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Raphael received a letter from Evelyn. Its contents were brief. She expressed her reluctance to approach the Crown Prince directly, stating that she would instead use her wealth to assert herself.

After reading the letter, Raphael’s thoughts were as follows:

“How so?”

Odysseus wasn’t particularly materialistic. If he were, he would have fallen for Evelyn long before Dahlia.

But to assert herself with wealth? How do you make someone who isn’t swayed by money angry with money?

“Hmm, intriguing.”

Raphael chewed thoughtfully on the bridge of his glasses.

If it weren’t for the tasks at hand, he would have gone along to observe.

However, considering that he might have to cough up all the money he received, Raphael reluctantly put his regrets aside and focused on the task at hand. He put on his glasses and resumed reading the documents.

Dahlia Hebe, the illegitimate daughter of the Hebe family.

Her mother died shortly after Dahlia’s birth, leaving her father to struggle to manage the estate due to his gambling addiction.

It was a dossier Raphael had prepared in advance on Dahlia Hebe.

Looking over the document, it seemed obvious why Dahlia was working at the Magic Tower. Even if Ulysses wasn’t aware of it, Dahlia seemed to be fixated on money.

“Well, it’s a good thing for me. If Young Lady Hebe needs the Crown Prince so badly.”

Dahlia was cunning. There was no way the cunning Dahlia would ever give up on Ulysses.

“Instead, it’s strange that she’s revealing her affection for me. Let’s see where this leads…”

Raphael chuckled meaningfully, incorporating his latest thoughts.

“Either way, it should be easy.”

Ulysses might not know it, but the situation with Dahlia seemed to have resolved quickly. Perhaps Raphael could finish his work quickly and then observe Evelyn’s situation.


Raphael clapped his fingers together.

Immediately, his assistant Joshua appeared.

“You called, boss.”

Raphael tied his hair back neatly and gave an order.

“Investigate Dahlia Hebe’s movements.”

If Dahlia was looking at me, it meant that the situation was still manageable.

In that case, all he had to do was disturb that peace of mind directly.

Grinning incongruously with his thoughts, Raphael wore an angelic smile.

* * *

“Is this the Evil Headquarters?”

The current foremost and largest headquarters of Sundrium’s Evil, I was now here with Henry.

Asil, who preferred to work remotely, had readily agreed to come to the headquarters at my request, and he himself showed me around.

“So, how do you like it here for your first visit?”

Asil asked with a wave of his hand, showing me the office.

An involuntary admiration escaped me. This place was not only bigger than most noble mansions, but also housed all the goods responsible for Sundrium’s trends, piled like mountains.

“So why do you think our Evelyn came to her big brother? What does she want to buy?”

Asil had led me into his office in the headquarters and now asked eagerly, ready to indulge my every whim.

While it was surprising to see him so excited, I realized that this was the first time Evelyn had shown any interest in Asil’s headquarters.

Although Asil’s Headquarters also had items that Evelyn might like, they didn’t attract as much attention as Henry’s boutique.

“Although I failed to catch Evelyn’s attention, I succeeded in catching the attention of others…”

Asil had only wanted to catch his little sister’s eye, but in the process he unexpectedly discovered his talent for business.

The business-savvy Asil, a master of backward steps.

“How about a tea set from Rhodora? There’s that peach blossom perfume you love from Pomper. How about a new carriage from Hermes? You love to spend that gold generously.”

…FYI, Rhodora, Pomper, and Hermes are brands under the Evil umbrella.

Why wasn’t there anything that caught my attention? At this point, this is Headquarters, not just some big corporation. Of course, my purpose wasn’t so mundane.

“How about an invitation to Walpurgis Night?”

I raised my head and bluntly asked.


Asil’s mouth hung open.

Walpurgis Night, also known as the Black Market Auction.

Held only once a year, exclusively at midnight, it was a Super Express Auction where dangerous items such as lost royal treasures from a thousand years ago, or paintings by famous artists who had died, flooded in.

For reference, Walpurgis Night is illegal in Sundrium. While the auction itself is legal, the items all come through illegal channels, so it’s only natural.

At my request, both Asil and Henry became nervous. They started to shake and tried to discourage me.

“Evelyn! It’s dangerous there. Why don’t you just tell me what you want, and I’ll buy it for you!”

“Yes! Just leave it to Asil. It’s too chaotic for you to go there, Evelyn!”

“Yes, a 20-year-old already attending an illegal auction? That’s not normal…”

The members of the Praviche family are involved in tax evasion, embezzlement, smuggling, speculation, market monopolies, and more, so Evelyn was brought up to be clean. Although it’s different from the current situation where Evelyn is like a spoiled youngest daughter asking for pocket money, the feeling is the same. I couldn’t even imagine Kim Geumhee doing that. Because what was available on that Walpurgis Night was absolutely necessary.

“I refuse. I’ll buy it myself.”

I insisted stubbornly, and although Asil looked frustrated, he asked me nicely anyway.

“What exactly do you need to go there and buy?”

“Dahlia’s brilliance.”


At my immediate answer, both Asil and Henry were stunned.

“Just for that one diamond?”

“It’s not just any diamond.”

Dahlia’s brilliance was a yellow diamond imbued with sunlight. It was also a gem meant to be purchased for the day Ulysses proposed to Dahlia.

‘This is what I must get my hands on to provoke him.’

In romance novels, the main characters are generally not greedy for money. Ulysses and even the secondary character Raphael were like that.

But no matter how rich you are, if someone takes what you were going to buy, it’s natural to get angry, just like an ordinary person.

Especially if it’s something precious to you, there’s no need to say anything.

Like this.

“Give me the invitation quickly. Otherwise, I might end up really marrying Raphael.”

At my cute threat that Raphael wouldn’t even consider, Henry collapsed in disbelief.

* * *

After receiving the invitation to Walpurgis Night, I took the next step.

“Hmm, how do I get the money?”

Dahlia’s brilliance is a yellow diamond.

Compared to other colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are relatively lower in quality and price.

But Dahlia’s brilliance is an intense yellow diamond, the largest diamond in the world, and it’s impossible for Ulysses to resist.

‘I have 300 goldens, but… it wouldn’t hurt to have more.’

Gold is in units of millions, and golden is in units of billions. So the total is 300 billion.

While the price of something like a Yellow Diamond wouldn’t skyrocket, I couldn’t afford to be complacent. The opponent is Ulysses and a major corporation in the underworld.

Compared to them, I am just a fragile individual consumer.

Besides, the situation might require more than just stealing gems from Ulysses, so I needed more money.

‘Maybe I should just ask my family for a little more money.’

That’s easy. But as I was about to get up, I hesitated.

After owning someone and spending money, how can I ask for more here?

‘No matter how much I think about it, I just can’t bring myself to do such shameless acts.’

I knew all too well how heartbreaking it would be to ask my family for more money. Of course, the Kim family in Korea took money from their daughter and younger sister, so it’s different from the current situation where the youngest daughter and youngest sibling are asking for an allowance, but I still have some dignity.

I returned to my seat.

‘Is this the only way in this situation?’

Yes, I suppose it’s inevitable. If I’m going to possess someone, I should at least use the original work once in a while.

I don’t particularly like real estate speculation, but I have no choice.


“Hey, Douglas.”


I went to Douglas’ room.

Behind the roughly opened door Douglas glared at me with his usual dirty look.

I had no desire to talk to him for a long time, so I just held out my hand.

“Sell me the land grant for Count Zachary.”


Douglas had been working on documents and stopped. I kindly repeated myself to the perplexed Douglas.

“I want that. Give it to me. I’ll pay in installments.”

Douglas looked at me as if I were crazy. In fact, if I were Douglas, I would have felt the same way.

Selling the land and paying in installments? That’s nonsense.

Even though Asil and Henry would probably just give the land away if I asked them, Douglas, who didn’t look at me kindly, of course dismissed my suggestion as nonsense.

“If you need land, ask Asil or your parents. Why my land…?”

“Because I suddenly want the land you have.”


Douglas asked puzzled.

Well, because the land would have appreciated quite a bit by now.

“Besides, it’s land that will plummet in value later.”

But if I said that I knew the future, I would only be treated like a crazy person. I boldly seized the opportunity.

“Do it. Or else.”


Once given, it’s over.

Thump! I hurriedly fled from Douglas’ room.


Douglas probably didn’t want to give up the county, so he probably made me do the most hated thing for Evelyn.

“Evelyn wouldn’t even think of giving up the county just because I called her brother. Stupid child.”

Ah, how satisfying.

Though I was already happy to lie down and eat, the added satisfaction made my steps lighter.

I didn’t get to see Douglas’ face until the end, though, because I had to run away. If I had, I might have thrown up, but fortunately I didn’t.