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Lucian held Rachel’s slender waist and rubbed his face against her soft skin.

The sensation of his touch on her damp, porcelain skin was cool and almost addictive. The more he did this, the more Rachel squirmed, grasping his hair tightly. Each time his face rubbed against hers, the touch of his lips felt unbearably hot, prompting Rachel to part her quivering lips.

“…It seems Enzo’s lover was the Saint.”

At her abruptly spoken words, the busy movement of Lucian’s head came to an abrupt halt.

His gaze lifted, pausing the kisses he was stamping on her pale skin. Without a word, his eyes opened sharply, and he, too, was red from his face to his neck. The redness around his eyes was especially prominent, giving a decadent feeling.

“Wait, wait a moment.”

With a kiss sound, Lucian stopped and finally spoke.

“What does that mean? Explain it to me in detail.”

Rachel truly didn’t want to talk about it. What was the point of discussing a past that was long gone, especially when she could predict how he would react?

Moreover, she was a bit spiteful.

Why should she be the only one to reveal everything?

“Luci, you didn’t tell me about my healing abilities. You often act without speaking, so why should I tell you everything? It’s all in the past, isn’t it?”

At her words, Lucian slowly moved his eyelids and then burst into a chuckle.

“Fine. If you don’t want to talk, then don’t.”

Rachel was the one taken aback by his unexpected response.



After his brief reply, he lowered his lips again, this time to the flowing, curved nape of her neck. Rachel’s face was red once more. Clutching Lucian’s shoulders while his hands massaged her body here and there, Rachel pleaded.

“I’ll tell you! Ung? Luci, ah…”

The dizzying sensation made Rachel feel like she might lose her mind.

As he gripped her white calves, the back of his hand, with its blue veins, caught her eye strikingly. Soon, various sounds began to fill the bathroom. Along with the visual stimuli, the sounds enveloping her ears seemed to blur her vision.

As her body warmed up from the chill of the water, she felt a pleasure so intense it left her breathless.

Lucian left kisses on her neck.

The spots where he touched turned red as if burned.

Her body became a pure white canvas, and he, unable to take his eyes off the canvas, became a passionate painter—sometimes leaving rough brush strokes, other times using delicate touches. Like an artist lost in madness, his affectionate gestures and kisses left Rachel’s body helplessly crumbling.

Kiss. The touch of his hot lips enveloped her lower lip, pressing down gently.


The flesh that invaded with his breath tickled the roof of her mouth before pressing firmly against the inside of her cheeks.

The rising pleasure softly rubbed against her still tongue, then swirled it around.

Rachel firmly grasped the wet and dark hair firmly. She turned her head to respond, and their lips locked tightly. They entwined together and made a sticky sound.


As their deeply locked lips parted, a silvery thread stretched between them.

Before the saliva could break, Lucian bit her cheek gently. He looked like he wanted to consume all of Rachel; his focus was long since gone. He was more excited than her.

He suddenly pressed his lips against her eyelids.

Her body, which was as sweet as a sugar sculpture, made it impossible for him to detach his mouth from any part of her. Her dense emerald eyelashes fluttered slowly in embarrassment.

“Luci, no…”

The intensifying sensations made Rachel’s ears feel like they were ringing. Normally, they would hold hands, but today felt distinctly different. After discovering that such pleasure could come from fingers and lips, she felt her eyes grow hot.

A feeling of embarrassment and satisfaction coexisted, causing her to unwittingly shed tears.

But even her tears were consumed by Lucian’s mouth. With his focus lost, he frantically lapped up her tears.


Finally, as the pleasure seemed to subside, Rachel’s body relaxed, drained of strength.

Lucian caught her delicate body as it leaned back slowly. Whoosh, his wet body glistened under the magic light, unlike hers. His solid, contoured muscles reflected the light and rippled.

Stepping out of the bathtub, he pushed Rachel against the wall. The cold wall sent shivers down her spine. With her legs crossed around his waist, feeling she might fall, she wrapped her arms around his neck and spoke with a trembling voice.

“Let’s, let’s go to the bed, okay?”

Despite her plea, he firmly supported her body instead of responding. Rachel struggled and whispered again.

“The bed…”

“I can’t wait any longer, Ray.”

As soon as he finished speaking, their bodies entwined as one. Lucian closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh as his brain was overwhelmed by the dizziness.


The pleasure, as intense as he had endured it, was ecstatic. Lucian bit the round lobe of her ear, which touched his lips.

The soft yet firm ear seemed to fill his mouth as he licked it and then whispered.

“It’s hot, Ray.”

The warmth that had surged through her made his cold body equally warm. It felt like the heat was flowing from her into him.

Wherever he touched her, it felt like heat flowers were blooming too.

He released all the restraints in him, feeling Rachel with his entire body. Like unleashing his long-repressed possessiveness, he pulled and pushed as if to absorb everything about her.

The golden eyes filled not with ordinary possessiveness but with intense obsession, shone eerily.

The root of it all may have been the old jealousy over Enzo, who was now gone. Still, in the first place, Lucian was a person twisted with possessiveness. It was something both he and Rachel were well aware of. However, she liked Lucian’s obsession, which went beyond the ordinary. She believed such a man would never let her go, even in death.

She wished to be held tightly. She wished the relationship wouldn’t easily break but would stick together and never separate.

Their moans filled with lust echoed in each other’s mouths and spread through the air.

The pleasure that seemed to gnaw at his brain made Lucian release a harsh moan like an animal as he pressed her small body against the wall. Rachel’s face contorted with the pleasure rising from her toes at his merciless gesture. She was unable to contain her voice due to the stark sensation.

The sounds echoing in the bathroom heated her cheeks and neck, and where his body touched hers, it felt as if red flowers bloomed.

When Rachel realized how hot her breath felt escaping through her teeth, she also noticed something she hadn’t seen before due to her eyes not being fully open.

In the mirror opposite, her face was reflected.

Every part of her face was red, and it was irresistibly enchanting and full of lust. Feeling embarrassed and flustered, her body tensed up. The slight change was immediately noticed by Lucian, who brought his lips close to her ear and called her name softly.

Haa, Ray?”

His head and neckline, slightly turned, were reflected in the mirror.

Sweat and moisture made his trapezius muscles and thick forearms twitch visibly. The muscles on his back, divided into several parts, seemed to ripple with light as he moved. Liquid—sweat or water—trickled down his spinal erectors.

Following its trail, Rachel gasped and leaned her forehead against his shoulder.

The sight of the two in the mirror was so provocative she couldn’t bear to look any longer. As she closed her eyes tightly and clung to him, Lucian stopped moving, stroking her emerald hair with a gentle touch as if to comfort her.

While she panted unevenly, he whispered in a dangerously low voice.

“Did you enjoy the view?”

At his question, Rachel felt as if her face would burn up. Feeling caught as if she had been sneakily peeping, her legs involuntarily tightened.


The more embarrassed Rachel felt, the more dizzying pleasure Lucian experienced.

After firmly supporting her from below with his hands, Lucian lifted his body, moving away from the wall. The loss of support made Rachel panic, unknowingly casting wind magic.

While she was floating in the air, her waist was still held by him.

Lucian, who was equally surprised, quickly turned around with a mischievous smile.