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Cahill spread Holly’s buttocks with both hands, the tightly stretched entrance visibly engulfing his dark-red member. He wet his dry lips with his tongue, kneading her round buttocks.

“Now… revealing that you’re a woman would be problematic, wouldn’t it?”

Sailors had a habit of boasting about their unusual adventures to others. A story about a woman who had disguised herself as a man to escape aboard a ship would certainly be a tantalizing tale for them.

“Ah, I don’t want that…”

Even through the fog of pleasure, Holly managed to have such a realistic concern. She bit her lip to suppress her moans.

“You don’t mean you don’t want me, right?”

He wrapped his arms around her back and whispered in her ear, his tongue licking her earlobe and nibbling it inside his mouth. Holly shook her head vigorously to dislodge the annoying tongue.

Cahill, frustrated by her inaudible response, thrust his hips forcefully.


A sharp moan escaped her lips as the intense stimulation made her inner walls tighten around him as if to burst. He frowned, holding back his climax.

“I like it… Holly.”


“I said I’d make you hear it until it echoes in your ears.”

Cahill spoke leisurely and thrusted deeply. The tip brushed against her peak, causing her inner walls to contract tightly.

Haa, good…”

While Holly’s waist stiffened in his grip as she breathed heavily, he had no intention of allowing her the leisure to reach her climax yet.

“We’re not done yet.”

Cahill laid Holly down on the floor and turned her around.

Ung…! Just a little, rest…”

As her body was turned, the flesh inside her twisted, scraping the sensitive inner walls.

Ahhk! Ah… Cahill.”

The intense stimulation drained the strength from her waist. She leaned forward, grabbing the doorknob as if hanging on to it.


* * *


Holly pressed her cheek against the cold door and moaned. Her mind was a mess, incapable of coherent thought. She couldn’t tell how much time had passed or how many times she had climaxed.

“Holly. Move your hips more.”

The beast behind her seemed to have no conscience, whipping the exhausted her as she took him in.

Uht, no more, I can’t, huhk… can’t”

Holly sobbed, shaking her head. Yet, unwittingly, she was moving her hips. It was because of Cahill slowly rubbing the sensitive part of her with his thick penis.


As he trailed kisses along the curve of her back, not forgetting to leave bite marks intermittently, he looked at her flushed red back with a satisfied smile.

Hu-uhk, it’s too much… Just a moment.”

“It was you who tempted me.”

Cahill reached forward, rubbing her cl*t with his fingers. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh continued.

Uht, ah!

Catching her breasts that were swinging in the air, he roughly kneaded them, causing her to release continuous moans.

Ahht… quickly, Cahill.”

Holly spoke between sobs, tightening her lower abdomen. She thought it best to give her all and end it quickly if she had to keep moving breathlessly anyway.

“No, don’t tighten up.”

Nonetheless, he had no intention of ending it soon. He slapped her buttocks gently, speaking with a hoarse voice.

“It’ll get weird… if you do more.”

Tears dropped from her eyes. Her face looked terrified, with a strange light circling in Cahill’s eyes. His lower body hardened again. He pulled her waist towards him and thrust his pillar deep inside her.

Aaht! Why…!”

Holly couldn’t continue her words due to the rapid thrusting.

“I lost my mind a long time ago.”

Cahill gasped out the words.

‘That’s been the case since we first met.’

She bit her lip, grumbling to herself without making a sound.


* * *


The moans that filled the cramped room finally ceased. Yet, Holly still leaned against the door, resting in his embrace. Cahill, holding her from behind, gently caressed her stomach with slow hands.

“I want to fill you up with my c*m.”

As he gazed at the milky liquid trickling down her thigh with a look of regret, her face turned pale in response.

“N, no, that can’t happen…”

“Right. We should get married first.”

He chimed in, matching her words, and kissed her on the cheek. His response made her eyes widen in surprise.

“The wedding will be grand, so grand that even the speechless toddlers will know Holly is my woman.”

His silver-gray eyes sparkled as if dreaming. Holly, surprised by his words, stared at him, lost in thought. She believed that not even the stars in the sky could outshine his beauty.

He noticed her dazed look and smiled gently.

“You, more than anyone else, should know.”

Holly had a puzzled expression, unsure of what he meant.

Cahill lifted her hand and brushed his lips against the back of it. His lips had cooled surprisingly fast. She flinched involuntarily, and he tightened his grip on her hand.

“I didn’t expect to be the one chasing warmth.”

As she glanced up unintentionally and met his gaze, she inhaled sharply while blinking. Cahill narrowed his eyes, observing her puzzled face.

“You can keep pretending not to know if you want.”

He spoke nonchalantly.

“I’ll keep chasing after you.”

He added confidently.

At that moment, a certain scene flashed through her mind. It was Cahill, without his trousers, chasing after assassins with his manhood swinging about. The thought that she might become the target of such a chase whitened her face.

“Don’t go, I’m not running away.”

She grabbed his hand in desperation. This time, Cahill was the one surprised.

“In our kingdom, you can do whatever you want.”

Holly was recalling a conversation she had had with Badin in the land of spirits.

“If His Highness Cahill wishes to keep someone by his side, he can very well do so, whether that person is a commoner or a serf.”

The Cahill that she knew was headstrong, paying no mind to others’ opinions and doing whatever he wanted. Even Adam, who had disliked her, had no choice but to accept her because Cahill had declared he would become king for her sake.

‘…Why am I hesitating?’

Holly found her own reluctance to put a definitive end to her relationship with him unbearable. A determined spark lit up in her eyes.

“I don’t need the widest bed in Aisen.”

Finally, she spoke up. Cahill attempted to respond with a look of unease, but Holly was quicker.

“Sleeping tightly embraced in a narrow bed is much better.”

She pulled his arms to wrap him in an embrace.

‘Why isn’t there any reaction?’

She blinked, her cheeks burning, as she buried her face in Cahill’s shoulder. She had expected him to be thrilled by her words, to shout with joy or hug her so tightly that it took her breath away, yet he remained motionless in her arms for a long while.

‘…Did I hug him for no reason?’

Frustration grew as she couldn’t see Cahill’s face. Even though she felt her heart racing, it was nothing compared to the intense beating she felt against her chest.


At last, he called out her name in a deep, grave tone.

Holly stiffened. A sense of tension made her straighten her posture. She was taken aback by the weight in his voice, which was different from usual.