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Watching Allure sigh in relief, Isillis smiled lightly.

“Etort Harbor is indeed a challenging area to maneuver in.”

“It is Your Majesty who is extraordinary.”

How many wizards could operate their magic without clashing with the founding emperor’s magic? Feeling his body rejuvenate as soon as he boarded the ship, Allure opened up again.

“Shall we set sail immediately?”

“Let’s prepare first and stay here for now.”

“On the… ship?”

“Of course. Handle whatever you can with magic and forbid going outside the ship.”

“Even if you told me to go, I wouldn’t.”

Laughing at Allure’s comment asking why he would leave this comfortable place, Isillis admired the sparkling sea.

She cast a levitation spell and lightly descended onto the sea, touching the water with her foot. The ripples around her spread into a beautiful circle of golden light. She looked on contentedly. It was truly beautiful.

‘I should bring Erica here next time.’

After tapping the water a few more times, Isillis lifted her head, feeling the gazes on her. The wizards were watching her, and she saw a ship approaching from the opposite side. It was from the Maritime Empire.

“Hmm, they got anxious.”

There was undoubtedly a significant issue in the Maritime Empire for them to act this way. What could it be? As Isillis stood still, Allure flew towards her.

“Your Majesty.”

“It’s fine, just stay still.”

She watched the approaching ship, which then halted in front of her.

“Are you the empress of Larchen?”

“If you’re asking if I rule Larchen, then yes, that’s me.”

“I am Fabrice Ipfaf, admiral of the Maritime Empire. It’s an honor to meet the empress of Larchen.”

Isillis snorted at the man who stood at the bow, removing his hat in greeting.

“Quite polite for those who were protesting for my appearance.”

“We were in urgent circumstances.”

It did seem urgent.

The moment Isillis revealed herself, they couldn’t wait and brought the ship to her, with the admiral of the Maritime Empire appearing in person, indicating the severity of their issue.

“We are not in such a hurry here, so you may return in three days.”


“We have yet to conduct our departure ceremony, so come back in three days.”

She said with a commanding presence as she raised her head.

“It is not acceptable…”

“If you have a request, you should have sent someone quietly. Instead, you brought an army in protest. And yet you dare to create such an atmosphere at the border of Larchen. Should I still be lenient towards you after all this?”

Her firm words caused a stir among the people of the Maritime Empire. Their murmuring complaints were silenced by Fabrice with a light gesture of his hand. Watching the Maritime Empire’s people close their mouths at Fabrice’s signal, Isillis inwardly admired him.

‘To possess such command.’

Well, to roam the seas, one would indeed need to possess that level of authority. Suppressing the thought, she waited for Fabrice’s next words.

The sea breeze felt pleasant… It was characteristic of Etort, her beloved harbor city.

“Did you say three days?”

“Three days.”

“Waiting three days is difficult for us. How about two days later?”


Though she appeared contemplative, Isillis had come here intending to listen to their request. Meeting without any resentment seemed a better option, so she nodded.


“I express my gratitude for the Empress’s leniency.”

Fabrice bowed again, and Isillis nodded in response. His approach left her no room for further reprimand. They had only pushed forward with their ships, not attacked, and both Isillis and Fabrice knew there was no need to be unnecessarily rude.

“Then, in two days.”

“We’ll meet in two days.”

Watching Fabrice sail away, Isillis had a hunch. She sensed he would return that very night.

…And her intuition turned into reality.

It was a late night when she couldn’t sleep. She had been accustomed to falling asleep in Berthas’s warmth, so a night alone felt unusually long.

Struggling to find sleep, she stepped out of her cabin.

“What is troubling you, Your Majesty?”

Allure, who was on guard, sprang to his feet upon sensing her presence. Seeing his tired form, Isillis waved him off.

“I’ll take over the watch tonight. Go in and rest.”

“Your Majesty.”

“You must be tired from our day in the port city.”

“That applies to you as well…”

“To compare me with a wizard like yourself… That’s quite an insult to my pride.”

Her casual response prompted Allure to bow.

Having arrived at the harbor city via a magic circle and experiencing the oppression of magic that exhausted the other wizards due to their generally poor stamina, Allure was the only one still guarding her quarters.

Praising his loyalty, she issued another command.

“Go in and rest, Allure. This is my order.”


After ensuring Allure had entered his quarters, Isillis stepped onto the deck. The surface of the water, reflected by the bright moonlight, was beautiful. Though she had seen the sea during the day, the sea by night felt different.

[ Help me. ]

Someone’s voice reached her. Hearing a voice calling for her, Isillis looked out towards the open sea again. As she walked on the dark waters, the guards on watch looked at her in alarm, but she reassured them with a wave of her hand.

Walking on the black sea, she pondered.

‘…What could it be? What’s happening that the Maritime Empire seeks me out, and who keeps calling my name, referring to me as a child? Who is asking for help?’

Lost in thought, she heard a voice from behind.

“The Empress of Larchen seems to lack caution.”

“No one can harm me here on the sea, not even the Maritime Empire’s admiral. Are you looking to fight me here?”

Her warning tone made Fabrice close his mouth as Isillis laughed.

“What brings you here? The promised two days have not yet passed.”

“It’s urgent. Really.”

She snorted at Fabrice’s frown.

“I know it’s urgent, and that’s why I’m here, but isn’t it too forceful for someone who’s asking for a favor?”

“So, what do you suggest? Should I beg?”

“If begging is what it takes to ensure the safety of your nation, then so be it.”

At her words, Fabrice scowled. She easily met his scrutinizing gaze with a light-hearted laugh, causing Fabrice to shrug in defeat. It seemed he had something important to say, given that he had come alone on the ship, and she had willingly followed his lead to come out to sea.

“You haven’t changed a bit since we were young.”

“Nonsense. You’re one to talk.”

Isillis smiled brightly at the old friend she had reunited with.