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Lucian was holding Rachel in his arms, feeling her with all his senses. But he still couldn’t believe she was really there.

From the moment he saw her, he couldn’t keep his mind straight. After entrusting his body to Enzo, he had a strange dream. Even as he felt pulled back to consciousness, he called out to Rachel with all his heart and soul.

When she appeared as soon as he opened his eyes, he couldn’t describe the emotions he felt.

A mix of joy, surprise, a hint of anger and sadness, and a longing even though Rachel was right before him.

…Why did he still long for her even when he was seeing her?

It was likely a feeling of anxiety.

The thought of her leaving him seemed more frequent than not.

However, the moment he realized Rachel could distinguish between him and Enzo, he felt an overwhelming joy. He knew without words that she had tried to get him back. He, too, had distinguished between the spirit that had possessed her body and Rachel herself, a result that seemed obvious now.

Still, the experience was incredibly overwhelming.

Feeling like he had glimpsed into Rachel’s heart, his mind was filled with contented happiness despite the urgent situation.

The sound of rippling water mixed with a languid voice echoed around them.

Their bodies were in full contact, from shoulder to toe, and the heat of their touch felt even warmer than the hot water. Every time a hot sigh escaped from her cute lips, so close it seemed they might stick to his neck, Lucian’s eyes moved quietly.

Was she asleep, or was she seducing him?

He had joined her in the bath purely out of concern, knowing Rachel must have been exhausted after coming directly to the Leon territory. He worried she might fall asleep if left alone and wanted to wash her out of care.

But as their bare skin touched, memories of the times they were apart came flooding back—the shock and sadness when she disappeared.

Human greed knew no bounds.

His satisfaction at merely seeing her was turning into annoyance for not having enough.

He began to touch her body as if washing it with slippery bathwater from the bath bomb. Starting from her legs, the farthest from his hand, he caressed and then massaged as if rubbing her skin with his entire palm, then tickling her feet with his toes.

Rachel’s murmuring against his neck, whether from sensation or simply enjoying his touch, spread a wave of heat through him.

The warmth starting from his eyes gradually spread, and as it did, his touch slowly changed. The exhausted Rachel didn’t immediately notice his change. She didn’t realize where his increasingly intense fingertips were heading, even though they seemed to move slowly.

Lucian bit the soft lobe of Rachel’s ear, which was close to his face. It was then that Rachel opened her eyes she had kept shut.


“Yes, Ray.”

Her eyes shut tightly again at the sound of his low voice right by her ear. The voice was so deep and had carnal desire that it sent shivers down her spine.

It was blatant.

The proof of this was the hot, moist sensation invading her ear.

His hand, which had been gently caressing her body, now tightly grasped her lower half while the other wrapped around her upper body.


Trapped under his chin, Rachel could only blink her eyes. Then, his deep voice directly infiltrated her eardrums.

“But Ray… why did you leave me behind?”

It was a question she hadn’t expected to hear in such a space where she couldn’t avoid him. Struck with confusion and unable to utter a word, her lips just quivered.

As his voice filled with unquenched thirst, he poured into her ear.

Haa, stop provoking me like that. Why did you leave me?”

“What! Why would I leave you?”

Rachel tried to lift her head when he said that she left him, though she was immobilized, gripped by her thighs, waist, and face. The earlobe was sucked into the warmth of his mouth and then released. Each time it was bitten gently, it caused her toes to curl.

“That’s leaving. You left me when I was sick.”

“That’s not it… I was just angry at that time…”

Unable to move, Rachel eventually began to make excuses.

“No, d*mn it… No, I mean, Cassandra attacked you, right? I thought it was safer to stay away from you, and maybe I could find a way to get rid of her. Why would I leave you? Why would you say that?”

As she rapidly spoke, the hot breath between her lips seemed to unfocus Lucian’s eyes further. He gently nibbled her earlobe with the tip of his teeth. He wanted to do something right then but also wanted to hear her continuous chattering.

So, he just listened quietly.

“What about you? What were you thinking, handing over your body to Enzo? Are you crazy?”

The topic shifted from her defense to an accusation against Lucian. The more Rachel thought, the more she became increasingly exasperated, and she spoke rapidly.

“Do you know how extraordinary that guy is? I almost got deceived. How could he mimic you so perfectly? They say wizards are smart, and it’s true. He replicated your expressions, gaze, and actions…”

As she recalled the memories, Rachel rambled on. With that, Lucian’s relaxed eyes sharpened gradually.

The moment his composed lips twisted, water overflowed from the bathtub. Lucian turned his body, lifting Rachel by her hips and raising her upper body. Seating her at the edge of the bathtub, he knelt down and gazed sharply at her.

In response, Rachel finally stopped her incessant talking.

Although the bathtub was spacious and sturdy enough for both of them, the spot where Rachel sat was narrow. Perched precariously, she held onto his shoulders for support.

Lucian, with Rachel’s ankles submerged in the water, grasped them firmly and looked at her intently.

“So, you almost mistook him for me?”

His voice came out rough, and as if scraping his throat, was enough to tense Rachel up. She made excuses as she rolled her eyes around.

“No, I almost did.”

Trying to lighten the mood with a playful tap on his shoulder, Lucian’s eyebrows didn’t seem to yield. Annoyed, he slowly lifted the ankle he was holding.


As her balance shifted backward, Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning her upper body towards him.

This brought his handsome face close to hers.

Their noses were almost touching, and Lucian slowly lifted one corner of his mouth. He draped her slender ankle over the edge of the bathtub, bringing Rachel even closer to him. Unlike him, who was free to move, she was stuck, unable to do anything.

His stomach was twisted by jealousy.

Lucian pressed firmly into her pale skin with his fingertips, rubbing his nose against hers and whispering.

“What did you talk about with Enzo?”

“Not much.”

Sweat formed on Rachel’s back. She knew too well how persistent Lucian could be with his madness-like gaze. As she attempted to awkwardly deflect the situation, he gently bit and then released the tip of her nose.

“But how do you know he’s smart and almost mistook him for me? What exactly happened?”

His voice dropped the temperature in the steamy bathroom. Rachel couldn’t tell the truth. How could she say that Enzo might have been her lover from her distant past, a memory she couldn’t even recall?

Lucian, who received no answer, licked her tightly closed lips with his tongue.

“Ah, Luci…”

Her voice quickly turned sweet. Lucian slowly traced her sunken collarbone with his fingertips. Instead of being more aggressive, his touches were more tickling.

The touch, which was more intimidating than any demand for an answer, made Rachel bite her lip. She had a vague premonition that Lucian wouldn’t stop tormenting her until she spoke.

He bunched her soft skin and sucked it into his mouth, then nibbled it gently with his teeth. At the same time, his fingers played over her body. Sometimes tapping like playing the piano, sometimes gripping strongly and then releasing.

He didn’t provide direct pleasure. His touch was like a lightly blowing spring breeze, leaving Rachel feeling ticklish yet experiencing a subtle sensation.

Unable to twist her body or speak honestly, her eyes reddened with frustration.

Lucian blatantly stared at her flushed face and stuck out his tongue. As he moved up her neck, following the trail of water, Rachel closed her eyes in surrender, overwhelmed by the provocative sight.