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The voice, leaving no echo behind, abruptly ceased in her mind. When Weed was near, that voice did not reach her. The reason was unclear, but it seemed to dislike him. The voice overtly expressed its displeasure—so much so that it was felt even through its tone alone—and then it vanished like this.

A gentle hand rested on her shoulder. Hana looked up to see Weed. His warm golden eyes were smiling at her.

“Hana, would you like to look around before we head back?”

“Oh, shall we?”

Weed effortlessly picked her up. Cradled in his arms, she comfortably adjusted her position.

He asked nothing. However, he must have been curious about what was discussed. She didn’t want to share even if he asked. Likely, he wouldn’t care how humans viewed him, nor would he be hurt by it. Rather, it seemed she was more upset by it.

Still, she didn’t want to burden him with such negativity.

Weed carried her without saying a word. He walked faster than usual as if in a hurry. Wondering if something urgent was on, Hana soon understood why when they arrived.

“Here we are.”


Hana couldn’t take her eyes away from the scene before her. The view of Lár de Ligna Initia from a high vantage point was even more majestic than experiencing it from the ground.

The landscape was shaped by massive rocks and trees—rocks, sculpted by time and wind, lay spread out like carefully pruned garden trees. Between them, trees that had worn their spring colors were now changing into their summer attire. All the green hues of this world couldn’t mimic this spectacle.

The sun was slowly setting. The glow of twilight added a layer of mystique, and beneath it, the myriad colors of the flowers on the ground seemed like a gathering of all colors in one place.

“I wanted to show you this. It’s only visible during the transition from spring to summer when the wind blows like this. It’s especially beautiful to stand here and look down before the day fully ends.”

The rock was adorned with glittering moss and the tender scarlet of the evening light brushing through. It seemed as if meteors from the sky had gently settled down like cotton without tearing through the ground. The wind brought multicolored leaves with it, scattering them like stardust.

“Do you like it?”

“…It’s really beautiful.”

Her throat tightened for no reason. She didn’t know why she wanted to cry. Perhaps she was moved by the sheer magnificence of their beauty.

Suddenly, she thought, what’s wrong with trying to create a perfect world? Who dared to call Lár de Ligna Initia, the mark of perfection, a symbol of arrogance? So majestic and beautiful. Was striving for such beauty really a sin?

“The summer evenings are even more beautiful. Let’s come out here together then too. I have prepared sandals for you. Check the height and choose the ones you like after looking at them. I hope we can come here together once your foot is better.”

“…Thank you.”

“I’ve been thinking about what dress to gift you. A gold dress that matches your eyes seems fitting. Rather than a bulky skirt, a light dress that reveals the ankles suits you. It would be a shame to cover such lovely feet with fabric. I’ve also prepared some jewels. Please pick some for your toes. Anything would be nice, but I think red stones suit you best.”

Hana gazed up at Weed. Weed spoke softly and leisurely, with a sweet voice.

“A necklace of jewels rather than a ribbon around the neck seems better. For a headpiece, may we use the one I made before? I was very happy to see you wear it. I’ll adjust it to suit you even better.”

Weed’s face blushed, and he smiled as if he was sharing something utterly joyful. Hana silently listened, feeling her own face grow warm.

“I’ve noticed you had nightmares this morning. I’ll plant flowers that help you sleep better to prevent such incidents. In the evening, instead of soup, I plan to prepare a dish with almond fruits, a bit of sugar, and some spices. I’m not sure if it will be to your taste, but I’ll do my best, so please let me know. And…”


Hana stopped Weed as she listened to what he was saying.

“Yes, Hana?”

He responded, not taking offense even though she had interrupted him mid-sentence. It seemed he was just pleased she had called his name. A gentle breeze brushed his long hair. It carried with it a comforting scent, as reassuring as his calm voice and expression.

There was no particular reason for it.

As the sunset faded and a breeze brought crisp leaves tumbling through the air, it seemed a whim had settled in her heart, too. So, she simply wanted to ask about mundane things like what they would eat tomorrow or what they would do for fun.

“Do you like me?”

Suddenly, Hana almost fell from his arms.

Weed had staggered and suddenly lost power in his grip. Hana clung to his neck in a panic, then looked at him in disbelief. He didn’t answer right away. Instead, his face turned as red as a beet, and he couldn’t seem to fix his gaze anywhere.

There were vibrations throughout his body.

Thump. Thump. Thump, thump.

Being so close, she could feel it even more distinctly. His heart seemed as if it might burst out. The sound was too loud, the throbbing too strong.


“No, I mean, not, not really!”

Weed stuttered over his words. His breathing became ragged, as if it was difficult for him to even breathe. The heat flushing his face seemed to be trying to redden his eyes as well—eventually, moisture gathered in his eyes.

‘Was that a question that would make him cry?’

Taken aback herself, Hana started to stutter, too.

“We, Weed?”

“No. It’s not. I mean, I don’t, such, personal feelings, I absolutely… How could I—how dare I, it’s not. That’s not it.”

“Weed, why are you crying…?”

“I, I don’t like you. Hana. I, I, absolutely… It’s not. That kind of…”

Hana raised her hand to wipe away his tears but then just covered her own mouth instead. If she didn’t, she would let out a laugh.

After holding back her laughter for a while, her face also turned bright red. Once she had managed to calm her laughter, she looked up at him and spoke. Their bodies were still pounding. It was unclear whose heart was pounding so loudly, but by then, it hardly mattered.

“I understand.”

“How could I, in my position, ever presume to…”


“I, I don’t like you.”

Hana laughed again.

She gave a nod. She clung tighter to his shaking arms to prevent him from losing grip again but then felt the breeze stir the leaves once more.

A pleasant and cheerful rustling filled the air.

Weed finally managed to catch his breath, which had been rough for a while. Though his face remained flushed and his eyes still moist. After biting his lower lip for a moment, Weed finally spoke.



“Are you uncomfortable in any way? I almost dropped you just now, and I was worried… when you adjusted your position, did it hurt at all…?”

Hana had to suppress another burst of laughter. His expression was curiously wrinkled, a mix of worry and as if he was suggesting she should be in pain from the ordeal.

“Yes. It hurts.”

She gently stroked the dampness from his eyes. As soon as her words left her, their lips touched almost immediately.

Once again, he dove into her as if starved.