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Seeing Zion, who looked exactly like Ignis, Stella quickly got out of bed and wrapped her arms around him.

“Brother! I missed you…”

Karentina felt sorry for the child as she sobbed while tears like pearls dripped down her cheeks. On the other hand, taken aback by Stella’s sudden behavior, Zion couldn’t move and just kept his mouth shut.

[ K-Karen, do something about her. ]

Karentina sighed deeply as she watched Zion desperately ask for help.

‘How do I explain this? Stella would be disappointed when she finds out it wasn’t Ignis.’

At the thought, she lowered her body as she looked at the child clinging to Zion’s leg.

“Your Highness, actually… This isn’t His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”

“N-Not my brother? But he looks exactly like him?”

Stella blinked her large eyes in disbelief.

“Ah… the hair and eye color…”

She continued carefully wiping away the child’s tears.

“He’s a magical doll that moves like the rabbit doll Leah. His name is Zion.”


Stella looked up at Zion with teary eyes.

“P-please, let go now, Your Highness.”

Fortunately, Zion didn’t engage in any improper behavior.

“Does this doll talk?”

“Yes. Zion is a bit of a special doll.”

Stella, whose shoulders were slumped, still held onto Zion tightly.

“It feels like I’m with my brother. I like Zion.”

[ Karen! Hurry up! Help! ]

Looking at Stella, who looked like she had found her lost beloved doll, she responded to Zion.

‘I can’t help it, Zion. Please take care of Stella for me until Ignis comes back.’

[ …. ]

Zion looked like he wanted to go back to the soul stone again.



̊ · : * ✧* : · ̊



Thanks to Leah’s accurate prescription, Stella’s illness gradually recovered, and three more days passed.

Perhaps the head butler and Timothia had devised a meticulous plan, but the return of the employees was slower than expected.

‘In the original story, I wasn’t a variable.’

While I was relieved that I was still making good use of the information from the original story well, at the same time, I was also concerned about what was about the content that would soon begin. There were too many obstacles to overcome.

It was when Karentina pressed her throbbing forehead…

Knock, knock, knock.

The door opened slightly with a cute knocking sound.

“Karen, are you busy?”

Stella, holding Leah tightly in her arms, peeked her face out. With her honey-like blonde hair parted in two sections and wearing a cream-colored nightgown adorned with lace, she looked absolutely adorable, like a fairy.

‘I don’t know who the doll is. How can she be so cute?’

Karentina barely managed to resist the urge to touch Stella’s soft cheeks.

‘Adorable. So cute it’s harmful to the heart.’

At the same time, her heart felt at ease as she wondered if the northern food suited Stella’s taste after seeing her complexion.

Stella seemed to follow Karentina particularly, perhaps because she knew that she had saved her life. She followed her around like a newly hatched duckling.

‘She seems shy to other people.’

Although she wondered why the child liked her so much, Stella’s cuteness was too overwhelming for her to think about such things.

“It’s almost done.”

In the meanwhile, Gemma had a troubled expression on her face.

“Karen, well…”

“Do you have something to ask?”

‘Is there something she wants to eat?’’

When Karentina tilted her head, Stella hesitated and opened her mouth.

“Ung. Can I sleep with Karen tonight? I’m feeling much better now.”

“Yes? But…”

When she turned her gaze to Gemma, who was beside Stella, she nodded her head with an apologetic look.

“Her Highness Stella has sung a song about wanting to sleep with Young Lady Karentina. If it’s all right with the Princess, may I ask you to take care of Her Highness for the night?”

Oh, my goddess! What an unexpected request… being able to sleep holding this soft and cute face!

“It would be my honor.”