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That’s right, if Enoch, the child, was a monster because his father was a monster, Vivian was also a monster.
But Enoch didn’t think that Vivian… resembled their father at all.

With the exception of their grandfather, they were his last remaining flesh and blood.

Even as he cried at his mother’s hardening body, he pulled Vivian out of her arms.
And he was holding her dearly.
She didn’t even know what had happened, and he was trying to soothe her crying. Waiting for someone to come to their rescue…

“Why do you say things to yourself that you can’t say to your sister?”

‘Vivian and I are different.’

Enoch reflexively tried to answer that question, but shut his mouth.


Enoch didn’t want much from Vivian.
He wished for her to be healthy and happy.
It was okay to not be better than some great person, and there was no need to be better than anyone else.


Vivian was a loving family member of Enoch, no matter what kind of person she was.


Only then did Enoch realize what Yuria really wanted to say.

‘I… She’s telling me to think of myself like I think of Vivian.’

To put himself before others.
To love himself.
Advice that people often give, that anyone can just blurt out.
However, it was something unfamiliar to Enoch, who was always praised as a grown-up and perhaps more than that.
Because Enoch…

“Your Highness is mature for your age. You will be a great emperor in the future.”
“She has a mature older brother, so Princess Vivian will be reassured.”

Was the crown prince.
Because he was always a good person, and no one worried about him.
Whenever he heard that kind of thing, he always denied it inwardly, thinking that he wasn’t that great…
Even though he was told that he was worrying about a child younger than himself.
It didn’t feel too bad.

“Well, I’m young, so what do I know?”

After saying that, Yuria turned around.
She said that if a monster brother and a monster sister were to fight, they would be on almost equal terms.
And if so, there was no reason to feel sorry for Princess Vivian.
Along with the same words she had said at the meeting held in the princess’ palace before.

‘Maybe I did the childish thing that I was worried about.’

Nevertheless, Enoch thought it was a good thing to have said what he did to Yuria today.
Yuria spoke indifferently throughout the conversation, but Enoch realized the thoughtfulness of the other person from that attitude.

He acted like he was out of his mind even though it was clearly explained several times, and talked about monsters as soon as he met her… He couldn’t believe he could come out like this.
Even though her way of speaking was a little blunt, the way she thought about him was genuinely touching.
Her words, which may have been no big deal, were empowering for some reason.

After reflecting for a moment, Enoch returned to the funeral hall where the ceremony had ended.
And he confidently spoke to Nease III, who was shouting, “Where have you been?” just before he erupted into anger.

“I apologize. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.”
“What did you say?”
“I… I’ll become an emperor better than Grandfather.”

A sudden declaration.
As a grandfather, it might be right to worry about his grandson, who had disappeared somewhere and appeared again while saying that.
But Nease III, the most hostile monarch in the empire’s history, didn’t do that.

“Haha, doesn’t this guy have some guts!”

His anger was overshadowed, and Nease III laughed out loud.
At that moment, when everyone around him was anxious, Enoch, the boy, said such bold words.

Of course, there was still danger after that day. It would be a lie to say that he didn’t falter though he had made such a decision.
Still, when he feared that he would resemble his father, he remembered the time he met Yuria. Then, he was able to hold on.
And from time to time, he thought. If he became so strong that he couldn’t be shaken, someday…

But a few years later, Enoch was told that Yuria liked some young master.


After some time, the lavender toner and aloe lotion for Princess Vivian were completed.
But even as I handed them to the princess, I was worried.

“Well, I told you last time too, but don’t expect too much…”
“If it doesn’t work, my skin will just be as bad as it is. The Lady worked very hard.”

That’s right, it wasn’t my intention, but the princess also saw how hard I worked growing the crops in the garden of the princess’ palace. I didn’t mean to brag about how hard it was.

‘Well, even though I told her not to expect anything, it would work better than simple cosmetics…’

Some of the ingredients weren’t really growing in the garden of the princess’ palace.
They were plants that did not grow in the climate of the capital, but I somehow overcame it by slightly adjusting the environment.
I concentrated a lot of my blessing of growth on crops that didn’t show any signs of budding in a climate that didn’t fit them, so it was somehow covered.

“Aah, Lady Primrose!”

The problem was that I used the power of my blessing to such an extent that I staggered and fell in a disgraceful manner. I wanted to erase that scene from Princess Vivian’s head.

I pressed my frowning forehead and thought.

‘There is also a limit to the blessing of growth. It would never have been possible if it were a large amount.’

And that wasn’t all. I pondered how to mix them to match Princess Vivian’s skin, and studied how to use the blessing of growth efficiently.

‘Seriously… From growing crops to making oil, floral water… And in addition, combining them into cosmetics is never something you would do on your own.’

While I was taking a break for a moment, I locked myself in my room and figured out what I should do to get out of the Primrose duchy.

‘It’s good that I saved my mother, broke up with Sir Vieira, and didn’t fall for Lilika’s schemes. Will this be enough?’

I wanted to get out of my family and erase the name ‘Primrose’ from my life.

‘But I need more money if I want to do business…’

How much time did I spend writing and erasing several plans?
I organized my notebook and writing utensils and stretched my body.
It was strange that no one would come to call me when it was almost time for my appointment.

‘Did the guest decide not to come? If so, shouldn’t I be informed of that?’

Then, as I got up from my seat, feeling strange,

Bang, bang!

A loud knock on the door echoed in my quiet room. I frowned, my thoughts cut off.

‘A servant looking for me would never knock on the door so hard.’

My thoughts were right. The door that had been knocked on so loudly opened without my permission.

“What are you looking at as if you’re confused?”

Of course. The only person who would commit this disrespect was my brother.

“As I’ve said before… Yuria Primrose, don’t you know the line?”
“It seems that Brother Jiksen doesn’t understand the concept of a room. Seeing that you suddenly opened the door.”
“Even if you say…”

Pointing out his disrespect, I stood up. And before my brother could retort, I asked,

“So, what brings you here?”
“I heard that you’ve been going to the imperial palace and making a commotion! It seems you somehow entered while showing off the name of our family, but as far as I know, that’s impossible.”

I thought he was busy with the knights these days, so did he come here to pester me as soon as he returned to the castle?

“I didn’t go there first. I went there because I was invited.”
“… You were invited?”

Brother Jiksen didn’t stop talking even after hearing what I said.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but you should stay quiet after going there once. Do you need another man after being dumped by Sir Vieira? Are you trying to seduce His Highness the Crown Prince?”

I knew very well who spoke ill of me to my brother.
Wasn’t it the same thing Lilika had said when I was invited to the imperial palace?

I immediately cleared up the misunderstanding.

“I’ve only met His Highness once in the imperial palace. I was mostly at Her Highness’ palace.”

However, Brother Jiksen only flinched for a moment, and soon raised his voice even more.

“Don’t you remember the disturbance you caused in Her Highness Princess Vivian’s palace when you were younger? It’s not the first or second time you act shamelessly!”
“I went to Her Highness’ palace?”

But why didn’t I remember that? Brother Jiksen snorted and replied, his head tilted.

“It’s understandable that you don’t remember. You ran right out of Her Highness’ palace shortly after causing trouble.”
“I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal by a child’s standards. Given that Her Highness, Princess Vivian, invited me again.”

I replied calmly.
I didn’t remember, so I didn’t know if he was exaggerating or not.
It wasn’t the first time Brother Jiksen spoke to me in a bad way.

“Are you saying that Princess Vivian, who invited me, is a fool?”
“What tricks did you use for her to invite you!”
“What tricks did I use?”
“What tricks did I use to fool Her Highness, who is famous for being smart? Me, who my brother can’t trust to that extent?”