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“I see. However, I also have responsibilities to protect my children. Please use my donations and the newly constructed orphanage properly for the benefit of the children and people living in the slums. The children’s parents will soon return here as well.”

With a warm smile, Andrea bowed his head.

“In that case, we will gratefully accept it, Princess Lorraine.”

Karentina hesitantly opened her mouth towards Bishop Andrea, who was looking at him kindly.


“Please, feel free to speak your mind.”

“It’s about the gem called ‘Saint’s Tear’.”

“Ah, you mean that jewel?”

“Yes. To me, it just looks like an ordinary stone.”


“It may look like a jewel, but it’s just a stone. I hope that the name of Priestess Leah, who passed away after doing good things, isn’t used like this.”

Her mind kept wandering back to Eddie, who was crying inconsolably, so she spoke a little presumptuously.

“I see. I’ll take the Young Lady’s advice and send the jewel to the Great Temple as well.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Karentina smiled broadly at Bishop Andrea’s words. She was relieved that he turned out to be a better person than she had initially expected.



̊ · : * ✧* : · ̊



The temple affairs were completed smoothly.

Karentina hurried to the carriage when she heard that a new physician was coming in the afternoon.

“Sister! Wait a moment!”

At that moment, she turned her head to the familiar voice. Eddie was running towards her at a rapid pace.


“And then you’ll trip.”

As though the temple had taken good care of the children since Eddie’s clothes were clean, and his expression seemed quite bright.

“Sister. Thank you for believing in me and helping me.”

“The Pope has decided to punish the bad bishop so Eddie can play, eat well and stay like you have been.”

The child scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Yes! They even teach us at the temple.”

“That’s really good news.”

Eddie, who was pursing his lips, fidgeted with his fingers.

“The cave coral that sister was talking about back then…”


“If it’s okay with you, can I study the cave coral?”

Karentina’s eyes widened. She thought she was still young, so she had planned to ask for it later, but she never thought he would bring it up first like this.

“Are you sure? Won’t it be too hard?”

“Yes. I want to study hard and become someone who is helpful to sister, just like brother!”

As he said so, Eddie looked at Zion with eyes full of respect, and Zion proudly lifted his head. Karentina reached out and gently ruffled the child’s hair.

“Okay, I’ll wait. If you need anything for your research, contact me. I’ll support you with anything.”

Eddie, who was smiling with an embarrassed expression, took something out of his pants pocket and handed it to her.

“What’s this?”

“It’s my treasure.”

Then, he whispered softly into her ear.

“Actually, this is the ‘Saint’s Tear’ that was found after Priestess Leah’s death. I switched it without the bishop knowing, so no one knows.”

Karentina’s mouth hung open in surprise.

“It’s a token of promise.”

Eddie said his last words before he waved his hands and returned to the temple.


She stared blankly at the hand that was holding the Saint’s tears. Even without lifting the handkerchief, she could tell.

It was a soul stone.