bad. Still, apart from that, I let him go.”

Selina widened her eyes.

“What are you talking about?”

…The Crown Prince didn’t run away on his own, but he just let him go? There was no way that a love for humanity suddenly surged in Kalcion’s heart, and he forgave all the Crown Prince’s sins.

The more she listened to him, the less she understood.

Kalcion looked at the bewildered Selina with kind eyes before carefully stroking her hair and brushing her cheek. He was cautious, like touching something that would wash off if touched a lot.

“Come to think of it, if I catch him, it’s all over. Desperation halves the pain. I’ll let him escape until his head burns out as if he was about to be caught.”

Aside from his warm eyes looking at Selina, his head flashed with madness.

“He dared to use violence against you, and if that wasn’t enough, set up a strategy to insult you, who became a goddess… How dare he.”

Even while growling, Kalcion didn’t forget to smile kindly at her.

“No one would bear having his own god insulted. So, can’t you forgive the war that will go for a little longer?”

Selina nodded her head, even though she thought it was none of her business to forgive.

The anger towards the Crown Prince was not just in Kalcion. She wanted revenge the most, too. He had created her most terrifying memories since coming to this world. She rather welcomed Kalcion’s persistent revenge.

The Crown Prince touched a beehive that he should never have touched in his life. Unfortunately, there was no one in this world who could sympathize with him or save him.