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A strange, inexplicable silence ensued. It created an alien atmosphere in which no one seemed to sympathize with Fernore’s words.

Even Oberon appeared startled.

Archmond finally broke the silence with a grim expression.

“Isn’t that something you shouldn’t be saying?”


“When it was about merely accepting Riersha, you were all for taking sole responsibility and leaving. Now, are you threatening to take the children and leave?”

“How am I supposed to take the children with me when I’m being sent to the front? I do have a conscience, you know.”

You? A conscience?

Archmond’s eyes seemed to say, but Fernore shrugged nonchalantly.

“And for whose benefit is this?”

Most of the collateral families were in good standing with the Arachrene family, though a few were hell-bent on getting rid of Fernore and the other heirs by sending them to the front. The longer the direct heirs were away, the more they could wield power to their liking.

There would have been those hoping Fernore wouldn’t return from the border this time. Indeed, Fernore often faced assassination attempts at the border.

But here he was, back again.

“When I left the Duke’s castle that day, I realized that inheriting the title means nothing when you can’t make crucial decisions on your own.”

Fernore spoke, causing Archmond to grow serious.

“Are you trying to blame me now?”

Was this an accusation for only being able to protect Riersha this much? From the start, Archmond couldn’t afford to show any interest in his granddaughter. The moment he showed any affection, it was clear where the collateral families would aim their next attack.

“That’s not it. I’m just making things clear. If I’m faced with a choice like that day again, I will abandon the family.”

“…Pathetic. Without the family, how do you propose to protect your people?”

The idea of abandoning the fortress that was Duchy Arachrene sounded absurd. The imperial family had always kept an eye on Arachrene’s power. If the family that ancestors had built fell, it would be directly exposed to danger.

As Archmond was about to retort, Fernore’s eyes dangerously flickered. Seeing his son’s smile ominously, Archmond stiffened, wondering if he had finally lost his mind.

Fernore casually pointed upwards with his finger.

“Then, I will take a higher position.”

“…Have you finally gone mad?”

“Right. To keep me from getting any other ideas, don’t put a single dent in that position until it’s time to hand it over.”

“It turns out the main point here is you’re threatening me.”

Fernore shrugged nonchalantly, wondering how that could be. Archmond conceded to take a step back.

“Fine, tell me what’s wrong with the Duke’s castle.”

“After reading the bestseller book on parenting that Rocinante gave me yesterday, it mentioned that a harmonious and safe home is most crucial for a child.”


Archmond paused for a moment at those words. He was dumbfounded by the insignificance of the main topic after all the threats and fuss. So… he had to listen to such nonsense because of some parenting book? And he would resort to rebellion if necessary?

He was bewildered that he couldn’t help but let out a hollow laugh. Even Oberon, who had been listening from the door, briefly lost his composed breathing rhythm.

“So, let’s just pretend to be a happy father and son, at least in front of the kids.”


“It’s a tough role for me, too.”

“This punk!”

Exasperated, Archmond threw whatever he could get his hands at his son.

Fernore, who dodged the flying stack of papers with ease, rummaged around the subspace, pulled out a thick book, and placed it on the desk.

“And if you don’t want a granddaughter like me, you might want to read this too.”

The statement was powerful.

Mesmerized, Archmond took the book.


* * *


It was the weekend, a day without any scheduled lessons. Even in the Arachrene estate, known for its fervent passion for education, weekends were considered a time for rest.

Riersha, holding Sona’s hand, strolled through the garden and suddenly looked around curiously.

“What’s wrong, miss?”


The estate seemed to have changed subtly. Although it was hard to describe in words, there was an overall sense of brightness.

The garden appeared freshly renovated.

“Oh, everything’s gloominess disappeared, right?”

Sona laughed.

A few days ago, Archmond issued an unexpected order. Everyone working in the estate was to wear bright-colored ties or accessories over their uniforms.

Moreover, bright-colored installations were now sporadically visible throughout the estate. Benches that were once natural wood had been painted white, and the gazebos where the staff could relax had been redecorated to be more cozy and beautiful.

“Ish it becose gwuest coming?”

Riersha, unaware that her presence was gradually transforming the estate, tilted her head in curiosity. Sona had to suppress her laughter at the sight.

“Do you like the changes to the estate, Miss Riersha?”

“…Pwetty, I wike.”

Riersha nodded.

‘It’s clear that the Miss’ awakening is a blessing for the estate.’

Sona looked up at the sky, reflecting on how the usually stern Archmond had given orders to brighten the family’s atmosphere. Fernore’s return might have loosened it a little, too, but fundamentally, it was due to Riersha’s presence.

The child was gently softening the atmosphere of the Arachrene household. Slowly, permeating gently.

On the other hand, those who find this situation unwelcome must be on edge.

“Where they going?”

As Riersha pointed towards a group hurrying somewhere, recognizable by the red garments symbolizing the elders of the Arachrene family, Sona’s eyes momentarily sharpened — most of the current elders were swayed by the imperial family.

Hiding her concern with a smile, Sona explained.

“Today is the day of the council meeting in the conference hall. It’s when they all submit their reports once a week.”

“So… Gwanpa and Daddy there too?”

The child asked, curiosity twinkling in her eyes as her one hand fiddled with the flower bracelet she had made with Sona.

“Yes, of course. You want to give the Duke and Young Duke your gifts, right?”


Still, was it all right to visit the conference hall? Riersha hesitated, worried about interrupting and possibly getting scolded.

“…Can go?”

“Of course, you can.”

Sensing her hesitation, Sona answered quickly.

Riersha’s worried expression eased a bit. While she did want to deliver the gifts, she also longed to see Fernore. It had been a week since he returned to the estate. During this time, Riersha had been busy with her own schedule.

Surprisingly, she hadn’t crossed paths with Fernore once. It was surprising that their activities didn’t overlap.

Eventually, Riersha had to express her inner thoughts.

“I want to see Gwanpa and Daddy.”

“Yes, shall we go right away?”

Sona was pleased to see Riersha acting more openly with her feelings. Although the child still tended to undervalue herself, she believed time would heal this.

However, Riersha hesitated before asking.

“I don’t dishtub?”

“Hmm. Then, how about we wait outside the council hall until the meeting ends?”

“Okay, that better.”

Happy with the alternative, Riersha eagerly nodded. The child’s red eyes were shining with anticipation as she moved towards the direction of the council hall. She pretended not to look by glancing elsewhere now and then, which was quite cute.

“Ha, this is truly miraculous.”

Sona muttered in amazement. That someone born into the troubled lineage of the Arachrene family would be none other than Riersha felt close to a miracle.

She took Riersha’s hand firmly.

“Remember, Miss Riersha, there’s no place in this estate where you’re not allowed to go.”