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Normally, even mere eye contact seemed to make him want to attack her, yet he completely missed the suggestive hints Holly was throwing.

‘Ah, never mind.’

Slipping her hand beneath the loose tunic, Holly found the button of her trousers.


With a small noise, the tightening around her waist loosened.

“I wonder if I’ll keep dressing as a man even after we disembark.”

Cahill’s expression soured immediately upon hearing her impressed comment.

“I don’t like it.”

He hated the idea of not being able to be close to Holly, who was pretending to be a man.

“Skirts are just too cumbersome.”


The trousers slid down to the floor with just a few movements. Cahill’s steel-gray eyes darkened as he saw Holly’s legs fully revealed beneath the tunic.

“You’re not doing this just to torment me, are you?”

Forgetting he was searching for clothes to change into, he stepped closer to her and grasped her hips firmly. His grip was strong, showing off his dwindling patience.

Uht! Of course… not.”

A moan escaped Holly’s lips. She placed her hands on Cahill’s chest, leaning into him. His cold hand slid under the loose tunic.

As his hand moved unfalteringly towards its target, his brow furrowed in annoyance. Instead of soft flesh, his fingertips met the cloth bunched up against her chest. He inserted his fingers into her cleavage, pulling at the obstructing fabric, intent on tearing it away.

‘Not this again…!’

Holly’s face paled as she remembered the first time. Her skirt ended up torn and unwearable. If the only thing covering her chest were torn, her disguise would be over.

“You can’t tear it!”

Desperately, Holly pushed against Cahill’s chest, creating space between them. She then began to remove her tunic herself, reaching behind to untie the knot.

As the fabric gave way, the suppressed flesh quickly regained its shape.

Cahill, who had been staring dumbfounded at her swelling breasts, reached out. Then, like a man parched for water, he eagerly dove towards the full bosom.

As the wind swept between her heated thighs, Holly shivered in the sudden coolness. A sensation brought on by her damp underwear clinging to her intimately, a result of Cahill burning his face between her legs and licking her.

Haa, ah…”

The cold air was contrasted by the hot tongue tracing over her cooled underwear. Her swollen clitoris tingled intensely.

“Cahill… stop, uht, now…”

Holly urged, clutching at Cahill’s hair buried between her legs. Her body was aching for deeper pleasure.

“No, it’s been too long. You might get hurt.”

Cahill spoke firmly, but his voice was impatient. He stood up and glanced around the cramped and low-ceilinged room with troubled eyes. The space between beds barely allowed moving through it.

“I’m never getting on a boat again.”

Cahill grumbled and grasped the inside of Holly’s thigh before he lifted and parted her legs. His hard member pressed firmly against her groin as he growled like a starved beast. Her back arched as he licked her collarbone.

“Ah, hahk…”

His hard length brushed against her sensitively warmed folds. Ticklish pleasure ran through her spine, her hips involuntarily twisting. Yet, it was nothing compared to penetration.

Uht, Cahill, take it… off…”

Holly’s trembling hands fumbled over her panties, her fingers brushing against her damp secret place as she pushed them inside.


Unknowingly rubbing herself, she slid her hand lower. She finally touched her heated clitoris.


Cahill, with a gleam in his eye, pulled her hand from inside her panties.


At his words, Holly looked up at him with a sad face. She was unsure if he meant she shouldn’t remove her underwear or if he was opposing her pleasuring herself.

“It feels like I’ll just put it in if you take off your underwear.”

Cahill growled his words and jerked his lower back, more forceful than before.

Uht, uh! But…”

Holly was unable to be satisfied by that alone, so she shook her hips for a stronger stimulation. She felt an urgent tickle deep inside.

“…Haa, it won’t hurt. Put it in, okay?”

Holly spoke pleadingly and kissed the side of Cahill’s face. As his breathing became ragged, his silver-gray eyes, blurred by the rising heat, met Holly’s, who smiled slyly.

“Haa, Holly…”

He groaned, closing his eyes tightly. His patience was already thin, now frayed by her seduction. He gripped his stiff pillar, shaking it, thankfully close to release as his vision darkened and cleared repeatedly.

“Just hold on, I think I’m about to… uhp!

But Holly couldn’t wait. She crashed her lips onto Cahill’s, diligently licking his redder lips before sliding her tongue through the gap.

The moist and hot embrace of his mouth welcomed her.

Ha, uht!

She explored his mouth with her soft tongue, teasing his roof and poking his tongue, but he didn’t respond. His eyes narrowed at his stubbornness, insistently finding a way beneath his tongue. Their hot breaths mingled in his mouth.

Holly pulled on their entwined tongues.


Cahill, with his tongue root pulled by Holly, could only moan helplessly. She sucked on his tongue, pulled close to her lips, then let it go, repeating the action.

“Cahill, please…”

Finally, his long fingers pushed aside her underwear and invaded her. Her eyes curled with a satisfied smile.

“If you regret this later, it’s not my fault.”

Cahill growled and gripped Holly’s legs. He looked at her with an annoyed gaze as he aligned the tip at her entrance. The rubbed area between her legs was burning hot through her panties.

Huht, It’s going to… melt.”

As he gasped as he spread the leaking fluid at the entrance, a milky liquid soon burst forth, soaking from her folds down her thighs. The tip slid smoothly into her. Cahill, pulling out the head of his pillar, rubbed it against Holly’s thigh.

The s*men, wetting between her legs, coated his p*nis evenly.

“I’ll, haa, put it in…”

Cahill grasped Holly’s waist, pressing his hips against her. Their lower halves narrowed bit by bit.

Uung, hurry…”

She clung to his neck, feeling him slowly enter her. Despite his recent climax, he remained impressively firm.

Ha-uht, feels good.”


He cupped her breast and captured her nipple as he exhaled. The sound of licking and sucking was embarrassingly loud.

“Holly, taste good.”

Ugh, uht! Cahill, aahh…”

Cahill inhaled deeply and sucked on Holly’s skin. Her skin blending with her sweat and scent only increased his desire.

“If only I could feast on this three times a day…Haa.”

Ah, aht! Ah-heuht! Ung!

When he moaned softly and rocked his body. While Holly found it hard to suppress her own sounds as he moved even faster and faster.

“Careful, with your sound.”

With a swift move, Cahill thrust deeply.

She struggled to open her eyes as her dark brown eyes were moist. Seeing her flushed face made his mouth water. Without hesitation, he stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of her eye. Her lush lashes fluttered like tickles.