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“Helka, actually, one of the females here suggested I should take this with me. Why do you think that is? She gave it to me as a reward for reviving the tree here. But my powers returned on their own, eventually.”

“You probably know better than I do.”

“I don’t know. Tell me.”

The conversation came to a halt.

Usually, Helka responded quickly to questions, but this seemed to be a complex issue.

As Jiwoo played with Helka’s long hair and drifted back to sleep, Helka finally came up with an answer after some contemplation.

“She hoped you could be happy, even if you never met us.”

“That’s the same thing you said before…”

“I’m still too young to understand the female’s thoughts.”

Helka made a shameless remark, despite living for a thousand years, causing Jiwoo to laugh.

“It wouldn’t hurt to keep it, would it?”

“Perhaps not.”

After a moment of thought, Jiwoo leaned comfortably against Helka again.

“You see, Helka?”


“….. loved me right.”

It didn’t matter who initiated it or how their mutual feelings developed. Knowing Helka wouldn’t ask, perhaps because he included himself in that sentiment.

“So… it would be possible to pass any test I give right. Do you really think that’s possible?”

Callan had said he didn’t understand love, so he would only attempt what he thought was love. If it didn’t suit him, he could simply discard it.

Is it the intention or the action that matters?

No matter how desperate the feelings, if they’re not shown, it’s futile.

Coming to this world, Jiwoo didn’t deny being loved by Aleph, yet she was hurt and ultimately lost her will to live. Because she doubted him.

Her doubts led to unhappiness, but they didn’t blame Jiwoo for it. They simply offered their hands, ensuring her happiness even if she didn’t change.

But for how long? How long could they maintain that?

Helka didn’t answer that question.

“Then, wouldn’t it be wise to keep it as insurance?”

Instead, he said this.

“If you grow tired of this life, you may one day return. If life becomes too dull, or if we disappoint you…”

“Do you think you’ll disappoint me?”


“Then it’s not needed.”

Reaching out to the bird sitting on her knee, which then affectionately nuzzled her finger, she pondered if this truly was insurance.

If it had to be named, it would be ‘lingering’ regret.’

Whether it’s the original world or Caranazion.

And then…

Jiwoo released the bird into the air. It flew around the star-filled night sky before returning. The warmth emanating from the light as it settled back on her shoulder was indeed comforting.

* * *

Time flew by swiftly.

Before long, a rich autumn red had painted the lands of El Ragneil. The earth, once filled with fresh scents, now carried the fragrance of falling leaves, harvest-season fruits, and grains.

When the last summer rain left the earth still damp, Jiwoo was ready for her wedding ceremony.


“Happy for you.”

“Thank you.”

As usual, a crowd gathered on the hill in front of the pristine Ellandos. Those who were not her husbands congratulated her, each bringing modest gifts.

They were a group that had awaited Jiwoo’s recovery and assisted in rebuilding the village, eagerly anticipating the wedding more than anyone.

Standing next to Jiwoo while receiving greetings, Lanceil appeared somewhat tense.

“It seems rare for so many groups to gather for a wedding ceremony.”

“They must be waiting for something. Things will get busier after today.”


Jiwoo scanned the crowd and was surprised to recognize a familiar face.

She never thought that he was still here.


Noticing Jiwoo’s gaze, he flashed a bright smile.

“I thought your business here was finished.”

“You’re saying such regrettable things.”

Asillion shook his head with both hands up, his demeanor unashamedly brazen.


He leaned in to whisper in Jiwoo’s ear.

“There’s also a female who has revived two trees.”


“Isn’t that obvious?”

Turning towards the source of the irritated voice, Jiwoo saw Callan smirking.

“Don’t make unnecessary comments at someone else’s wedding.”

“Oh, you heard?”

“After saying it loud enough for everyone. Seo Jiwoo, come here. Your hair ornament is disarrayed.”

Using the ornament as an excuse, Callan whisked Jiwoo away from Asillion.

As he adjusted the ornament nestled in her hair, Callan murmured.

“…That one is quite the fox. Don’t listen to him.”

“But is it true? Reviving two?”

“It shouldn’t be. Just to get you jealous.”

This person was terrible at lying. He didn’t outright deny so maybe there might be some truth to it.

As he was finishing up, Tevon and Enci approached.

“Ah, we’ve waited so long. Now that this is over, Seo Jiwoo is entirely ours, right?”


“…Now those flies won’t swarm around anymore.”

“This fly is hearing all this.”

“Hey! Scram!”

Asillion, pretending to be oblivious just for the fun of it, and the husbands, foolishly trying to ward him off. All of it was so delightful that Jiwoo couldn’t help but giggle.

“Hm. What should we do now? We’ve greeted everyone.”

“Normally, wedding ceremonies aren’t this drawn out. It’s just one confirmation, but it got delayed because of the crowd.”

Here, unlike the lengthy first night and engagement, the wedding itself was not supposed to be long.

“What do we need to do?”

Helka pointed towards Ellandos.

“Just walk over there alone.”

“It reminds me of the time I saved Asillion’s tree.”

At that, Callan got angry.

“That’s why I’m telling you he’s really cunning like a fox.”

“Was that fight back then because of this?”

“Ah, you saw that? Well, yes…”

“Don’t say anything.”

“Does saying make any difference? Honestly, he just does whatever he wants, right?”

Tevon interjected.

“Exactly. He acts on his own whims.”

“Are you two ganging up on me?”

Jiwoo laughed and then asked.

“So, what should I do when I get there?”

Enci answered.

“Well… It’s not that complicated. Just say something like you accept us or you’ll live here… Anything that sounds like an acceptance will do.”

“Do I have to say it out loud?”

“Not necessarily. You can just touch it once, and the tree will respond.”

“I think I understand.”

With that, Jiwoo felt there was something she wanted to show more than just say.

She had planned to show it separately, but now seemed like the right time.

“I’ll be back soon.”

“Take care.”

Jiwoo started walking. The men watched her from behind, and only the white bird on her shoulder accompanied her.

As Jiwoo approached Ellandos, she thought of only one thing.

There had been times she dreamt of a fantastical love.

Then, there were times she believed the emotion called love was nothing but a fantasy.

Her steps were light. Reaching the tree swiftly, Jiwoo turned around and said.

“I have something I want to show you.”

As she spoke, the men looking at her perked their ears, seemingly able to hear despite the distance. A smile naturally formed on her face.

There was a time where she staked everything on a mere fragment of emotion and regretted it, she thought she would never feel such a thing again.

What those who claimed to be unchanging had shown her was change.

An emotion that makes the timid bold, the wise foolish, the calculating devoted, and the impulsive hesitant.

And now, what she wanted to show was…