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I often went out to inspect the domain. Seeing firsthand that the people of the domain were living well without any hardships was an important part of my duties as a lord.

“Ah, if it isn’t our lord!”

“Welcome, my lord!”

“Hello, my lord.”

“From our garden, we’ve harvested some very fresh and tasty parsnips, please take some with you.”

As soon as I entered the village, people rushed over to greet me warmly. I preferred to govern with a gentle hand rather than with authority, and perhaps because of that, my inspections always created such a positive atmosphere.

“It’s reassuring to see everyone looking so healthy. No troubles, I hope?”

“Oh, how could there be? Thanks to you, my lord, we’re living in peace!”

“Indeed, before you arrived, every day was like walking through a thorny path…”

The people of Brianne were deeply grateful to have me, a spirit contractor, as their protector. Furthermore, I could see in their eyes and attitudes how much they valued me.

That’s why, every time I met with them, my heart felt touched. Being trusted and loved by so many was such a heartwarming experience.

“Oh, right, my lord! Will you be opening the hall for the spring ball again this year? My daughter has been looking forward to it, haha.”

“Of course, we will have it.”

No sooner had I responded than a woman’s daughter next to her let out a cheer. But when our eyes met, she quickly hid behind her mother.

Peeking out from behind her mother and stealing glances at me, she was so cute I couldn’t help but smile.

“My lord, it’s time to head to the next village.”

After spending about an hour chatting with the villagers, Charlotte whispered softly in my ear. Nodding in response instead of speaking, I smiled at the villagers.

“I must be going now. Take care and stay healthy.”

“Are you leaving already…?”

“My lord, don’t mind us, please go on… It’s not right to hold up someone as busy as you.”

“Goodbye, my lord.”

“Take care!”

“Thank you always, my lord.”

With the villagers’ farewells, I got back into the carriage. As usual, Harriet, who had volunteered to be the coachman, started the carriage, and we headed straight for the next village.


Brianne was a fortified city with a total of 27 villages centered around Arendelle Castle as its heart.

Considering that Veronis was comprised of far more cities and villages, Brianne could be considered quite small in scale.

Yet, inspecting the entire domain could easily take up an entire day.

“Wow, the day has already come to an end.”

On our way back from inspecting the 27th village, the sun began to set just as we were entering the city fortress. Charlotte, looking out the window and rubbing her stomach, muttered.

“I’m starving…”

I struggled to keep a straight face as I responded.

“Let’s make one last stop before we head back. The chef said he’s preparing something special tonight, so just hold on a little longer.”

“The chef is always preparing something special, all in the name of nourishing food for you. Thanks to that, I’ve put on some weight too.”

Charlotte pulled at her cheeks to show me. To my eyes, she looked no different than before… Maybe even a bit more pleasant? I tilted my head, gazing at her before speaking.

“You remind me of a plump, cute squirrel.”

“What? That can’t be… I really am overweight, aren’t I!”

Unable to believe it, Charlotte quickly pulled out a hand mirror. I meant it as a compliment, but it seemed my words didn’t reach her as she intended. As she decided to eat only salads from today on, I watched her with a faint smile. Once at the table, she’ll eat well as she always does. Charlotte has always been like that.

“We’ve arrived~!”

Not long after, we reached our final destination for the day. As soon as the carriage door opened, Harriet appeared out of nowhere and politely offered his hand. I chuckled and took his hand to step down.

“Thank you.”

“Not at all.”

Harriet also helped Charlotte down from the carriage. That was probably his main intention all along. Harriet, unusually cautious of Charlotte’s reaction, hesitated before whispering softly.

“You haven’t gained weight at all. You’re just, just cute.”

Uweck, what the heck are you talking about?”

Charlotte was shocked to be called cute by Harriet. As she scolded him, asking if he had eaten something strange, Harriet looked a bit downhearted. …It’s really up to them, but… Should I lend a hand? My worries deepened.

“Ah, you’ve arrived! Please, come in, Viscount, and your companions.”

The person who greeted us at the entrance of the two-story wooden house was none other than the second son of Mrs. Naillo. And this place was, indeed, the Naillo mansion.

“Mother has been eagerly waiting for you. She always counts the days until your visit.”

Following him through the hallway of the mansion to the inner chamber, we arrived at Mrs. Naillo’s quarters, where, as usual, she was sitting on her bed awaiting our visit.

Although Mrs. Naillo was frail and suffering from chronic illness, she always had a bright smile. When she saw me, she greeted us warmly.

“The Viscount has come, and Lady Charlotte too. And who is this beside you… Lady Charlotte’s fiance, perhaps?”

“What?! Absolutely not! We’re just friends!”

Startled by Mrs. Naillo’s assumption, Charlotte frantically waved her hands in denial. Harriet, standing beside Charlotte, could only offer a lifeless smile.

“Is that so? Such a handsome young man. What a shame. Hohoho.”