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“I mean… Why are you being so petty at a slave auction?”

Judging by how my opponent competed furiously until the end, it seemed that I had won with a bid a little higher than my opponent’s budget.

‘I did well in being frugal.’

Perhaps because summoners were rare, there was little research on their practicality.
As a result, I was able to win Serian with less money than I thought. It was a very easy process compared to his potential.

“Here Ma’am, take the slave. There is a command, so you can control the restraints…”

I didn’t know it when I saw it from a distance, but I could see it from up close. Contrary to the clear, transparent blue eye, the deep purple eye on the left wasn’t even reflecting me, who was right in front of him. I had never seen anyone with eyes like this.

‘To paraphrase, he’s like a poisonous mushroom.’

The host’s explanation went in one ear and out the other. I couldn’t let my guard down here.
Just because Serian was wearing the restraints, it was not reassuring.
I read the original story and knew it.

‘Serian will try to escape the moment the restraints are transferred.’

Although he was on his knees, he had an aggressive posture, as if he would never obey anyone.


I looked down at Serian’s restraints, with blue sparks flying around.
I knew why this man tried to escape the slave market because it was mentioned in the original story.

‘It was revealed through a flashback scene that explained why Serian fell for Lilika.’

The original story showed how much Serian cared about his younger brother, Florence.
They lost their parents at a young age, so they could only rely on each other.
They were swept away by bad things and ended up on the slave market, but they promised to live free one day.
They tried to escape the moment they were sold in the slave market, but Florence was unable to endure the hard fugitive life and died.

After losing his brother, Serian fell into a sense of hopelessness and became lethargic. He was captured by the pursuit team and dragged away again.
They treated him harshly, saying he was a slave who tried to escape…

But the following year, he accidentally saved Lilika, the duke’s daughter, who was in danger.
In recognition of that merit, he rose from slave to commoner and, having accumulated enough achievements to be called the king of mercenaries.
The only thing that meant anything to Serian, who had lost his brother, was Lilika.
His blind affection for Lilika was like a dog’s loyalty to humans.

‘But that’s not the point right now.’

Though it was also important for me to snatch Lilika’s second male lead, what I needed now was a summoner.
So… I was able to be quite bold.

“You know, if you’re thinking of escaping now, I suggest you don’t do that.”

Serian reacted immediately to my words.
But I was able to confirm once again from the way he was caught off guard that he was trying to escape.

“You’re trying to escape by taking advantage of the weakening of the magic restraints between being handed over to me, your owner. You seemed to be looking around just now. You were calculating your escape, right?”

The auction was divided into two parts.
It was a break time right now, and the slaves who were bid successfully in the first part were paid to be handed over to their owners. So that they couldn’t change their minds and return the slaves in case they saw a better one in the second part.

“Everyone’s in a hurry to hand over the slaves and count the money. Ah, that barrier over there looks loose. It would be good to escape through there. Right?”

As I continued, Serian’s eyes flashed fiercely.

“Let me go. You also know that’s for the best. No matter how rich and aristocratic you are, no one is by your side right now.”

He didn’t seem to be shaken at all, despite the fact that his plan had been discovered.
He pointed out that there was no one around me, a noble lady who had not learned how to use force.
It was a good idea to act like he was going to hurt me if I said just one thing wrong.
Even though his plan was uncovered, rather than being agitated, he was pressuring me.

“Maybe you’re right.”

I gave a gentle affirmation without being frightened or angry. And I continued, relaxed.

“But even if you do that, what about your brother? Are you sure you’re safer if you run away with him?”

For the first time, Serian’s eyes shook. I leisurely raised the corners of my mouth at the sight.

“Your brother’s name. Florence, right? A child who has the same hair color as you and is also a summoner.”
“How do you know that?”
“He will be sold into slavery just like you in the second part, which will start soon. Can you really run away with him?”

I did not answer Serian’s question.
Gazing at the firm restraints around Serian’s neck and the branding of slavery, I continued.
This must be the same for Florence.
Serian read the meaning of my gaze and clenched his teeth.

“Anyone can see that you’re a fugitive slave. Do you want to be on the run your whole life?”
“Shut up!”
“The end is obvious. Wherever you go, the knights will investigate you first, and if you wander out of people’s sight, be it eating, putting on clothes, sleeping… you won’t be able to do any of that properly. And in the meantime, your brother…”

I deliberately stopped speaking.
However, Serian was someone who could understand what I meant even if I didn’t spit out those cruel words.

“I told you to shut up!”
“I’ll buy your brother.”

I uttered the words I had prepared from the beginning.
Serian’s eyes, which had been quietly sinking, shook for the first time.

“Why am I talking to you like this, instead of calling people to keep an eye on you because you are trying to run away?”
“Don’t mess around and make things difficult for your brother. Cooperate with me.”

There was silence.
Even as he kept his mouth shut, Serian was a person who spoke various things with just his vigor.
As he stood still, I thought for the first time that he was quiet.

After a long while, Serian opened his mouth.

“… You’re good with words. Alright, then how can I trust what you say when you’re the one who came to the slave market?”

It seemed meaningless to continue talking further. I decided to get straight to the point.

“Three years.”
“If you help me and work for three years, I will release the restraints.”

I spread out three fingers and held them up in front of Serian.

“That’s ridiculous…”
“If you don’t believe me, I’ll change the number on your restraints.”

Strictly speaking, a sold slave’s obedience to his owner did not equal his lifetime.
100 years.
It was the number written on the restraints of all slaves.

‘Well, 100 years is almost a lifetime.’

Of course, even if I were to take them to work as slaves for 100 years, the two would not be able to refuse.
But I didn’t want that.

“After three years, your brother will be all grown up and you won’t have to focus on protecting him.”

Didn’t they say that giving specific numbers was better in negotiations?
I gave him three years because I had the confidence that I could make them work by my side for longer.

If you think about it, it wouldn’t be such a bad suggestion, even for Serian.
Above all, he didn’t have to separate from his younger brother.
And although he would never know, he wouldn’t have to face the heartbreaking things he experienced in the original if he stayed with me.

“If you do a good job, I’m willing to pay you. “Though, of course, since there’s the money I spent on winning the bid, you won’t be paid for three years.”

When I said this, I could see Serian thinking about it again. He seemed to have realized that I wasn’t negotiating because I wanted to play with him.

“Why are you doing this? It would be easier for you to just hit me with a whip. Just like other humans deal with slaves.”
“I want a proactive employee, not just a slave who does what I tell him to do.”

Being a slave was not a good thing at all. The herb cultivation I will make him do in the future is not something for a passive person to do.
He has to constantly study and work hard.
I didn’t want to hit him with a whip just because he didn’t listen.

“Do you want to shake me up with hypocrisy, saying that you’re different from those ugly people? Or are you playing with me because you know you can’t stop me from running away?”
“Think as you wish.”

I tilted my head arrogantly.

“Whether it is hypocrisy or an emergency measure. You don’t have anything to lose by accepting this offer, right? No, is there even an option in the first place?”
“Even if it’s three years. If you do any nonsense in the meantime… I’ll run away.”

In the end, Serian nodded.
It was an offer he couldn’t refuse in the first place.