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Guys, Please.

The Imperial Palace didn’t hesitate to speak out about the relationship between these two people these days.

During the first two months, when the Crown Princess wasn’t at the palace, they even said that the Empire would fall. As they watched the two people heading to each other’s bedroom every night, there was a lot of buzz about how good their relationship was.

By the time Bella was busy finishing her work and ending her day—

Knock, knock.

—Kiehl came to her room without fail.

“…When are you going to sleep? Have you finished your work?”


When she ran and hugged him, he took his hand, which had been hidden behind his back forward. Bella felt a cold touch against her collarbone.

“What… what’s this?”

“It’s just a necklace.”

There were quite a few large and small red rubies studded with it to be considered ‘just’ a necklace.

Every day, Kiehl brought these expensive jewelries to her and put them on her neck, ears, arms and fingers.

He fastened the necklace behind her neck, his fingers running along the chain and organizing the jewelry. When his hand reached her collarbone, he smiled happily as he looked at the ruby necklace he had gifted.

“It’s pretty.”

Those words disarmed her like magic and made her smile brightly.

It was when Bella parted her lips and moved closer to him…

“Young Master. Don’t keep giving expensive things as gifts. Miss will be spoiled.”

Just before kissing him, Bella’s face turned cold. Everything went smoothly in her life at the imperial palace, except for this one.

“…Would you like me to correct your habits first?”

When the two people’s bodies tried to get a little closer, the demons around them tried to attack them. Jenkins intervened as if to get revenge for blocking the gap between him and Zanbar. It was the same with Zanbar.

The problem wasn’t just those two.

Bella and Kiehl sighed inside, looking forward to a hot night. Pur proudly lay down on Bella’s bed and patted her own belly.

“Today is the fourth time!”


Pur was persistent.

She acted as if Bella had taken away the salary that she was owed. She said nice things and asked Pur to sleep with her next time, but Pur cried so loudly that it woke up everyone in the palace, so she had to keep her promise to Pur.

“Pur is a bear pillow, so I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything!”

…That perverted bear seemed to want to see something while she was being a pillow.

In the meanwhile, these demons took turns interfering whenever they had the chance. And of all of them, the one who disturbed the most was, of course, Iwer. Every night, she would deliberately hide in a corner of Bella’s room and did not go out, watching them with lustful eyes.

“Are you not going out?”

“Oh my, I got caught.”

A dream demon whose aptitude was revealed only when she saw love scenes, Iwer’s obsession was much worse than Pur’s.

She didn’t just get caught once or twice. Even if she kicked her out, she would stick to the window and watch. When she closed the curtain in frustration, blue eyes twinkled through the gap, and she was smiling sinisterly.

The same thing happened when Bella made up her mind and went to Kiehl’s room alone. The promise with Pur was over, and it was finally time for the two of them to have some alone time together.

“Bella, today…”


The moment they both blushed a little and his hand was wrapped around Bella’s waist…


Outside the window, Iwer, with a black hood covering her entire body and piercing eyes, was watching them.

“Crazy! What’re you doing!”

“I, I am cleaning the windows.”

Cleaning windows? Bella let out a sigh and lowered Kiehl’s hand from her waist.

“Just don’t worry about me, and do what you two are going to do.”

“Take responsibility for ruining my mood.”



* * *


Because of this strange story, Bella was unable to enjoy her first night properly after that day.


Bella just sighed and looked at the papers piled on her desk. She had to continue her work during the day. Although she had a lot of work to do, luckily, the girls from Iwer’s cooking class were there to help Bella. The last time she visited at the end of the cooking class, she asked for a lady to help her.

More ladies came to visit than she expected.

“The eastern region is my territory, so I will check it. Can we check whether the size and documents of each family are correct?”

“Thank you for helping me like this.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s natural.”

Bella smiled but swallowed a gulp.

‘That young lady talks the most dirty things…’

She was a young lady with very unique tastes. The taste was so dark and rich that if one heard it, they would immediately have to put handcuffs on their wrists. Moreover, when she looked at her and blushed secretly, Bella was scared of what was going on in her head.

— “They say the royal family is usually big. Is it just a rumor, or is it fact?”

Bella covered her face with her hands and lowered her head as she remembered the words that had come out of that lady’s mouth.

‘I don’t know yet…’

Then, she caught a glimpse of her chest.

— “… It’s pretty.”

She kept thinking about that day… the day Kiehl said how much he loved her as he used his fingers to tell her. Her face turned bright red, and she put the tip of her pen in her mouth and chewed it.

At that time, one of the ladies who was about to leave asked Bella implicitly.

“Lady Bella, what are you worried about?”

“Ah. No…”

Bella was embarrassed to call this a worry, so she quickly made an excuse.

“Ah… I want to give him something as a gift.”

“Oh, my.”

The lady who was going out spread her fan to cover her own flushed face.

“Is… Lady Bella not the gift? Hoho…”


“These days, they say the bedroom life is… good.”


When Bella was embarrassed, the lady must have been embarrassed as well, so she hurried outside.

Perhaps it was because they had never seen the Emperor and Empress like each other much. Most of the officials who came in and out of the imperial palace did not take the relationship between Bella and Kiehl as unusual. It must be amazing to go to each other’s rooms every day.

However, Bella was upset.

‘I’m pissed, really? I’ve never done anything for anyone…!’

In the meanwhile, someone raised her hand and smiled sinisterly.

“Miss! Then put on some pretty underwear…’

Bella frowned at Iwer and cut out her tongue.

“You’re going to get fired anyway, so why do you keep saying that?”

“Haha hi he haa hing (Zanbar said the same thing).”

Thinking that she couldn’t go on like this, she jumped up.

‘What’s good about the bedroom life! I haven’t done it yet?’

With fierce determination, Bella left the room.

A place where no one would come… she would find a place where she wouldn’t be disturbed!







She opened the doors of all the rooms in the main palace one by one and searched for a proper room, but there were people everywhere.

“Crown Princess, are you looking for something?”

Ah… I’m just looking for a room where no one can…come….”

The people working at the imperial palace were already barely hiding their embarrassed smiles.

‘… It’s annoying.’

Bella answered with a deliberately disdainful smile.

“I’m going to torture someone.”

However, they raised their eyebrows as if they thought it meant something else.

“Ah. Then, what about the place His Highness used to use?”

“Where is it?”

“Uh… where is it?”

It was where Kiehl spent four years after first entering the imperial palace. However, none of those working at the imperial palace seemed to know where it was. She searched for clues all day and was able to find out from Rio.

“It’s not the main palace, but a detached palace. It’s a bit of a remote place…”

“Are you sure no one will be coming?”

Rio was scared of Bella’s fighting eyes.

“…Yes. Though why do you ask that?”

‘What do you mean why?!’

Bella threatened with her eyes to have him guide her without answering.







As soon as she arrived at the annex, Bella couldn’t keep her mouth shut. It was a much different place than she had imagined. It was not that no one came, it was a place where they couldn’t come if they didn’t know.

The entrance looked more like a wall than a door. When she pushed with her hand, a hidden space appeared, and all she could see was the stairs.

“…Did Kiehl live on the stairs?”

“No, you have to go all the way up.”

Even when Bella stuck her head out to look up, all she could see was the stairs.

“Can I go in through the window? Fly up.”

“Ah… The windows will be locked.”


She gazed at the watch and saw that it was almost midnight.

‘It’s Kiehl’s birthday now.’

Bella cleared her throat a few times and patted Rio on the shoulder.

“Rio. Then, go to Kiehl and tell him to come here.”


“Don’t let anyone find out. And when you’re there, sleep in the room and pretend to be Kiehl.”

Although Rio was usually tactless and clumsy, he immediately realized her intentions.

“Iwer… Iwer will know right away.”

“She doesn’t know where this is, don’t she?”

It was fitting that it was a very hidden space.

Bella slowly climbed the stairs. How many doors are there in each middle? By the time she was out of breath, she was able to reach the top of the castle.

‘Ah… It’s locked.’

She lightly cracked the lock with her hands, but when she opened the door, she was puzzled to see another door and broke the lock once more.

‘Why is it double locked?’







That night.

Kiehl waited for Bella, and when she didn’t come, he went out the door to go to her room. At that time, Rio tapped him on the shoulder.


“Bella went to the room you used to stay in for a long time.”

“…Why is she there?”

Rio blushed and slowly opened Kiehl’s jacket.

“…What are you doing.”

“I think it would be a good idea to wear light clothes.”

Before he knew it, Kiehl had arrived at his old prison.

‘… It’s been a while.’

He remembered the past years he had been trapped here as the door must be opened twice with a key, from the outside and from the inside. All the locks on the door had been torn off.

‘I didn’t really want to come here.’

When he heard the news that Bella had left the mansion, he had endured it for a long time, thinking that she would not have left. A space that he had longed for by drawing countless pictures so as not to forget her fading face as he held onto the holy sword.

Ironically, Bella was standing there with her back turned to him.

“You’re here?”

She stood with her back to the moonlight, and she smiled brightly as she faced him. With just that smile, the space he didn’t want to come into was renewed. It was amazing how all of his sad memories were all concealed just because of her smile here.

“Why did you come here?”

“To give you a birthday present.”

Kiehl looked at her and smiled. Did she know that then and now… she was the only one who always made him smile?

“What kind of gift is this?”

However, the smile gradually faded from his lips. It was because the strings of the long cloak that Bella was wearing were undone in one go.