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Noticing her suspended in the air, Lucian grabbed her legs with the hands that were supporting her.

Aaht, Luci!”

Rachel gasped at the strange sensation and grabbed his wrists.

“You didn’t even tell me how you use magic.”

His voice, which was full of mischief, caused her body to sway in the air.

“Lu, Luci!”

Whoo, this magic is probably another trace of Enzo.”

As he held her slender waist tightly with both hands, he stared straight ahead. If Rachel had stolen glances at herself in the mirror, Lucian openly admired the sight.

Her flushed face as she tilted her head back, her long emerald hair, and the parts where their bodies tightly interlocked. The reflection in the mirror offered a different perspective, like being in the same space but harboring different thoughts.

Unable to hold back any longer, Lucian moved his body fiercely, and Rachel reached out her hands from beneath him.

He intertwined his fingers tightly with hers and spoke.

“Don’t use magic.”

Hah, Luci…”

“Never again.”

If it was Enzo’s magic, he didn’t want her to do magic. He couldn’t stand the thought of any trace of another man in her.

Lucian had figured it all out from the brief words she had left earlier. The term ‘saint’ was probably a term used by the possessors or the turtle shapeshifter to refer to her. If Enzo’s lover had been a saint, and if that related to Rachel, Enzo would hold onto her and never let go.

How did he know?

Just as he had imitated Lucian, he knew Enzo too well. It was Enzo who had always egged him on, albeit indirectly.

…The suggestion to confine her had also come from Enzo.

Such a person would never leave a woman who might bear the mark of his lover. Even if he were Enzo, he would have acted the same.


“You are mine.”

It was time to make it clear. He wanted her to forget any trace of another man who might have stayed by her side.


It was all over now.


“Think only of me, like before.”

Lucia let out a roar-like moan and murmured deeply. Rachel, feeling an intense heat rising within her, gripped his hand tightly.

Her knuckles turned white as she struggled with the overwhelming pleasure, her mind threatening to melt away. Whenever she felt like losing her mind, his persistent voice kept bringing her back to reality, asserting his claim over her like a threat.

She nodded blindly to his dominating claim. She was swept away by the intense pleasure before she managed to muster her words.

“…You are mine too.”

Her words, though faint and tenuous, were filled with tenacity, causing the corners of Lucian’s mouth to go up fiercely. He pulled her in close and enveloped her in his arms, biting her already flushed ear and chewing gently.

“That’s what you call it.”

With the tense pleasure reaching its peak, Lucian held her warm body tightly and moved frantically until he felt a climax ripping through his spine and let out a moan near her ear. Hearing his low, rough moan, Rachel too raced towards the end with him.

The two found each other’s lips.

As their breaths passed between each other, that was how their first night in Leon territory came to a close.


* * *


I fell asleep as if knocked out, but I was forced to open my eyes by the intense sunlight piercing through my eyelids.


Despite wanting to sleep more, an irritated groan escaped me, only to be soothed by a gentle patting on my back.

I reluctantly opened one eye.

Lucian, who was lying on his side, was watching me with a deep curve at his lips. The sight of him, one hand leaning on his face, was so stunning.

It made me open my eyes and brought a smile to my face. The thought that my daily life had returned struck me first—waking up to see Lucian, having breakfast with him, taking walks, or drinking tea together.

I wanted to fill our history with these simple daily life moments.

The lingering drowsiness vanished at the sight of his face.

Feeling refreshed, I stretched and snuggled into his arms. Lucian, who had been jealous of Enzo just yesterday, held me with a clear face as if it never happened. His strong arms always brought an ecstatic feeling when they embraced me.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, and Luci?”

I murmured as he dropped kisses on my face. He asked as if coating my ear with honey, then answered as he let go.

“Me too. Want to get up? Or sleep more?”


I hesitated.

While I could sleep more, the feeling of rolling around with him was too delightful to go back to sleep. Then, I remembered the garden and sky I glimpsed last night and the smell of the sea before I turned my head slightly towards the balcony.

He asked as he noticed my gesture.

“Want to go out to the balcony?”


As I responded, ready to get up, Lucian was quicker. He wrapped me tightly in a thin blanket and scooped me up in his arms. His overprotectiveness was beyond measure.

Yet, I liked even this persistent side of him, and I really had no complaints.

We stepped onto the balcony, where the view was brilliantly illuminated, unlike the night and enjoyed the scenery together.

The reason I smelled the sea was now clear in the morning light. Not far from the mansion, the sea stretched endlessly. The sun rising above the horizon scattered its rays, making the emerald waves shimmer and sway.

The sound of the waves softly reached us while seagulls flew overhead, their cries filling the air. Still, the scenery felt oddly familiar.

As I tilted my head in wonder, Lucian sat down on a chair on the balcony while still holding me and asked.


“It reminds me of the sea I used to see at the southern villa where I stayed.”

With a nonchalant response, Lucian said.

“The southern villa isn’t far from here. That’s why I had Countess Erland and the young lord stay there.”

Hearing this for the first time, I turned my head. His golden eyes seemed more transparent in the sunlight.

“Is it okay for Samuel and the Madam to stay there too?”

“Of course. They’re people you care about.”

As he said, they were among the people I cared about. Now that I was no longer just a character in a webtoon but the real Rachel.

So, Rachel’s family was my family to protect.

“So, the southern villa was part of the Leon territory. No wonder…”

As a child, I had no interest in this world. Believing I just possessed a webtoon and would return to reality someday. I carelessly pushed people’s attention and affection with the fragmented memories that remained.

Therefore, when I received invitations while staying at the southern villa, I ignored them. Whenever Amber tried to scold me, I escaped to the sea or mountains with Oscar and Damian.

I wondered why the former Duke sent me here. It was because this place was Leon’s territory. He had sent me to a trustable location second only to the Capital. The realization filled me with both warmth and a sense of foolishness for not knowing earlier.

“You didn’t know.”

“…Yes, sorry.”

His soft words made my cheeks burn for no reason. It was silly of me not to know it was Leon’s territory after all these years…

I thought I was stupid when I thought so, so I didn’t have anything to say to Lucian.


Lucian chuckled, shaking his body with laughter.

Embarrassed, I quietly looked away, but I noticed something odd. His bare legs stretched out beneath the blanket wrapped around my body caught my eye.

…Why was he bare-legged?

Why was his pale skin exposed so openly?

Blinking slowly, I lifted my hips slightly to peek underneath.

“Ah, dear Lord…”

Lucian was deeply reclined against the chair’s backrest, one arm resting on the armrest.

He continued to laugh while tilting his head. As he laughed, his white body moved. The muscles along his body vibrated with each chuckle. Moreover, the red marks I had left were blatantly exposed in the sunlight.

It was an utterly embarrassing situation, making me instinctively raise my eyes towards the sky. The clear sky, without a single cloud, was clean and beautiful. Under such a sky, Lucian was boldly naked on the balcony, and I, who was barely covered by a thin blanket, was shameless and perverse.

“The sunlight is really dazzling.”

I created a shade with my hand and gazed at the distant horizon with deep eyes. Lucian continued to chuckle, his body shaking with laughter.

He then pulled me closer with one arm, still unable to suppress the laughter in his curved eyes.

“Ray, do you remember what you said before?”

“What did I say?”

“The promise that you’d grant any wish I had.”

…Huh? In this situation, so suddenly?

“…Of course, I remember.”

For some reason, a shiver ran down my spine, and I couldn’t help but rub my arms. What could he possibly be asking with such an intense and sly glint in his eyes?