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“….Alright, everyone, back to your duties.”

I nodded silently in response to everyone’s greetings as I left the entrance. Even after all these years, I still wasn’t quite used to the adoration and trust showered upon me.

“Of course, our lord is very popular.”

Charlotte, who closely followed me, chuckled as she spoke. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the admiration directed towards me. Sometimes, she’d even say that she had lived all her life for this day, despite being only twenty-five.

“I still find this atmosphere strange, Charlotte.”

“It’s about time you get used to it! Viscount, you are the contractor of three spirits! The only one, the first in this world!”

“Charlotte, as I’ve repeatedly said, it’s not the first… There was a hero in the mythical era who―”

“Ah, but that’s a story from thousands of years ago, Viscount!”

Charlotte and I always got along like close friends. Today was no different as we playfully argued, but someone’s laughter interrupted us.

Turning toward the source, I saw Harriet, the master of the ‘Forest Wind’ guild, holding his stomach and laughing.

Noticing my gaze, he immediately straightened up and greeted me with impeccable manners, although…

“Hariette, dare you laugh at the Viscount?”

“It was just a laugh― Ouch! Why hit me? The chief handmaid is lethal! Can you really abuse your power like this?”

As expected, he could not escape Charlotte’s anger. Watching Charlotte hit Harriet’s back while he helplessly took the blows, I simply shook my head. It was a common sight.

“And with that attitude, who would ever marry you? A brute like you?”

“Why don’t you get married? An old bachelor like you and even older than me!”

I passed by the quarreling pair, shaking my head in disapproval. They might end up falling for each other at this rate.

“And I’m not getting married. I’ll serve the Viscount for life… Oh? Viscount! Let’s go together!”

As I climbed into the carriage first, Charlotte hurried after me. Then, unexpectedly, Harriet leaped up to the coachman’s seat.


Charlotte voiced the confusion I felt.

“What’s going on? Where did the coachman go and why are you climbing up there?”

Harriet responded with a relaxed air.

“Today, I am your coachman. Viscount Arendelle, Chief HandMaid. I’ll ensure your safety.”

“No way! No! Get down!”

Ignoring Charlotte’s protests, Harriet started the carriage. The absurdity of the situation was so amusing that I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Harriet often showed up out of the blue like this to lend a hand or present some rare find as a gift.

Honestly, it seemed like he was doing all this to impress Charlotte more than anything.

“Viscount, did you find the medicinal herbs I gave you last time useful?”

“Yes, they were good. Thank you for your kindness.”

“It’s nothing. Next time, I’ll bring even better herbs. You need to stay healthy and live a long life.”

It was obvious he was trying to score points with Charlotte even now.

Most of the gifts he brought were beneficial for health or rare delicacies from the eastern continents…

He knew too well that Charlotte wouldn’t appreciate luxury gifts.

“But Harriet?”


“When are you planning to get married?”

I decided to tease Harriet a little as a way to get back at him for teasing Charlotte. A loud cough came from the coachman’s seat, followed by Harriet’s flustered voice.

“I should soon! Haha… I just haven’t met the right person yet…”

“Really? Would you like me to introduce you to someone?”

“What? N, no! I couldn’t possibly trouble the Viscount with that! Yes, of course, haha…”

“Hmm… Do you have someone in mind?”

At that moment, the carriage jolted violently. Charlotte complained loudly

“Hey! I thought you were going to ensure a safe ride!”

Harriet’s voice, likely drenched in sweat, followed.

“No, it’s just there was a large stone on the road… I apologize, Viscount.”

“No worries, it’s fine. But―”

“I, I don’t have anyone in mind!”

It seemed like Harriet’s voice quivered a bit, but perhaps I was mistaken. I decided to stop teasing him, fearing he might actually start crying.

Charlotte, who was blissfully unaware of the situation, jeered.

“Right, that guy only cares about work he probably doesn’t have time to date anyone.”

I glanced between Charlotte and Harriet with a look of pity.

Well… It’s their problem to figure out.


Shortly after, the carriage arrived at our destination.

It was the first village we had planned to visit today.