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As soon as they arrived at the castle, their steps quickened as they made their way to the annex. Karentina’s hand trembled slightly as she pulled out the soul stone wrapped in a handkerchief.

‘This is the soul stone…’

A milky white stone similar to the sky blue gem of Zion but with a slightly different wavelength. It felt as if all the soft moon-like light was pouring into her while she was as still as if she had fallen asleep. As she touched the soul stone with her finger, she suppressed the feeling that her heart was about to jump out of her mouth.

[ Mhm. ]

A clear voice rang in her ears.

“Priestess Leah?”

[ …. ]

The soul stone remained silent, not uttering a single word. It seemed to be pondering deeply about something.

[ I think I had a name like that… ]

Even though she didn’t appear like Zion, Karentina had a vivid image of what she was doing in her mind. Then, with a calm and refined voice, she spoke to the confused Priestess Leah.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Karentina Lorraine.”

[ Lorraine… The memory is fuzzy, but that name sounds familiar. ]

Hearing that, Zion crossed his arms and opened his mouth with a disgruntled tone.

“She’s the princess of the Lorraine family, the owner of the North.”

[ Owner of the North… Hiik! I-I apologize. ]

“It’s okay. Is there anything else that comes to mind?”

Priestess Leah fell silent for a moment as if she was lost in thought.

[ Bits and pieces of memories are coming back to me.]

At that moment, she cried out in an urgent voice.

[ Princess! Please help us. There’s been a fire at the orphanage, and there might be children trapped inside! ]

Priestess Leah spoke breathlessly in a tearful voice.

“Calm down. Thanks to the efforts of the Priestess, all the children are safe. The fire has been extinguished.”

[ Ah… It’s really fortunate that everyone is safe. ]

It was only after hearing her words that the Priestess breathed a sigh of relief.

Karentina felt a tightness in her chest as she couldn’t bring herself to deliver the news of her own death to her, who seemed more concerned about the safety of the children than herself.

[ Seeing as you haven’t said anything about me, I’m probably dead. ]


Karentina’s gaze wavered uncontrollably at Priestess Leah’s calm words.

“Yes, you’re dead.”


When Karentina glared at Zion, he flinched and turned his head away.

[ I suspected as much. When the Princess called me, I felt like the person I was before and the person I am now are different. ]

“…I’m sorry. If I had known a little sooner, I could have saved Priestess Leah.”

Priestess Leah responded in a somewhat resigned tone.

[ This must be my destiny. I’m just relieved all the children are safe. They shouldn’t cry because of me… but there’s one child that keeps weighing on my mind. ]

“Is that child Eddie?”

[ Do you know Eddie? ]

The Priestess asked back as if she was surprised.

“He’s become friends with me. Eddie misses the Priestess a lot, but he’s doing well.”

“Be grateful to Karen. She’s the one who punished the bad toad and helped the little one.”

[ T, toad? ]

“Bishop Viano. That man with a greedy streak stuck to his cheeks.”

[ Puhahaahaha! ]

Priestess Leah chuckled as if finding Zion’s response amusing.

[ Princess, thank you so much. I’m a servant of God. I was prepared to sacrifice my life for the people. So please, don’t make such a sad expression. ]


Her heart, touched by the tender and warm voice, melted away.